Thursday, September 19, 2019

Haze, corruption, and conflicts of interest

Sept 19, Hazy Lunchtime: Great. So, the Cabinet is finally thinking of enacting laws to punish Malaysian firms responsible for forest fires in Indonesia responsible for the awful haze that has made life miserable for Malaysians and put the country on the map for yet another wrong reason (Malaysia di tempat pertama pencemaran udara tertinggi di dunia). 

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But while those new laws are being drawn up, surely there are provisions which the Government can use against those firms. Our own Primary Industries Minister did make a reference to such a provisions ie cessation of the offending companies' certification status just the other day when defending the 4 Malaysian companies allegedly responsible for the fires in Indonesia:

“Those familiar with the industry will vouch for the fact that an act of open burning such as the current accusations would result in the cessation of their certification status not only in Indonesia but throughout their operations including in Malaysia." - Theresa Kok raises concern on Indonesia's action against 4 Msian firms

Didn't YB Kok brief the Cabinet on this available course of action? If she didn't, why? Was she protecting the Malaysian companies? Or is it because one of these firms was linked to a fellow Cabinet Minister and party member? She needs explain these things to us.

The haze is not new but we need new means and an iron will to tackle it. Conflicts of interest won't do. And, please, the blame game is old - too old lah - and usually bites back, as I'm sure Yeo Bee Yee, our Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change Minister, has discovered after her initial bravado and finger-pointing exchanges with her Indonesian counterpart Siti Nurbaya. 

Enacting tough laws, as the Cabinet has decided, is great but Singapore did it in 2014 and how has that worked for them so far? 

Another point to ponder:

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  1. Salam Dato Rocky.

    Alhamdullilah (he he he)... akibat jerubu ni... dua anak saya tak bersekolah pada Khamis & Jumaat (19 & 20 Sept.)

    Saya rasa, ada yang ambil kesempatan istihar cuti-sekolah untuk 'memanjangkan' cuti-hujung minggu.
    Mana tidaknya... kalau nak ikutkan, API pada Isnin ~ Rabu, lebih tinggi dari hari-Khamis & Jumaat.

    Harap-harap... Sekalah Cina & India juga turut cuti-jerubu, sama banyak dengan Sekolah Kebangsaan.


  2. Anonymous2:52 pm

    How is it that the burnings originate from the Indonesian parts of Borneo and Sumatra and yet no Indonesian cities from both places top the list?