Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Lynas: Now to weed out the real parias

Read Mahathir does not want Lynas treated like an outcast


Dirty Dozen, 27 Aug: Clearly, this message by the Prime Minister is meant primarily for his 12 ministers who signed last year the akujanji on Lynas, promising to shut down the RM1.7 billion rare earth plant in Gebeng, Pahang if they win the 14th general election and take over Putrajaya. They included the Deputy Prime Minister and the bungling Finance Minister. 
Recognise this one?
None of the Dirty Dozen turned up at the last illegal protest organised in Kuantan by dubious NGOs that are curiously still against Lynas despite all the scientific findings and export reports on the safety of the plant but Lim Guan Eng has pledged to continue to try and persuade the Prime Minister "to understand the genuine concerns of the environmentalists". Last week, immediately after the illegal protest, Anwar Ibrahim decided to differ from Mahathir on the Lynas issue ( Anwar backs calls to review Lynas' licence renewal) but,  not surprisingly, until yesterday the so-called PM-in-waitng has made no formal proposal on the matter (No proposal on Anwar on Lynas' license renewal, says Gobind). 
In other words, while Dr M is trying to get the investors to come and stop the economy from sliding further, those around him continue to undermine his efforts to score a few political points more. Because, maaf kata, that's all they were, are and will always be good for. 
But of course the Old Man knew that.

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