Monday, July 01, 2019

New trouble at the towers

Twin trouble, 010719: When you read an editorial like this one in the New Straits Times, which is still a fly on the wall in the real corridors of power, you sit up and take notice. And you get worried, even if you are not staff with the national oil company. I still have some friends there (at NST, too, last I checked) so I wish everybody all the best. If there's war, I hope it won't be too bloody. 
Nation first, New Malaysians.


  1. Is something fishy going down? Petronas musta been gagged by not responding to inquiries, no?

  2. Somehow... on July 2, WCW managed, or someone managed to get him, to squeeze out some juice by saying the battle is outside the C-Suites.

  3. Anonymous2:07 am

    Datuk it is nothing special. Just a reorg. Apa nak heboh.