Thursday, June 27, 2019

This government moves in a mysterious way, Yeo mean?

For years, Minister Yeo Bee Yin and likeminded friends ranging from Wong Tack to Fuziah Salleh appeared so damn sure about the toxicity of Lynas, even when the experts repeatedly assured them and their supporters that their fear was not real and could actually be acute (political) anxiety. Now that they are in power and the Government, they find that they are not so sure all the times. Latest example, the repeated tragedy in Pasir Gudang. 

Source of Pasir Gudang toxic fumes still a mystery, Yeo says.

Well, here's our response to her (thanks Dr No for the poster below) :

To be continued ...


  1. Anonymous5:11 pm

    Pasir dari kawasan gudang to agaknya toksik.
    Or probably the new gomen is toksik.

  2. Anonymous6:20 am

    Nek Jijah please don't keep silence

  3. Anonymous8:55 pm

    It is not a misteri. Most prob a new type of gas chem the detector cant detect.Get UN help lah.