Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Why Mahathir's new friends are NOT with him on his sabotage claim

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TMX, the media socialist, asks the burning question: So why aren't they defending their Prime Minister-designate on this one?

The short (and polite) answer is: Because they probably don't believe his claim. And, therefore, they are not prepared to stick their necks out. (TMX's commenters are neither short nor sweet. Find out what they are saying about the sabotage claim, h e r e).

A corporate man called me to say the Tun's "cuckoo".  One airline executive called the Tun's stunt "disgusting". "How can you undermine the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia like that. He's out to sabotage all of us!" Read CAAM: Mahathir's jet couldn't take off because of a minor and routine technical fault 

It's beyond disgusting for some. "This claim of sabotage create misgivings among outsiders," said an expert in Claim can affect aviation industry. 

The Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia is the body that ensures safety of civil aviation in this country conforms with global protocols. Its operations are dictated by the standards and rules of international aviation set out by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). It does not care how many times you have flown in a private jet or how many of your friends own an aircraft or why they won't lend theirs to you. It exists to make sure that the 100,000 daily flights in aviation global network operate safely and reliably in every region in the world, including ours.

Malaysia became a member of ICAO in 1958.

p.s. TMX feels CAAM and VistaJet should report Mahathir under the Anti-Fake News Act of Afna. "It's a crime under Afna, not just morally wrong," he told me, referring to the statement made by Azharuddin Abdul Rahman (pic), the CAAM chairman. If no formal complaint is lodged. any Tom, Dick and Harry may think it's ok to cry wolf ...


  1. Rocky, Tun M selfanswered person, tak perlu pembantu pembela.

    You ingat dia standard Najib ke, push people ke depan "..hang tokong jawab"..salah atau betul jawapan janji bukan aku yang jawab.

  2. Anonymous9:08 pm


  3. IT.Scheiss9:23 pm

    Large airliners carrying hundreds of passengers have had a tyre burst on landing and yet have taxied to the parking gate safely.

    A soft tyre in a nosewheel pair before takeoff is a technical issue and was correctly taken seriously but "sabotage", I doubt.

    The Star reported: "Earlier on Saturday (April 28) CAAM chairman Datuk Seri Azharuddin Abdul Rahman said that the aircraft was unable to fly due to air leakage from the left hand nose wheel, which is a minor and routine technical fault."


    Either VistaJet of the CAAM should also reveal the cause of the soft tyre - was it due to a puncture, a leaky valve, a crack in the tyre rubber, a leaky rim or what?


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