Tuesday, January 09, 2018

They thought they were going to hang this YB ...

Too hardworking and too good-looking 

THE PROBLEM with YB P. Kalamanathan, 52, besides the fact that he was one of the biggest by-election giant killers in Malaysia's recent political history, is that he works too hard and he's seen to be too clean. When you are both that, you make some people look bad. And some of these bad-looking people are actually bad and what they do is what bad people usually do: they try and fix you. And they now think they are fixing the Deputy Education Minister well and good ... 

The following WhatsApp message has gone viral. The anonymous sender (representing the bad people) says a report with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission will be lodged against Kamalanathan on 11 Jan.

*Salam Sejahteta Tuan Puan yang dihormati*

*Mohon hadir ke Ke Pejabat SPRM Putrajaya  11 Jan,Rabu 11pagi.*
*Laporan mengenai salah guna kuasa & Peyelewangan oleh  Timbalan Menteri Pendidikan Dato Kamalanathan*
*Terbuktinya beliau  bersuhabat dalam 39 Projek Pembinaan Sekolah Tamil di Malaysia*
*Beliau telah melantik Consultant yang sama (En Ragu, saudara kepada dia melalui emak)  kesemua 39 sekolah.*
*Dalam sejarah Malaysia inilah kali pertama satu syarikat consultant dapat 39 projek sekali.*
*Jumlah nilai yang telah dibayar kepada syarikat ini anggaran dalam*
*RM 20 Juta*
*Inilah punca utama kelewatan persiapan bangunan seluruh negara.*
*Utk keterangan lanjut sila baca suratkhabar hari Malaysia Nanban-semua bukti penyelewangan ada tertera.Thurogi Kamathan.*
*Demi masa depan semua SJKT2 di seluruh Negara.  Dengan rendah diri minta datang ramai ramai untuk menjayakan perjuangan murni ini.*
*Please forward to all Indians including BN or Pakatan supporters.*

There are two big problems, though. The bad guys forgot or didn't know that:

1. The project above was awarded to the said company in Feb 2013, three months before Kamalanathan was made Deputy Education Minister

2.  Those contractors/consultants are NOT YB Kamal's uncle or cousin or nephew etc

p.s. So I don't think our anti-graft boys need to wait for these people to lodge a report. But Kamalanathan ought to take extra caution now. He's just made some bad guys look like idiots and I don't think these idiots are too happy ...


  1. He was elected Hulu Selangor MP in 2010. Which Ministry was he working in between 2010 and May 2013? And why only report to MCMC? Why not a police report?

  2. Anonymous2:02 pm

    I do agree but its time for the public to understand what is the procedures to be appointed to be a supplier......The public should be thought the process of being a supplier...

  3. Anonymous1:24 pm

    This guys is big hand kisser (we call it posterior-kisser overseas). He will lose this coming election as Samy's son will not tolerate him anyway.