Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Last words on Ku Nan's "slow learner" gaffe

Ain't over yet?
"It would seem that to be a politician and a so-called leader in this party, you must first be an ignorant moron. Students who enter UiTM are no different from those entering universities and colleges all over the world. Some may need more help than others but that is why universities are there. Taught 17 years in ITM where I witnessed the great transformations that education can fire in students. Taught elsewhere too, here and other countries. Have never been but proud of what became of my students in ITM. Universities and colleges can redeem the worst of learners but only wise voters can save the nation from the stupid and the moronic who would happily slander a population to stay in power." - A former ITM lecturer*

Isunya mudah sahaja. Terlajak perahu boleh diundur. Terlajak kata buruk padahnya. Apakah isu ini meletup kerana; 1. Ucapan disalah tafsir.

2. Teknik berucap yang silap.
3. Tersalah terminology “slow learner”
4. Tidak pandai mentafsir atau;
5. Cakap tidak pandang kiri dan kanan. 

Pokoknya para alumni marah. Mahasiswa UITM marah. Ibu bapa marah. Warga pendidik dan pekerja UITM marah dan orang Melayu juga marah. Padahnya pada kerajaan yang memerintah.
Mungkin orang akan tanya, kenapa saya tidak defend. Hati nurani saya menjawab “kan elok minta maaf”. Semoga tidak berulang lagi kerana jumlah alumni UITM melebihi 500 ribu** orang. 

Pokoknya Institusi Pengupayaan Melayu ini perlu diperkasakan lagi. Perhimpunan Agung UMNO 2017 perlu membahaskannya. - Mohd Puad Zarkashi MT UMNO 

* The former lecturer made the remarks at a public digital forum. I believe his are fitting last words to close the Ku Nan gaffe. Nonetheless, as former Deputy Education Minister Puad Zarkashi's views show, not everybody in Ku Nan's party think or behave alike. The Umno General Assembly 2017 happens on Dec 5-9 and if Puad takes it up at the Perhimpunan, then the "slow learner" issue isn't over, not just as yet.

** 740,000 graduates in the last 60 years.


  1. OK lastly, I am happy to have contributed in assisting students who "may need more help than others" through my YBs.

  2. Anonymous7:30 pm

    Kenapa Datok Rocky masih susah terima kenyataan?

    UiTM- Universiti ini Tempat Melayu

    UiTM - for slow learner

    Umno bergantung berat kepada melayu slow learner utk mempertahankan kuasa.

    Kalau melayu bijak2 belaka, masakan MO1 masih berkuasa.

    Datok Rocky Slow learner ka money worshipper?

  3. Anonymous8:55 am

    The meaning of a message lies not just in the words spoken but also in the way the words are spoken.
    You can say 'saya minta maaf' in many ways - which words are stressed, which di 'mad'kan and whether or not there were additional sounds made to clarify the meaning. If he had stressed 'minta maaf and lengthened the sound of the last word, maybe I might give him the benefit of the doubt and say 'Yes he is sincerely remorseful'. But he he said 'Saya minta maaf LAH'. It is the LAH that bothers me.
    It is dismissive, condescending and a clear indication the he really believes that those asking for his apology are indeed BODOH.
    Having taught at UITM for a close 30 yers. I am DISGUSTED by the ready acceptance of those ITM alumnae sitting around him ready to forgive and forget an insult that should in fact tear their self respect to shreds.

    Recd by whatapps from a former MassCom lecturer

  4. Anonymous9:41 am

    Basically what Teuku Adnan Said is .......Do Not Employ Mara Graduates as they are slow learners.