Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Ku Nan says sorry

HATS off to Ku Nan, the self-professed foul-mouthed politician, for saying sorry and for acknowledging that he should not have used those words. Takes a gentleman to own up. But, please YB, mind your language, anyway (and that's not really a request).
Kudos to the UiTM Alumni and student reps who did not allow emotions to rule but instead offered to go over to the Umno Sec-gen and FT Minister's office to level with him and avoid a potentially messy spat. 
You give a new meaning to "slow-learners". - Nov 28


  1. HEHEHEHE.........So, all the 'SLOW LEARNERS' accept Ku Nan's
    apologise. What an anti-climax.

  2. xnakdedak10:57 pm


    How sweet!

    Now when will MO1 a.k.a "kepala bapak kau" apologize to the FELDA folks he called "haram jadah"?

  3. Anonymous1:16 am

    Tengku Fraud minta maaf kerana sedar secara ikhlas telah terlepas kata yang tidak sepatutnya atau sedar slow learner adalah tempat melayu yang konon selama ini diperjuangkan UMNO..