Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Now, who will Ambiga throw under the bus?

Bersih distances itself from former chairman - The Mole
Ambiga keeps mum - The Malaysian Insight

Original piece

“Ambiga had told the defendant that her sources, whom she said were reliable, had estimated the amount that had been paid was around RM90 million," said Rewcastle-Brown in her court filing dated 11 Oct  - Sarawak Report editor names Ambiga as source: Report

Desperate, Clare throws Ambiga under the bus
Puchong, 31 Oct: Clare Rewcastle-Brown's confession, in a British court, that Ambiga Sreenevasan was the source of her so-called news report on PAS leaders accepting bribes from PM Najib Razak must have made so many Malaysians' day. 

Seasoned journalist Nuraina Samad's Muahahahaaaaaaa ... response to the confession is one fine example.

Malaysians have known all along that Sarawak Report was pure online BS. We just could not prove or did not know how to prove the BS.

Now, Clare's confession is the only proof we'll ever need!

And what poetic justice!  The confession was made - had to be made - in a British court. So much to thank Tuan Guru al-Hadi for having the gumption to take Clare to the court - in her own backyard - to clear his name and expose Sarawak Report as nothing but a fraud.

What shocked me, as a journalist, was the fact that Clare had actually pointed the finger at Ambiga, her Deep Throat. I have always thought that these western journalists would protect their source at all cost.  Maybe Clare is a new breed of western journalists! Or she was extremely desperate. 

As one commenter in Nuraina Samad's posting so aptly puts it, "... they are throwing each other under the bus"

We now wait for Ambiga to throw her "reliable sources" under the bus.


p.s On a more serious note, Clare's admission brings to mind the police reports recently lodged by our Attorney-General against blogger RPK for his postings in Malaysia Today. Like Clare, RPK is also biased in the UK but the two are NOT on the same side where Malaysian politics is concerned. You can read about AG vs RPK it in my previous post h e r e. Things seem to have quietened down a bit, though, after RPK's climbdown in Part 3 of his Strong Rumours Surrounding the AG series but the police have started their investigation. 


  1. Dumbiga has always maintained that she is neutral.
    This whhle being sandwiched by Lim Kit Siang on her left and Anwar on her right.
    Muahahaha. Padan Mila

  2. pengecut.fake.fraud, kena cuit sikit dah lepaskan nama Ambiga, belum kena interrogation dah menggelabar. real journalists won't name their sources lah... they protect their sources-lah. snggup masuk jail-lah.

  3. xnakdedak2:03 pm


    On the subject of Ambiga, perhaps you need to see the finer points of legal strategy, Latuk.

    Let's not forget that National Crook MO1 and his PAS lackeys also claimed for over a month that he would never be stupid enough to transfer money into a personal account.


    And the WSJ are feeling really lonely...when will next Tuesday arrive?

  4. IT.Scheiss5:35 pm

    Yup! You can say - "The scheiss has hit the fan - finally" as true colours are emerging.

  5. Anonymous6:05 pm

    Is Ambiga the source for Tun Dr Mahathir who then got two corporate personalities to pay in New York and Hong Kong till 1MDB became an international.issue?

    And Clare is on Mahathir's payroll.

  6. Salam Dato Rocky.

    I'm afraid you're jumping the gun, Dato. These sly kapirs might have something up their sleeves. Maybe its a ploy to entice Najib cyber-warrior like you, to come prematurely. Better watch out. They're just baiting the lebai-malang to make the next move.

  7. Anonymous11:06 am

    "Malaysians have known all along that Sarawak Report was pure online BS"

    If BS, Najib should sue Sarawak Report in UK courts just like what PAS has done.

  8. Anonymous10:20 am


    "white woman" Tears Village Idiot's Suit To Shreds

    How many of you have read Claire Rewcastle Brown's 55 page defense submitted to the High Court in London? She practically rips up the Village Idiot's entire case.

    Claire Brown is taking a comprehensive route to her defence. First she goes into specifics like detailing the names of people and things that she did NOT mention in her report and therefore should not be cast as libellous by those same people not mentioned by name.

    One interesting point she has pointed out is the number of Google searches for the Village Idiot AFTER her article was published. The Google searches actually declined, which is not surprising to me at all. Only another village idiot would search Google for that moron. Meaning her article did not tarnish the village idiots name to any greater degree.

    (However technically the damage to one's reputation does not depend on the number of subscribers or daily readership of say The Sun or the New Straits Times. Once you print it, then it is in the public domain.)

    Then Claire Brown expands her defense by (correctly) connecting her story to the larger issue of politics, money, corruption and murder.

    Here is a sample of her defense where she mentions the murder of Kevin Morais:

    This is quite explosive. Although no direct link is made between Kevin Morais being the author of the draft indictments against MO1 and Morais' murder, this is Claire Brown's sworn statement to the High Court in London.

    Meaning she must stand by it and she must have evidence to present in Court to back up this paragraph (and all the other paragraphs).

    This is where I agree that the Village Idiot's decision to sue Claire Brown in London is a HUGE HUGE MISTAKE. (It reminds me of another HUGE HUGE MISTAKE made by someone else circa 1997.)

    This Court case in London is going to open up a huge can of worms.

    I have a question : Claire Brown will subpoena all those people (from Malaysia). Will they have the cojones to attend Court in London?

    Because if they do, it will cause them even more embarrassment?

    Akhir kalam :

    Hello kekawan UMNO, dengar baik-baik.

    You are going into a general election soon.

    Imagine this Court case in London discussing 1MDB, Altantuya, Kevin Morais murder, Nasharuddin Mat Isa's bungalow house etc etc all over again and openly in public.

    For the Pakatan harapan, the timing of this court case cannot be more timely.

    Perfect timing.

    More and more dirt will be washed up.

  9. Anonymous10:21 am


    Ambiga or not.

    These BLOODY HYPOCRITES ular dalam semak. You all take religion for a ride huh?? You all can go to hell with your accomplice that is the chief monkey i.e. MO1 !

  10. RD writes:
    Salam Dato Rocky.
    I'm afraid you're jumping the gun, Dato. These sly kapirs might have something up their sleeves. Maybe its a ploy to entice Najib cyber-warrior like you, to come prematurely. Better watch out. They're just baiting the lebai-malang to make the next move.
    8:24 pm

    Waalaikumsalam, RD. Thank you for the caution. I won't be losing sleep over what Clare, Ambiga and fans have up their sleeves, though. If they can't prove the RM90 million allegation, and I don't see how they can, whatever they have in their much-heralded (by some people here) 55-page defence to the UK court is going to amount to nothing but more tall tales ..