Sunday, November 20, 2016

The day Dr Mahathir hijacked Bersih

No caption required ... Pic by Jahabar Sadiq

Puchong, 20 Nov: Someone asked me why Lim Kit Siang and I were not there at yesterday's Opposition rally Bersih 5. I was stumped: the DAP strongman wasn't at the Yellow gathering? I realised I didn't remember seeing his pictures from the rally, either! I checked with an Opposition friend immediately. "Dei, of course Uncle Lim was there. See today's front page of Utusan lah". I took his word for it and comforted myself: Ah, okok, so I panicked for no reason. I conveyed the good news to Someone. "Oh, my bad," I thought I heard her say, "I saw Mahathir and Mahathir and Mahathir only at the rally". 
Stumped again! Because that's really it, isn't it? When you come to think of the whole thing, and with the benefit of hindsight, yesterday's Bersih 5 was really about Mahathir! It was his show! Imagine if the Tun hadn't flown in with his private jet to join the 40,000-strong Yellow men, women and children, the rally would have been old news. I'm sure Kit Siang would be happier as he would not have to play second fiddle to the Old Man, but it would have been a non-event... 

Tun M addresses the Yellow people

Dr M waves to the Yellow people, who wave back, of course

Dr M wants 1 million people to attend Bersih 5

No Kit Siang in the picture, but future PM and DPM at hand

Why do you think PKR Shamsul Iskandar isn't wearing the Bersih shirt?

Yellow shirt, Red carpet

Can't wait for Bersih 6? I know, right ...

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  1. xnakdedak5:39 pm

    Ahhhh, right on cue!

    While Pak Kadir has (in your view) "stopped being a journalist", at least nobody can even accuse you of ever having been one : )

  2. DBKK staff5:51 pm

    Rock you are better than this. That is not his private jet. You know that. Kau patutnya verify dengan Sufi atau sesiapa kat PLF tu. Yang ada private jet itu budak nama Jho Low. Jadilah blogger yang bagus. Bukannya blogger tahap sampah!

  3. Fidely5:57 pm

    Takut ka? Kalau kau urang tak tahan Maria Chin atau Mandeep atau few urang malam sebelum Bersih, takcperlu Mahathir atau Lim Kit Siang datang. Terkejut ya ramai bumiputra datang? Kebanyakkannya urang muda.

    Sampai sini saja ya pembongkak semua control malaysia. It will end by middle next year. Bagi tahu you punya paymaster supaya cepat sikit masukkan duit. Hujung tahun mahu bonus juga nanti duit semua sudah habis.

  4. IT.Scheiss10:40 pm

    Perhaps Mahathir will be chairman of Bersih 6, if it happens.

  5. Dr.Mahathir & Tan Sri Muhyiddin respected and loved by Malaysians of all races.