Saturday, November 12, 2016

Muhyiddin (and Mahathir), publicly reformed

Puchong, Nov 12: I try not to post too often about Abang Din. 
But this one is heartbreaking. 
Or laughable. 
Depending on how you choose to see Malaysian politics (and politicians).

Today: Muhyiddin, Malaysia's likely next Prime Minister
 if the Opposition wins the 15th GE

Muhyiddin a couple of years ago, when he was DPM

Yes, Malaysian politicians are fond of posters and placards. Other than that, they love to play the Anwar (Ibrahim) issue. Nearly 20 years ago Dr Mahathir Mohamad, then the PM, sacked Anwar and sent him to jail with sensational allegations of power abuse and sodomy. Today he's backing the "Reformasi" movement openly, even if the love is not reciprocal. 

This photograph of the sneering Tun with a very special badge tells a thousand words of hypocrisy at its best. Or worst. 


  1. xnakdedak8:01 pm

    "However, the international prosecutors dealing with the biggest fraud case ever tackled in Switzerland, Singapore and the USA cannot step back from what they have started in this investigation and keep their credibility. They need to be seen to do a proper job and nail the real perpetrators. They are going about it textbook fashion.

    Likewise, although today Malaysia simply rejected the Swiss AG’s repeated requests for cooperation, the Swiss, showing small surprise, announced they will continue investigations together with international colleagues across the globe.

    Najib may continue to defy the facts and bully his critics in Malaysia. Furthermore, he has tried to boast that the new US President will get him off the hook; he has visited Singapore to beg and bargain for his accounts to be unfrozen; he has offered Islamic deals with PAS; thrown himself at the door of China and offered deals to Thailand.

    However, step by step, fact by fact and brick by brick the professional prosecutors across the world are building a case he cannot answer."

    Yep, hypocrisy.

    How about pretending to be a good Muslim and then stealing 3.5 billion USD from the people of Malaysia, while lying (badly) about it?

    Oh sorry, RockyBru's heading to Singapore soon to explain why they they're all wasting their time.

    Bring your SWIFT codes ya, Latuk : )

    1. Bedul1:01 am

      Astaghfirullah. Makin hari makin sewel Tun M dan Muhyiddin. Malulah tengok statesmen macam badut dimainkan oleh Anwar and family. Dahlah suruh isteri pergi menyembah Wan Azizah ke istana Nu-War.
      Excuse me jagalah sikit maruah sebagai bekas PM. Takkanlah kita nak melutut kepada orang yang kita jail kerana meliwat.
      Aik takanlah nakkan Mukhruz jadi PM, sanggup kow--ow kepada dia.
      Besok dia sondol buntut kita. Besok dia jadi PM, anak dia jadi khadam pulak.
      Habis hormat dan sayang kepada Tun dan keluarga. Senyum puas nampak lady kipas.
      Ya Allah berilah petunjuk kepada Dr Mahathir ni. Najib dah maju ke depan. Dia pulak nenoleh ke belakang.
      GOD save Malaysia from Nu-War. Ameen.

  2. Orang gila di Tanjung Rambutan pasti kata Madey, Muhyiddin dan Mukhriz ni GILA..

  3. Din Pagoh8:34 pm

    Call me Din Plakad ... kasi placard saya angkat. Tak paham baca The Edge.

  4. Nothing strange. They all are on a common ground - eradicating corruption dan breach of trust as espoused by the Quran!

  5. Salam Dato Rocky.

    I guess... Dr.M's about-turn must be due to Najib-Jho Low-1MDB's Billions of debt... and RM2.6 Billion in Najib's personal account.
    After-all... Anwar only sin was liwatting some... sort of, willing young-adult while Najib 'liwatted', as a matter of fact, the whole nation.
    Therefore, Dr.M is just choosing the lesser evil... for the nation.

  6. mahiaddin3:57 pm

    mahathir ikon reformasi