Sunday, October 02, 2016

Why Mahathir is mad

Puchong, 1 Muharram 1438: You can tell that the Old Man was fuming mad when he wrote Propaganda (28 Sept). This blog was mentioned in the posting, rather unkindly. References to Goebbels and of being bought, etc. Of course, I had done nothing to Dr Mahathir Mohamad or his family to deserve such wrath. The Old Man, obviously, was wrongly advised again, I suspect deliberately.
But Big Dog aka Zakhir Mohamad, the other blogger mentioned in the Old Man's posting, did "sin". 
He "crossed the line". 
He "touched" one of Mahathir's. A no-no-no ...

Among Mahathir's children, I have always liked Mukhriz most. But the call for him to resign from Ansara, I think, is fair. 22 years, we all know, is too long to be at the helm.   
Selfie after calling on the guy's resignation. Classic

To be cont'd ... (maybe)


  1. Yok Hui Han6:11 pm

    no lahhh not like that one. me thinks tun loved you and the dog once. and you both loved him also. yet you two chose to defend the Crook who stole money from 1mdb and src. thats about it. goebbles goebbles goebbles.

  2. It is best you just SHUT UP ! dont see the need for you to continue...

  3. Hahaha.....dear Rocky,

    Lest not forget that before the age of "WWW dot Com" in 1990, some one was on the same propaganda frenzy. People like A.Kadir Jasin, who shouts about "MAP" (media arus perdana) bias were once party to the same sin. An active player pula tu.
    Remember about the photo..."Ku Li junjung salib" thingy?? That was how low the so called saint went....
    Rocky, seriously, I think a re-run of all the UMNO closing speeches by the "saint" should be made available...all the "bangsa asing stuff".

    Kita tak takut punya oranglah........

  4. Anonymous7:02 pm

    Do you or did you receive any funds or other form of financial support from Dato Seri Najib, PMO,BN, UMNO or any other body/institution or individuals link to any of them in running your blog or any other business endeavors of yours?


  5. Somebody must be mad with your blogrolls too, including everything that use to appear on the right of your blog. All went missing, just like Annie and OSTB, while Bujai's comment section cannot be accessed.

  6. NajibNazak12:22 am

    Simply because Najib is Crazy...

  7. Anonymous12:39 am

    Ansara tu ditubuhkan utk apa?
    Pertubuhan politikus ke?
    Skrg Desa Waterpark dah kena jual by DBKL, Um No tak bising ke?
    How abt Baju Merah?
    Any comment?

    Big Dog makan dedak or makan tulang? Anyhow, dua2 tak bagus.
    Semuanya ada agenda personal.Malu jadi Melayu.
    Skrg, dengar kata hampir PSD biasiswa is given to non malays. Patut le MCA membisu.

  8. Anonymous12:40 am

    Ansara dah hilangkan duit gomen brape biliyun?

  9. Anonymous6:37 am

    Tajuk takde kaitan dgn isi...

  10. I thought I saw photos of you having meals with Tun Mahathir before.

  11. xnakdedak11:47 am

    Big Dog?

    Confucius he say "big dog make big poop; unreadable, baldy-written poop".

    He's completely irrelevant to any political discourse in this country, because he writes in the wrong language, and does it very, very badly.

    And you, Latuk?

    Always relevant (though an infrequent blogger, hm?)

  12. thegreatteadrinkerdownsouth2:07 pm

    "Big Dog" isn't exactly an impartial commentator.

    His diatribes against AirAsia & Tony Fernandes are a case in point.

    I am sure he has an agenda. As do you & other bloggers who post on social media.

    If Tun Dr Mahathir wants to criticise "Big Dog", that's his right. As is the target's right to rebut the criticism.

    But "Big Dog" seems to exercise a mighty big "red pencil" when deciding which comments to suppress & which posters to ban from his blog!

  13. Hi, Rocky, your blogroll has disappeared?

  14. How about FAM? If i may digress, asyik politic je