Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Najib, Zahid lost in translation

GE14: What Najib actually said

28 Sept 2016: In Berlin, contrary to what Reuters reported, Najib Razak did not say he would not call for an early general election. An aide of the PM said Najib was asked, after his meeting with the German Chancellor, if he would be calling for an early election in Malaysia in view of issues surrounding the 1MDB. Najib said the question of election is not due to any single factor.
"It must be predicated on the basis that we have good policies in Malaysia, We are delivering for the benefit of the people and we are the best government to lead Malaysia into the future.
"We have a strong record and we will continue to tell the Malaysian people that our government is still the best choice."
The Reuter's report (PM says Malaysia will cooperate with the US on 1MDB investigations, Channel News Asia) was picked up by The Star (No need for early polls, says Najib) and the Malay Mail Online (Najib: No polls before 2018), among others. 

In conclusion, therefore, Najib may still call for an early general election. If he asks me, I would suggest about this time in 2017 would be a good time to have an election...

A legal alien in New York

Much adoi about nothing over Zahid's English

Reuter's misreporting goes on to prove that the English language is NOT an easy language to use, comprehend let alone master! 

So I read some of the condescending views about Deputy Prime Minister Zahid Hamidi's English at the UN General Assembly and I had a good laugh! Some of these critics couldn't even construct a proper, short sentence in English. I imagine many of them speak the language with an American slang, which they picked up from TV. 

We should all work on our English but I wouldn't worry too much about it if I were Zahid. The DPM is one of the most eloquent speakers of the Bahasa Malaysia and his Arabic, I hear, is quite good. And when he speaks Javanese, wadduh wadduh ...! 

Some of the world's major leaders don't even speak the English language. To me, what's more important for Zahid, as a leader, is the content of his message and the wisdom of his words. And most of all, for him to walk his talk.


  1. Salam Dato.

    I suggest you switch-off the 'Post a comment' button... so that fans of yous, like me, would not waste our time, commenting. Be bold and do a Shuzheng. Then we can... JUST READ.

  2. This is predictable with members of the Malaysian opposition parties: our elected leaders can do no right even when it comes to the use of English language. Toxic!

  3. Kenapa awak berubah dengan Dr M. Saya tahu awak makan dedak. Kalau tidak berubah juga dengan DSAI.

  4. Anonymous10:08 am

    So sad, watched the video of his speech....:( Feel sad for our country as our ministers say we have "WORLD CLASS EDUCATION".

    I could not understand half of the bombastic words used. Did he make that speech/proof read it?

    What a shame!


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    Thanks in advance

  6. trifling-jester8:50 am

    holy shit dude. you're basically saying its ok if you don't speak english - not everyone speaks it well anyway.

    hope you didn't feed your own kids this rubbish

  7. Anonymous2:38 pm

    Prez Najib.
    Being Anwar's man, it does make sense.
    Agong tak murka ke.