Sunday, October 02, 2016

Why Mahathir is Mad Part 2: Najib's "real" Goebbels that the Old Man refuses to name

"The problem is Mahathir’s propaganda team is a bunch of dimwits." - Raja Petra Kamaruddin, MAD: Acronym for Mahathir Accedes Defeat, Malaysia Today 3/10/16

Bangsar, 4/10/16: A. Kadir Jasin, Jebat Must Die and Syed Akbar Ali will disagree with RPK but the fact that the Old Man had to take matters into his own hands and "whack" Najib's "little Goebbels" on his own blog means he could not wait for his own top cyber warriors (and Kadir, JMD and Syed are up there, at least in my book they are) to do the dirty work for him. If I were part of the Tun's propaganda team, I would not allow him go down on his knees like that. But, like he said, I am not with him.

In his posting h e r e, the Tun gives me too much credit, though. My friends who are still with him could have told him  that, yes, I am clearly not with him but I could not have been out to "kill" him.  Helen Ang put things in perspective in Rocky, Big Dog and the myth of neutrality (30/9): Rocky made a grand total of seven postings in his blog for the entire month of August. This is hardly reflective of a media man out to get Tun.

But, I suppose, as A Voice, former staunch Tun supporter, puts it in his latest posting Crossing the line (4/10), if you are not with the Old Man, you are against him!

Overheard: Siapa sokong Chedet dapat detdak

What's really interesting in RPK's posting, though, is his assertion that there exists a "real" Goebbels on Najib's team. Dr Mahathir knows this man, RPK said, the Old Man just won't name him ...

This man is the head of the Boffin Boys, who Mahathir knows personally and knows he is Najib’s head of counter-propaganda. Yes, this man who Mahathir will not name has managed to outthink Mahathir and counter all Mahathir’s propaganda with an effective counter-propaganda.

Mmm ... Now who could it be?


  1. Preston3:34 am

    knowing mahathir, that person is not named because mahathir didn't think much about him.

  2. IT.Scheiss7:56 am

    Whatever and whoever this "real" Goebbels is or whether or not he really exists, the way Najib has handled these attacks from the Mahathir side has been well considered using strategies of politics and warfare similar to those advocated by Sun Tsu and others like him.

    If Najib had arrested Mahathir and treated him like Mahathir had treated Anwar, there would have been resistance from Mahathir supporters and sympathisers just as there is ongoing resistance from Anwar supporters 18 years later but by patiently and slowly knocking back Mahathir's attacks and politically sidelining key members of Mahathir's team and by allowing Mahathir to make mistakes, Najib and his team have quite literally employed judo-like tactics to render Mahathir's team increasingly politically ineffective, without coming across as being draconian or tyrannical.

    A friend who does not have Internet access and who is not tech-savvy to search out the various arguments and counterarguments but had to rely on what others said, used to goon and on durung teh tarik sessions that "Najib must go in disgrace", even though he does not know how toachieve that.

    However, more recently, he speaks admirably of Najib's strategies, especially his silence, even though he still does not support Najib and still wants him to go.

    This tells me that those whom he has been hearing this or that about Najib now most likely have come round to this realisation.

    Meanwhile, I sense that the publc have become increasingly weary of this 1MDB thing, as well as with the falling apart of the opposition parties both between parties and between factions within parties.

    The proverbial proof of the pudding will come in the outcome of the next general elections.

    And to those Pakatoons who would in knee-jerk style denounce me as being "pro Najib", no - I'm just an independent observer of politics amongst the society I associate with.

  3. xnakdedak10:46 am

    "This man is the head of the Boffin Boys, who Mahathir knows personally and knows he is Najib’s head of counter-propaganda. Yes, this man who Mahathir will not name has managed to outthink Mahathir and counter all Mahathir’s propaganda with an effective counter-propaganda."

    HA HA HA HA!


    The Boffin Boys allowed their man, on camera, to deny that he even received money in his accounts.

    Then, there followed 42 conflicting lies. Comedy of errors.

    "Effective counter-propaganda", my ***.

    In fact, Jibby should just sack his Halfbubur, Tun Failsial, and other clowns and pump more of the cash into TV3.

    No faded ex-journo hacks, or those who write in broken English (check your sidebar) has even the slightest effect on public opinion. (With the greatest respect to Tun, he's living in the past.)

    TV3 is at least in the right language.

    That's a start.

  4. Zuraimi Abdullah kah? Ha ha ha ha

  5. drMpower8:55 pm

    What if what you thought you know, is not what you know?
    I mean you said he had to take some dedak bloggers because the rest arent doing their job
    U of all people should have known that mahathir take on whoever he wants on his terms
    You know who he is right?
    So if you know who he is then you should know he isnt on his knees, doing all these because he wants to

    He will take on whoever he wants
    Small big fat man boys woman ikan bakar kucing kurap singapore manchester u name it
    He does what he does
    If you dont like what he is doing to fight corruption and all, then probably you know who u are and what u eat for breakfast lunch dinner

    Thats why the rakyat loves mahathir

    He is a 90 plus senior citizen, why you people are scared stiff?

  6. Salam Dato Rocky.

    I bet you would not have quote anything this fugitive wrote during the time of Razak Baginda, especially after he'd swore the SD, implying that Rosmah was at the scene where Altantuya was C4ed.
    Now... it seems, everything that came out of his mouth.. is gospel truth.

    By the way... don't forget to comment on AG Apandi's delay in responding to Swiss AG's MLA... since Jan 2016... and again, a few days ago.

  7. Mat Ali6:51 pm

    Tun doesnt need those people u mentioned to confront Raja Petra. The people u mentioned r not dedak eaters like yrself and other little Goebbels in the Najib camp. Anyways Umno bloggers r already doing a gd job beating the shit out of this fugitive pseudo prince. Zaharin Yassin an Umno man today described this pseudo prince as "penulis tua duduk London tiap bulan dapat dedak ribu pound." Since you seems to know Kadir well you should know that this pseudo runaway prince is not his standard to bother with. Instead u hv lowered yr standard by being in the company of this fugitive pseudo prince. I agree with one commentor in one of yr posting that you should probably be disable the comment button.