Thursday, October 06, 2016

In Malaysia, another blackmailing blog exposed

Updated 7/10: The politician who is subject of a lawsuit by MRCB (see story below) did not enter his defence at the court yesterday. Not even his lawyer was present. 
The alleged blackmailer Nuclearmanbursa, meanwhile, has challenged the authorities to get him if they think he'd committed a crime. 
“If I am writing lies, please do the needful. If I have met any Reach Energy officer in an official or unofficial capacity, please do the needful,” the blogger wrote, here.
These people don't seem to be afraid of the law at all. Perhaps they have seen how lenient our courts can be. Read Aussie "strippers" freed after judge's reprimand. Just plead ignorance and remorse (in the case of our two bloggers, they can't cite "young ages" to get off scot free).

Original article
Cops trying to reach ex-journalist over extortion claim 
Bangsar, 7 Oct:s This blog gives free publicity to other blogs from time to time. A leg up for newbies, if you like. Last week, we gave readers a link to Nuclearmanbursa. We felt that anyone who thought that Tabung Haji's foray into Kazakhtan could hurt PM Najib in the long run deserved closer inspection. 
And closer inspection that blog did get! My friends in the department tipped me off yesterday about a police report that has been lodged against a local individual suspected to be behind Nuclearmanbursa.  
The individual is said to be a former business journalist, who has told Reach Energy that he was willing to stop writing bad stuff about the company if they pay him more than he was being paid to discredit Reach Energy. Wow.
A mole at the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission told me they have also received a report on the extortion attempt involving by the same individual. 
This is not the first such case. MRCB is suing a small time but prominent notorious politician for attempting to extort money from the company. The politician was supposed to have entered his defence this week. 
The MCMC has tracked down and prosecuted several individuals for their postings on blogs and in social media in recent years. Not too long ago, a Cabinet Minister won a suit against a blogger for defamation. Another blogger who was paid to run down a businessman was unmasked in court and pleaded guilty to save his skin. The anonymous blogger who broke the story on Anwar Ibrahim's sex video was also tracked down and charged.
All of which prove that there is no such thing as "anonymity" in cyberspace. Big Brother knows who you are. If you break the law, the law will break you.


  1. I'm surprised by all those people who make slanderous and extremely provocative posts and comments at Facebook. Especially when there's no reasonable evidence for these beyond "talk on the internet". They actually think using a pseudonym or fake name would act as a shield.

    Actually I do sympathise with some of them. Especially the younger ones. Because I know my posts and comments on some matters might even be worse when I was at their age. But that's how things are with anything - there will be consequences, in various forms. Best to think first before writing or saying anything. Especially when we aren't too sure of the facts.

  2. Funny tho.

    When Dr Mahathir wrote seditious stuff against DSN in his blog, yet MCMC is still virgin-shy.

  3. Anonymous11:07 pm

    If u break the law
    The law will break you.
    2X meaning ke Bro?
    Amaran kpd PM ke?
    So far, he owns the law.

    1. Patience. The day will come when people like MO1 will get a full dose of their own medicine.