Monday, July 18, 2016

"If Mahathir was my father ..."

Puchong, Mon 180716
Of all the online scribes who have tried to remain "neutral" in the protracted Mahathir-Najib fight, I think Life of Annie tried the hardest. She has been frank but fair in her commentaries on Najib Razak although she has been harsh towards the PM's so-called advisers, and she has deftly avoided any kind of personal diatribe aimed at Mahathir. 

In her latest posting, however, Annie betrays signs of one who is increasingly frustrated with the Tun and, especially, with his people for making the 92-year Old Man fight their battle. 

His advisors and the people around him really should tell him to rest.

Maybe his son DS Mukhriz Mahathir can do that.
If Dr Mahathir is my father, that's what I will try to tell him.

Annie even writes about restricting the Tun to making doas:

If he still must, Dr Mahathir should instead help them with his prayers.

If it's true that Najib is destroying the country, let Allah answer Dr Mahathir's prayers and enable the opposition, which include his supporters to win the next general election.
Whatever it is, the young should do the fighting, not an over 90-year-old man.
I can just imagine how tiring it must be for Dr Mahathir.
Honestly, I'm tired just by being an observer of the fight.

Unscrupulous people are using the Tun to try and get what they want or regain what they have lost. That, to Annie, is too much. 

Read her entire Dr Mahathir Should Rest. 

Needless to say, Annie has now been accused by her commenters of accepting dedak (cheap bribes) to demonise Dr M and his camp.

Another blogger, who barked almost daily for Mahathir's cause not too long ago, asked me early this morning what I thought of the new Opposition pact (Pakatan has become Pakatun, Helen Ang)  after my own tentative posting Pakatan Tun: A dangerous liaison (or a tired cliché?)

I have to admit that I agree with Annie: It's not a big issue.

It's like when Umno founder Datuk Onn Jaafar left to set up Independence of Malaya Party and later Parti Negara.

Sadly for Dr Mahathir, I think his plan will end up like that of Datuk Onn's - not very successful.

And am 100 per cent with Helen (read her Will Perkasa bersekongkol dengan DAP for GE14?)

Tun's new party is likely going to be nothing more than just Perkasa donning a new mask, one that , for political expediency, must look friendlier and sweeter to the non-Malay crowd, especially the DAP.  Ibrahim Ali, the high priest of Perkasa, is expected to figure prominently in the new party. He has under his command "hundreds of thousands of followers". Muhyiddin Yassin may lead the new party initially but I don't see him leading it into the next general election; the former Deputy Prime Minister is quite the spent force and does not even command a fraction of his home state Johor. Similarly, Shafie Afdal, the ex Umno VP, has no influence in Sabah outside his own kawasan. Mukhriz will have more luck, being young and being a Mahathir, but then again he's nothing like his father.

So the way I see it, it's going to be Tok Him. He will eventually be the one calling the shots. Perkasa has always been Dr Mahathir's baby, anyway, and was instrumental in helping the Tun bring down Pak Lah ...

p.s. Zaid Ibrahim should figure out somewhere in this picture but I can't work that out as yet

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  1. No more Perkasa10:54 am

    Oh gawd ... perkasa in control of new party? It means Syed Hasan will be the Ku Nan's. Have been reading his FB ... quite dellusional.

  2. If Dr.Mahadir is my father, I will be the proudest daughter
    in the world. I will emulate his will to fight and to survive.
    Age is just A number. It is totally irrelevent unless of course
    U happen to be a bottle of wine!!!!

    Young people knows how to run fast but old people know the way.

  3. xnakdedak11:24 am

    "Another blogger, who barked almost daily for Mahathir's cause not too long ago".....

    Describing yourself again, eh :)

  4. xnakdedak11:35 am

    Of course, when their paymaster is finally exposed by the 7 international probes, what will the dedak eaters do?

    Find a new one, of course.

    The loser who ran away to Manchester used to worship Anwar's feet (and hopefully, no other body parts!)

    The elderly Chinese woman who now seems to be an 'instant expert on Islam', was not too long ago writing anti-Islamic articles for M'Kini and was investigated by the cops for doing so. (Guess she got scared.)

    As for Rocky, head of the "No Spikings English Good, But We Still Tries Writings In English" band of bloggers....heh heh heh. Less said the better.

    That's the problem with ducks. Follow the dedak, every time. No memory.

    PS: Latuk, why haven't you organised a protest outside the embassies of Switzerland, HK, UK, Luxembourg, US, Singapore and Seychelles?

    Don't let the Jews get away with it, bro.

    Or at least put up your own cash so that Tok Najib can afford to sue the WSJ.

    They've been waiting for a year, bro.

    Cepat sikit o.

  5. It's Najib who should take a rest.
    Well, for that matter, Guan Eng too.
    When proven not guilty, then by all means, continue what they've been doing.

  6. xnakdedak12:56 pm

    ""If Mahathir was my father ...""

    Kenangan manis / pahit (?) of The Patron & Sponsor.....

    "This morning Blog House Malaysia represented by several committee members managed to deliver a fruit basket and convey our best to Tun Dr Siti Hasmah at the IJN.

    Tun Dr Mahathir is recovering well and visitors are not allowed to give him uncomplicated rest and recovery.

    Blog House Malaysia would like to thank his staff especially En.Sufi Yusof and En.Shamsul Akmar for helping with the arrangements."

    BHM Executive Comittee 2011-2013

    President - Syed Akbar Ali
    Deputy President - Akhramsyah Muammar
    Secretary - Tony Yew
    Deputy Secretary - Firdaus Abdullah
    Treasurer - Zakhir Mohamad
    Committee Members -
    - Shamsul Akmar
    - Endie Shazaly Akbar
    - Eric Woon
    - Datuk Nuraina Samad
    - Salahuddin Hisham
    Advisor - Datuk Rocky Bru

    Nee comment required.

    Some stories write themselves.

  7. xnakdedak1:01 pm

    Walaupun mendabik dada mengaku menjadi pahlawan bugis dan panglima Islam pilihan Allah, setiap gerak gerinya tidak mencerminkan langsung apa yang dia katakan terhadap dirinya. Berjiwa besar pun bukan, berani pun bukan, ikhlas pun bukan, budiman jauh sekali. 

    Mengapa pemimpin berjiwa kecil ini berkeras tidak mahu rakyat membaca laporan Ketua Audit Negara mengenai salahlaku 1MDB? Adakah salahlaku ini mesti dirahsiakan? Bangkai gajah tidak mungkin dapat ditutup dengan nyiru.
    Memetik kata-kata Liow Tiong Lai tidak lama dahulu – “What is true will always be true. The truth can’t be faked, the fake cannot be the truth”.
    Kenapa mahu jadi hipokrit? Kenapa mahu jadi munafik?

    Kesimpulannya, takkanlah dia mahu terus memegang jawatan Perdana Menteri walaupun namanya sudah jijik dan kredibilitinya sudah hancur?


    Kesimpulannya, takkanlah dia mahu terus memegang jawatan Perdana Menteri walaupun namanya sudah jijik dan kredibilitinya sudah hancur?

  8. xnakdedak12:54 pm

    Bujai the Macai seems to believe anything...

    Of course accuracy is never a concern for some bloggers *cough cough*

  9. Komen pembaca pun dah lama tak luluskan. Ini yang buat aya hairan dan pelik. Nampak susah sangat nak defend Najib nih. Saya sejak Razak Baginda lagi sudah terasa serba-salah dan tidak mampu patahkan hujah pembangkang. Bila sampai ke Deepak Carpet dan Jho Low, I dah fed-up.

  10. Whatever, I'll vote for the new party, so do some of my closest family members. This is not about politic anymore but a atruggle against corruption and breach of trust...more haram than the flesh of swine!

  11. xnakdedak10:20 am

    "If Najib was my father ..."

    I'd kill myself.

    PS: Komplot Yahudi card, bro.

    It's all you have left.

  12. If no sleep lost why censor comments

  13. Apanama4:49 am

    Opps wrong nic