Tuesday, July 12, 2016

"Doomsday" blogger says he was misunderstood over 1MDB posting

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“Idiots. What I was trying to say was that such a thing can happen and the fact that MoF is dragged into arbitration along with 1MDB is bad enough for our country’s rating and image." - Syed Akbar Ali on those who made fun of his "prediction" that the country would go bankrupt on 11 July 2016 because of 1MDB. (Malaysia Bankruptcy Day that didn't happen, The Mole).

Puchong, 12 July: Syed Akbar Ali is the author of several books including Malaysia and the Club of Doom. It is safe to assume, therefore, that predicting doom and gloom is not something new or alien to him. Except that he has insisted now that he did not really predict that this country - his, yours and mine - was going bust exactly on 11 July 2016 over the 1MDB-IPIC arbitration process. [Read LSS vows to quit writing forever and ever if Syed Akbar Ali ... June 21]

What he actually wrote on his deleted-already posting, he defended himself yesterday, was "it can happen ..."

The Mole took the trouble to get Syed's side of the story in Malaysia Bankruptcy Day" that didn't happen because it's the fair thing to do. If only more people, Syed and his wannabes included, could also go a bit out of their way to establish the truth of what they are writing before publishing them, fewer people would be "misunderstood".

The 1MDB, the "reason" for our bankruptcy that wasn't, issued a statement on the 11 July event, by the way:

A Robust Response by Malaysia 
KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian state fund 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) on Monday (Jul 11) agreed to resolve its dispute with Abu Dhabi wealth fund International Petroleum Investment Co (IPIC) via the London Court of International Arbitration.  
In a statement, it said it had submitted a "robust response" to IPIC's request for arbitration, but when asked what that meant, Group President Arul Kanda would not say on account of being bound by a confidentiality clause.  
However, 1MDB maintains it is confident of its legal position.  
IPIC is claiming US$6.5 billion from 1MDB, as well as the Ministry of Finance which owns 100 per cent of the debt-ridden state fund.  
IPIC said it did not receive payments that 1MDB claimed to have transferred to its subsidiary Aabar Investment in British Virgin Islands and said its subsidiary is actually based in Abu Dhabi. 
1MDB, on the other hand, insisted it had communicated with IPIC executives before each transfer and has documentary evidence of the payments.  
As both sides have agreed to refer their dispute to the London Court of International Arbitration, the next step will be to appoint arbitrators before case management meetings begin in September.  
IPIC is expected to file its statement of claim and 1MDB its statement of defence before hearings begin towards the middle of next year. 
Depending on the complexity of the case, the arbitration process may take months if not years. 
According to the London Court of International Arbitration, more than 70 per cent of its past cases took more than 18 months to resolve
Meanwhile, 1MDB reiterated that, notwithstanding the dispute with IPIC, it will continue to implement its rationalisation plan and has ample liquidity to meet its current debt obligations. 
- CNA/hs


  1. Doomsday or not, still the country would be much-much better-of without 1MDB and it's billions of debts. Not to mention the loss of Rakyat's assets, including prime-land.

    No tangible profit whatsoever. The only intangible 'profit' is political support from Village Imams who benefited from 1MDB's CSR, the free Haj pilgrimage incentives.

  2. xnakdedak1:02 pm

    "If only more people, Syed and his wannabes included, could also go a bit out of their way to establish the truth of what they are writing before publishing them, fewer people would be "misunderstood".

    Hmmmmmm, does that refer to your spectacular run of bullshit-as-gospel, Encik Rocks?

    There was the SWIFT code that "proved" that the 2.6 billion transfer story was a fraud, there was Tong trying to "crash the ringgit" singlehandedly (whoops, is there an economist in the house?), there was your doctored Justo, and the list goes on and on.

    (PS: Yeah, what happened to the Justo card, bro? A lot of dedak eaters placed heavy bets on that horse. Ohhhhh yaaaah....Ambrin's report & the BNM letter proved that the whole Justo evidence was credible and that PSI was a scam. Oh dear.)

    When you tell 42 lies it's hard not to trip up.

  3. xnakdedak1:04 pm

    While several cabinet ministers have questioned and labelled those who leaked the auditor-general’s report on 1MDB as traitors, dismissed deputy prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin called on his former colleagues to explain who actually are the traitors.

    Are the traitors those who revealed the abuses in 1MDB, or those who stole the country's money through 1MDB's transactions and hid these abuses from the people, Muhyiddin asked.

    “It is certainly those who stole from the country and chose to close their criminal acts truly the traitors who are the scum of the nation,” the Pagoh MP said in a statement today.

    The cabinet, he said, is responsible to the people.

    “They (the ministers) do not have absolute power to do everything just to protect a certain individual. The interests of the majority of the people supersede and are far important than the safety of an individual,” Muhyiddin said.

    Or maybe just close an eye to 7 billion missing?

    (Source - A-G report).

  4. xnakdedak1:08 pm

    Here's what your boy Jibby said on his own blog:

    "Muhyiddin Yassin has asked Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak whether he has forgotten the pledge he made a year ago, when urging the people to be patient while waiting for the auditor-general's report on 1MDB.

    Muhyiddin quoted Najib's blog NajibRazak.com dated May 2015, which stated:

    “It is not fair for certain politicians to put the government culpable in the court of public opinion before the actual facts are being tabled to the rightful authorities from the auditor-general and the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) which are deemed non-partisan... hence while waiting for it, please stop speculations and make conclusion without the information tabled by the auditor-general in its detailed study on the financial affairs of 1MDB.

    “If we are sincere in finding the truth to the allegation, we need to get information from a rightful source (like the auditor-general) and not from a news portal or third party or a blog which may have a hidden agenda.”

    HA HA HA HA!!!

    Ohhhhh, that's funny.

    I'm too busy spending my PMO retainer to have any moral conscience, though.

    Screw the rakyat.

    If only anyone actually believed I was more than a tired, morally bankrupt old hack, churning out shallow dross that nobody believes any more.

    What a sad way to end my life.

  5. Masjid India9:12 pm

    Outsyed is a doomsday sayer not because he has a pessimistic and cynical view of things.

    It is because he is an anarchistic who is anti to any form of establishment.

    He enjoys destroying things and has no sense of responsibility in his views.

    He compulsively spin and lies in quite typical keling fashion.

  6. OSTB SAA ni tak habih2 monipu ...
    Sumo artikel dio tulih hanyo untuk duo hinggo tigo haghi jo ... lopeh tu padam ...
    Ini ciri2 oghang munafiq yang takut pado kobonaran ...

    Gang ANC dan Ultrakiasu DAP yang anti islam cukup ghomar blogger ni ...
    Yo lah ... satu aliran .


  7. xnakdedak10:53 am

    “Under the vomit-inducing headline of 'Plot to destabilise the government', the New Straits Times (who I believe are propagators of a plot to destabilise rational thinking) outlined a chilling scenario of a motley group of new media types and social activist organisations who are apparently being funded by a nebulous American entity to destabilise the government and the implication being, to create chaos ... CHAOS, I tell you, in Malaysia.

    “You know they are scraping the bottom of the credibility barrel when they quote Just World president Chandra Muzaffar who gravely intones that NED (National Endowment for Democracy, the nebulous American entity in question) is responsible for funding NGOs in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Syria "in the name of democratic freedom with the objective of making people rise up against leaders who were allegedly deemed to be cruel."

    However, here is the thing. I am not interested in debunking this latest round of horse manure from the cauldrons of Putrajaya."

    Komplot Yahudi, bro.

    How else can you explain Tan Sri Ambrin Buang's conclusion that 7 billion USD is unaccounted for in 1MDB?

    Is Tan Sri Ambrin Buang Jewish?


    But he does have a lot more courage than the scum who abused the OSA to try and cover up the truth from the rakyat's eyes.

    Looks like Justo's documents weren't doctored after all (padan muka, geng dedak).

    And the Malaysian Auditor-General says so.

  8. Ala Rocky, dia kata kalau LIAC buat decision on 11 July...LIAC belum decide...bukan salah dia..apa yang geng Najib bas sekolah dreber kecoh sangat