Thursday, June 30, 2016

Former DAP leader leads calls for Guan Eng to go on leave

"They used to say they were against abuse of power. I was impressed. That was when they had no power to abuse." -- Tunku Aziz

Puchong, July 1: Tunku Abdul Aziz, the man who founded the local chapter of Transparency International and who joined the DAP in Aug 2008 before quitting unceremoniously just four years later, is leading calls by Malaysians from all walks of life for Lim Guan Eng, who is facing two counts of corruption charges, to "practise what you preach" and "take a rest". 

"This is a challenge integrity that he has been throwing at his political opponents," Tunku Aziz, 82, said in a Facebook response to a posting by pro-Umno blogger, Seademon [Rashid Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang pertama?]. Reposting the article on his FB account, Seademon added a one-liner: "Lim Guan Eng should step down as Mike Tyson and Abu Hassan Omar did."

Tunku Aziz agrees with the blogger:

The Mole has more in Guan Eng pressured to go on leave pending outcome of trial


  1. Deftones6:49 pm

    Pak Lah created Kalimullah.

    Najib created this new Rockybru.

    Welcome to the jungle. Beware of karma. Time to kiss and hug Kali will be just around the corner.

    1. Whats your problem Deftones? No one offer you dedak?

  2. xnakdedak10:45 am

    Tunku Aziz......LOL!

    Great source, bro.

    As credible as those who used to do Anwar and now are done by the High Life Chanel Buying With SRC Credit Card Couple.

    As credible as those who used to happily take dedak from Dr M and now take dedak to attack him.


    Problem with farm animals, very low powers of concentration.

    Selamat Hari Raya.

  3. Bru, need your help again to promote new blog below. Thank you, Dato.

  4. what is happening in Penang now. i do not understand. but, if you are in power and people want you to go, you go.

  5. Dont have to go on leave or resign..
    Let him enjoy the last days as cm..
    Lge is history.. balik melaka..
    Give back pulau pinang to local admin..