Tuesday, May 17, 2016

How Mahathir is helping Najib (and Anwar's warning from prison)

Anwar fears for his PKR comrades

Bangsar Village, 17 May: "I believe Tun is trying to help Najib out. They are in this together." 

When Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad started his brutal offensive against Prime Minister Najib Razak, folks back in my kampung in Lubok China, Melaka, an Umno-stronghold since the beginning of time, accused me of not telling them everything. These folks believed Dr Mahathir was feigning the attacks but I was saying otherwise. These folks thought what the Old Man was doing would prove to be beneficial for Najib (including weeding out the disloyal among his generals). Don't ask how. Like many things Mahathir have done, you may begin to understand only years afterwards. Dr M works in mysterious ways, they believed.
And I kept telling them NO, "what you are witnessing, pakcik and makcik, is what you get: the Old Man is out to get Najib, just like he got Pak Lah out just a few years back".
They wouldn't listen. Stubborn in the way politically-unsavvy people are. They saw what Dr M did to Tunku and Hussein and they saw what he did to Malacca's own son Ghafar Baba and they saw how he took Abdullah Ahmad Badawi down, but folks just wouldn't accept the fact that Mahathir could do the same to Najib Razak. 
So I said to those uncles and aunties back home, "lantaklah, tak dapek den nolong (as you wish, I can't save you).

But now, with his don't-vote-BN statement, I'm thinking that the folks from my kampung may have been right all along. 
By default, I think Mahathir has gotten Najib a lot of support and sympathy than the PM could dream of. The Save Malaysia campaign, which got him to sleep with his deadliest foes, was ill advised. With this latest statement aimed directly at the coalition he had led for 22 years, Dr M is really pushing it.   
"Old Man's showing his true colours."
"He's crossed the line". 
The serpent that did sting...Now wears the crown.’ [Shakespeare]

And Mahathir's antics have got one man worried to death. Anwar Ibrahim's epistle from prison to his PKR comrades says a lot. In the context of Malaysian politics, one quotes Shakespeare when things are getting dire and when the end is near. For whom, perhaps my kampung folks will tell me ...

19 May
Leading Pro-Opposition portal Malaysiakini is still going to town with Anwar's letter. It won't end any time soon. The stage is set for  Mahathir vs Anwar fight again. The Final Battle, for sure.

Malaysiakini 18 May

Why now? Dr M-aligned ex-editor to Anwar
"Is it because the Mahathir-led Citizens Declaration received over 1.2 million signatories in just over two months?" 


  1. xnakdedak11:23 am

    "Anwar fears for his PKR comrades"?


    Mr. Rear Admiral fears only his growing irrelevance, and Azmin's growing power.

    Anwar is all about Anwar.

    Between this con-man and the Bogus Worrier, what future for the nation?

    Once we had Tunku, Tun Dr Ismail, Tun Razak, Tun Hussein Onn.

    Now, we have lying, slimy Bugis thieves and megalomaniac jailbirds.

    How lah?

    Mampus o.

  2. God awful handwriting. you would think that with so much time in his hands, he would write slower and more carefully...

  3. Whatever the conspiracy is, Malay would be a laughing stock until the end of time if they still support corruptors and corrupt practices in UMNO.

  4. "......the Old Man is out to get Najib, just like he got Pak Lah out just a few years back"

    Thanks to Rocky Bru, Bigdog and DAP guys too....Jeff Ooi, Ronnie Liew, Zorro-old guy....to say the least, Pak lah and his 4th floor cabinet was gone, but unfortunately, the SIL remains with now UMNO-Najib. Of-course nobody said anything about 'crossing any line' or 'Dr Mahathir is with the Opposition and he wants to kill (BN/Umno)', then.

    Pak Lah gone, UMNO is still alive. If you think Pak lah was bad then, Najib is worst now. Deklarasi Rakyat is all about UMNO/BN's survival (which spooked the Rear Admiral) and yet individual such as Kit Siang agreed.
    The only reason being; Najib heads NSC or MKN. He's now the practically, the 'Agong' who can declare a state of emergency' rendering GE being postponed, indefinitely. Of-course Kit Siang dare not said it openly as he might risk... SOSMAed. I guest, that what makes Kit Siang agreed with Dr.M Deklarasi Rakyat ..... to bring down, only Najib and not BN or UMNO.

    There was no mention of kaki-main-pungkoq's freedom upon Najib ouster. So we understand where the convicted serial bugger stands on a ship, precisely astern.

  5. drMpower1:56 pm

    please, enlighten all of us, what had he done to Ghafar?

    your folks were right - you didnt tell everything. what actually happened to ghafar? and who exactly did that to ghafar, that he had to pull out because he cudnt get the numbers? and why he cudnt get the numbers?

    that was a sad thing. and u know what, sad thing like this became crazy thing when tamrin was all cuddle up and cosy with anwar. i dont know what they smoked but in the end all end well.

    please help us rocky. tell everything.

    ps - mahathir didnt cross line. he already burned the line in case u forgot he no longer umno member. for quite sometime already, dude

  6. The problem with Anuar, he wants to be in the driver seat all the time.Surely there are so many way to skin the cat.Lets Azmin and his brigade do the job.
    In politics if your interest is above the struggle interest,nothing good will come from it.
    Anuar let the water flows along the stream, at least you can bathe and enjoy the drinking water. may be you can use it as abolution to pray.

    Enjoy the fruit of success.Anuar.

  7. Saya berkongsi fikiran yang sama. Kemenangan bn di Sarawak, terutamanya kekalahan Dap membuatkan saya terfikir teori ini. Samada Tun M. Sengaja atau tidak ianya lebih membawa kerosakan kepada pembangkang terutama Dap. Tetapi kalau itula yang sebenarnya rancangan Tun dia adalah lagenda politikus melayu terakhir.

  8. So UMNO nak sokong Mahathir ke nak hantam Mahathir ni? Make up your mind please!

  9. DrMpower,

    Actually, both Anwar AND Dr M did a number on Ghafar. Anwar challenged Ghafar to the Umno No 2 position AFTER repeatedly assuring everybody that he would not do such thing. I mean, repeatedly. When I met him in Washington DC that year and asked him one-on-one (Azmin was at the next breakfast table) Anwar reassured me he had no plan whatsoever to bring down Encik Ghafar. Of course nobody believed him but we all thought Mahathir would talk him out of it if/when the time comes. When the time came, Dr M buat bodoh. It was a clear sign that the Old Man wanted Ghafar out. All along Encik Ghafar was reassured that Anwar wouldn't challenge him and, if he did, Ghafar would get the No 1's support and endorsement.

    Pak Lah also played a part. I went to Vienna to look for him and there, at this World Human Rights Conference and after an OIC dinner meeting, he told me that if Anwar were to challenge Ghafar, he would go after the Pak Sheikh because it seemed everybody had agreed that Ghafar's seat would be uncontested. Or something to that effect.

    But when Anwar squeezed the trigger against Arwah Ghafar's head, nobody significant in UMNO did or said a thing.

  10. Bru Kaapi3:04 pm

    The Letter from Anwar episode is simple. He wrote it and found the best opportunity to pass it to someone, who must have opened and read it. This person then realised two things:

    1. Anwar is warning about TunM and it is the best time to bring Tun down using Anwar since Najib is shit scared of the twin elections coming. I mean come on, why does Nazri have to open his big mouth and make Najib nervous. Haha.

    2. Make two of the biggest names to square off each other and save Najib.

    But there was a No 3 that this joker forgot. That is to put Anwar in trouble for exposing the letter. But then, that will put this person in trouble as well, right ? Wrong !

    Anwar screwed up, and this person who took the letter out screwed him instead. The only point here is we do not know the location of the screwing ??