Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Ah, Aziz Hassan writes!

Mid-Week Notes, a new column!

TTDI, 11 May 2016: Aziz Hassan, 63, is as temperamental and tough as seasoned journalists come. He's been at it for four decades now and, the last I checked (which was last Monday), is showing no interest in stopping or slowing down any time soon. His new column Mid-Week Notes in The Mole, where he's been holed up for the last five years, is just the latest of many diversions. He has a regular column on rugby in one of the leading English dailies and is pretty active on the social media for an ex-Hippie. NSTP old timers remember him for the brave battles against some of the Gang of Four, the big shots who led the management buyout of the NSTP at its height, in the early 90s, on behalf of the then DPM Anwar Ibrahim. 
Exact support of declaration depends on who's talking and future Mid-Week Notes pieces are the personal opinions of the writer and has nothing to do with The Mole or with its Advisor. Aziz and I, we hardly have time to discuss politics because there's a lot more to talk about than that. 

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    Najib is a sociopath. They got no emotion mcm autistic sikit he dont understand the gravity of things..