Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Malaysiakini "shocked"

Bangsar, 020316 
Actually, I am shocked that my friends at Malaysiakini find my comments about WSJ's latest attack on the PM shocking but, well, at least they are still reading and promoting blogs, including mine. So not enough reason for me to find fault with these guys. 
As for the Wall Street Journal's reporting these days, let me just say they don't make them like they used to. Rupert Murdoch lusted over WSJ for years because it was a great newspaper, But like many things Murdoch acquires to quench thirst for conquest, the WSJ hasn't been the same. Or maybe it's just the fact that newspapers are dying, one way or another, and WSJ desperately needs to stay alive. 

Malaysiakini, in defence of WSJ

p.s. Err, guys, it's Ahirudin Attan la. Single D, Double T.


  1. Isn't it true what they said about you Dato ?

  2. xnakdedak2:26 pm


    Now some folks were speculating you wrote the original article in La Bodega after chugging far too much whiskey.

    That's harsh, and probably untrue.

    But the fact remains:

    The WSJ made extremely precise allegations 8 months ago, that were denied, followed by a comedy of 42 errors in gomen lies.

    They remain un-sued. UNTIL TODAY.


    If a guy can waste RM77 million of public funds to pay Jews to polish his "image" (ha ha), why can't he waste RM77 million of public funds to pay US lawyers? It's better than paying hack journos to write unconvincing drivel on blogs, I reckon.

    Oh wait, that's right - the UMNO lawyer posse went on a global trip to look for expensive lawyers in July / August last year.

    Hope the boys got some shopping done, cos evidently the search was fruitless.

  3. You got it all wrong my dear boogees warrior boot licker. It not WSJ thais so desperate to survive but its your thieving and lying pseudo warrior who so desperately wants to survive. So desperate that he kicked out the former AG wao was investigating him, so desperate that he unleashed his Gestapo onto the Macc . So desperate that he stymied the PAC investigations, so desperate that he got another boot ...sorry arse licker appointed as The AG.

    So tell me who is the desprate one...on I forgot the boogees man thinks by going to mecca hee can wash off all his sins .....dream on bogeees man....dream awaits him and people like you.

  4. You are in the same league/mindset as Papagomo.

    I stopped reading your blog moons ago, but decided to come back this last few weeks. Nothing has changed.

    You are indirectly a part of a corrupt murderous regime.

    Utterly disappointed and disgusted at your "professionalism".

  5. You read Papagomo, dear Srikanth? I am shocked. This "corrupt merderous regime" should not have sent you to America to pursue your so-called higher education.

  6. xnakdedak,
    grow up bro.

    dear MK, they said a lot of things about me. i assure you what xnakdedak just said about me is not true. i don't drink whiskey (well, at least not any more). :-x

  7. They didnt send me bro, my father did. I am not that privileged to get a scholarship. My father used his epf money to pay for it.

    And the murderous regime is Najib's era, not when i left in 1995.

  8. xnakdedak10:54 am

    LOL, I said it was "probably untrue", if you read carefully, Mr Bru.

    If the WSJ's articles since July are "probably untrue", why haven't they been sued?

    The question remains.