Thursday, January 07, 2016

Blessing For Malaysia?

KL, 7 Jan: 
I met Ibrahim Sani of BFM at a Christmas party last year where he invited me to come over to the studio to chit chat if I was interested. I said yes without any hesitation and so on the first Monday of 2016 at 930am in Bandar Utama I was in his lair with Melisa Melina Idris and Sharrard Kuttan talking about blogs and politics.  
I was reminded by Melisa at the start of the chit chat that my blog was coming up to 10 years old! Gerrard waited till the end the session to remind me that I once labelled BFM as Bad For Muslims.  
Got to admit, these guys are getting better all the time.

Listen to the podcast h e r e

ps The first time I was invited to BFM was a few years ago (can't remember exactly when but BFM was so tiny back then). The Youtube was uploaded last year h e r e.


  1. Anonymous12:33 pm

    Still waiting for your prediction that soon the ringgit will test the 3.90 to the dollar threshold.

    That was made months ago.

  2. Anonymous12:40 pm


    Ha ha, looking good, hensum : ), if only we could pull you back from the "Dark Side" which you seem to have migrated to in the last couple of years.

    Ah well, one day at a time, I guess...


  3. Anonymous2:52 pm


    I listened to your BFM podcast just now. Just 2 points:

    a) 1MDB is not a case of a "bad but honest idea gone wrong", hence needing a rationalisation plan. If the rakyat were told: "Sorry lah, we made some bad calls and here's what happened, in detail. Now we have to sell off and wind up. Sorry." Then, I think the issue would go away. Let’s face it, Malaysians are very used to seeing bad business ideas and mismanagement in Malaysia. MAS is a long-term example. Tun also made mistakes galore. That is not the real point.

    1MDB was attracting comments right from 2009, long before Pua latched on to it, and a long, long time before Tun went anywhere near it. The "issue" is not 1MDB, 2MDB or 3MDB. The "issue" is that people in the very highest positions of power have lied repeatedly to the public, and have destroyed the integrity of our institutions to cover their own wrongdoing. That is the "issue". No amount of "rationalisation plans" can cover that.

    b) You are painting Tun as the aggressor. Hardly a fair fight, is it? the entire machinery of the gomen has been used to demonise Tun, from all the legions of prepaids, to Media Prima, to intimidation by the police, to locking him out of speaking opportunities.

    The entire, bloated machinery of the 20 billion-a-year PMO and who knows what else, against one 90-year-old man. Not a fair fight, is it?

    The former have everything to lose, the latter has nothing to lose.

    I'd take the old man over the self-interest of those who need to "cari makan", I think.

    1. Anonymous10:12 am

      Bull's eye, 2.52.

      You hit the nail on the head.

      Well done.

  4. Anonymous3:26 pm

  5. Anonymous12:47 pm

    There's a good way to try and deflect attention from Najib - simply talk about what Dr M did. But Dr M hasn't been in power since 2003, doh. So the public don't care, doh. You think they will transfer the blame to someone from 13 years ago? You seriously think that will work? Fat chance.

    Can someone please buy (or lend) RPK a brain?

    He really, really needs one.

  6. Anonymous5:46 pm

    To Anon who uses the "Latuk" (hee!) salutation.

    You wrote

    a) 1MDB is not a case of a "bad but honest idea gone wrong", hence needing a rationalisation plan. If the rakyat were told: "Sorry lah, we made some bad calls and here's what happened, in detail. Now we have to sell off and wind up. Sorry." Then, I think the issue would go away.

    Totally agree with you. Klu depa ckp we made some mistakes mungkin orang boleh maaf. Ini tak. Awal2 isu ni, semua mengatakan eveything honky dory, takde masaalah. Itu yg buat orang marah.
    People hatr bring lied to.
    The closest that Bugis came to admitting 1mdb ada problem is in an interview with the star :
    ""too idealistic previously" and some of the investments had not met targets." The star nov 4 2015.

    And rationalisation is a polite term for ????

  7. Anonymous6:35 pm

    "Pleasa tell me why should I vote for a party whose leader is dishonest, dare not face reporters, dare not answer questions in parliment, lied in parliament, hid important issues from his own cabinet, took ages to solve small matters like the prepaid issue, blame a pm who retired 13 years ago for today's problems and still conniving to hold on to power?"

  8. Anonymous1:19 am

    Latuk Locky:

    You tahu mengapa gua selalu datang blog kamu ? Sebab gua mau tahu prepaid blogger masih ingat olang am semua bodoh. Sebab gua mau sikit entertainment, dapat baca tulisan olang yang tak bermaruah.


  9. Anonymous3:49 pm

    poor rocky

    wake up before your conscience develop cancer

  10. Anonymous7:49 pm

    Your writings is equivalent to RPK's now. No value, nonsense and best all of clearly shows you have been paid to defend Najib. Poorahhhhh

  11. Anonymous11:39 am

    Locky has now established a brotherhood with RPK i. e brotherhood of lying bastard!!!

  12. Anonymous2:18 pm

    Congrats dato on yr 10th blogging aniversary..

    Org muo

  13. Anonymous10:44 am


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