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Dr M and One Brave A-G

Updated Jan 07
In Presumed Guilty, blogger A Voice analyses how and why the statement by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, regarding its report on the RM2.6 billion donation to the AG, is being used, abused, manipulated and politicized by various quarters to put pressure on Apandi. If you look at A Voice's previous postings, you will be hard presssed to find a stronger MACC sympathiser on or off blogosphere ...

p.s. For some reason, I've never watched Presumed Innocent, the thriller that inspired A Voice's latest posting, and never heard of Gretta Scacchi. Ignorance can be bliss, indeed.

Original Posting

A brave man
KL, Jan 06
Gani Patail, when he was the Attorney-General, wasn't in Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad's good books. Not at all. 
The former Prime Minister was particularly unhappy with Gani after the PKFZ charges were brought against Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik, a faithful ally. He was also unhappy with Gani when told that there were Americans attached with the AG's Chamber. There were other reasons why he was not pleased with the Sabahan. But Dr M kept his unhappiness with Gani almost to himself. And if Gani knew his ex boss was not pleased with him, he also kept it to himself. 
Dr M's relationship with the new AG, Mohamed Apandi Ali, is clearly going to be quite different. He's jumped right in here  Dr Mahathir predicts AG will ignore MACC findings on RM2.6 billion (5 Jan) and - surprise, surprise - Apandi immediately shot back. Not many men would dare to do what he's done. 

Read the story: By The Law

I don't know Apandi personally but I imagine he's a brave man. I have met many brave men, including Gani, but I'm now very interested to see how the new AG is going to deal with Dr M. The Tun is not going to let go quite easily. 

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  1. Anonymous1:05 pm

    No need for Dr M to say it.

    Everyone including their dogs knows this AG is very brave in covering up for Najib.

  2. Anonymous1:08 pm

    CASH can make a lot of bacul jadi berani...up to a point la...then tamil hero la...

  3. Anonymous1:26 pm

    Tun memang jeles giler.

    The law is already entering a glorious new era:

    LEGAL INNOVATIONS FOR 2015 (July-Dec 2015 only):

    A) PRINCIPLE OF SECRET SURAT "KOW THIM": If any mamak lawyer writes privately to the A-G in order to get him to drop charges before or during trial, the ploy will succeed IF THIS EQUATION IS FULFILLED: where "N" (number of times said mamak has represented Umno) x "E" (degree of Evil of said mamak, from 1-10) = 1,000 or greater. This applies even where the High Court and Court of Appeal have rejected applications to strike out the suit. The end result is that cows get to live happily in luxury condos. Moo. One secret letter is all it takes.

    B) PRINCIPLE OF REWARDING DISHONESTY: Any gomen company is allowed to lie to Bank Negara Malaysia. So let's say 1MDB (1 Mega-Deceitful-Botak) says he needs 1.83 billion ringgit to invest in a French company, but actually transfers it to a Bugis-Arab-Cina pyramid scheme. It is BNM's problem to detect the fraud, even if the evidence of the fraud surfaces only later. "Hang tak tanya pun?" Hence, BNM should treat all MOF documents as absolute lies right from the beginning. if BNM finds out too late, the Bugis-Arab-Cina pyramid scheme can give the middle finger to BNM and say "spend already lah, Auntie."

    C) PRINCIPLE OF SELECTIVE PEKAK-NESS: The common law rules of witness evidence were formed several hundred years before video recording was invented. However, only video recordings are now admissible. But such video recordings may be deemed "incomplete", so charges must be dropped, even though the complete video is all over YouTube and Facebook. If you subsequently hand in the complete video, you will hear the Simon & Garfunkel song "The Sound of Silence" from the AGC.

    D) PRINCIPLE OF ANY LAW WILL DO: Despite the clear wording of s.124 Penal Code, it can be stretched like rubber to charge people for, well, anything that might embarrass the gomen. The lodging of reports that are ACCEPTED & ACTED UPON by legal authorities is a "terrorist offence", just like blowing up bridges. Ahhhhh, may as well tambah SOS Cap MAH as well. If we're gonna abuse the law, let's go all the way.

    E) PRINCIPLE OF ONE COUNTRY, TWO LAWS: Feel free to cause any amount of racial and religious provocation you want, e.g. forcing people to remove their religious symbols. You won't be charged if you're on "our side". But we reserve the right to charge anyone on "their side" under the Sedition Act for serious offences like questioning why someone was arrested under the Sedition Act. Questioning why someone was arrested under the Sedition Act for questioning why someone was arrested under the Sedition Act is also seditious, thus causing a "chain reaction" that will lead to overflowing jails. Funny thing is, here video evidence is not required.

    F) PRINCIPLE OF TRIPLE JEOPARDY: Malaysia in the only country in the world where you can be charged, based on no new evidence and the same facts, for an offence you have been acquitted for TWICE, based on a SUBSEQUENT change in the law. We are the only country in the world where the law can be given retrospective effect by a prosecuting body. MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!!!!

    Janganlah kau cemburu, Tun.....

  4. Anonymous1:47 pm

    The A-G twice rejected Zeti's request to prosecute 1MDB.

    It's worth noting that Zeti and BNM were 100% right in asking for the prosecution.

    Pay attention to Point 10 here:


    That is authenticated by the BOD minutes relating to that transaction, which Arul Kanda says are accurate. (The blame shift is now not to deny that the PSI scam happened; 1MDB is conceding it did. The shift is now shuffling the blame for WHY it happened. That's why Jibby's "Justo card" is now irrelevant. The facts have been proved independently.)

    BNM received the evidence of this in June 2015. They conducted their own investigation to verify the facts, and hence concluded that the declarations made by 1MDB to get the money were fraudulent under the ECA.

    Arul Kanda’s reaction was to tell BNM that the money has been spent.

    That makes no sense.

    If I steal RM100 and the police catch me, can I avoid prosecution by saying “I have spent the money”?

    So the Malaysian public has lost RM1.83 billion, and BNM has been undermined as our central bank by people’s desire to cover up the 1MDB mess.

    It’s now free-for-all:

    The ECA and BNM’s regulations are meaningless. Ignore them. It's OK.

    Why should people doubt that Mahathir is correct, based on this track record?

    Mahathir was kind; he did not point out the amount of sabotage done at end of July to investigations by AGC, BNM, MACC.

    Sackings, transfers, arrests, multiple lies.

    Ask the man in the street whom they trust?

  5. Anonymous2:01 pm

    ..' i don't know Apandi personally but i imagine he's a brave men'..
    Well Rock, looks like you're full with high imagination such as najib, man of the year 2015..

    p/s..wonder you have imaginary friends too..

  6. Anonymous2:19 pm

    Good batu api job Locky

  7. Anonymous2:40 pm

    Apandi brave man? Hahahaha

    His first press conference as AG was reading from prepared script and no Q and A. Is that a sign of a brave man? You smoke too much bad weed!!!! Hahaha

  8. Me too 'imagine' that the New AG is a very brave man, shooting back at the grand old-man who had no 'powers' whatsoever do him any harm. After-all, being brought back from hibernation and appointed as the most powerful man in the Judiciary, what else could he asked for except, return the favors.

    1. Very true bro... Bru sudah confused dengan berani power dan berani tak de power. Kesian Bru.. I use to respect power dia but respect tak de power.

  9. Anonymous4:01 pm

    'One brave A-G' same like his 'boss'...all the nice words spoken...tapi sebaliknya...

  10. Anonymous4:38 pm

    Going against somebody who has power is brave.
    Going against somebody who has no power is otherwise.

    1. Coward! The correct word for not-brave.

  11. Anonymous5:27 pm

    membohong je kerja kau..

  12. Anonymous7:00 pm


    You going for Senatorship ke? Biar betul! Hmmmmm, but "Senator Bru" sounds like a Mexican beer brand, bro. Susah lah tu.

  13. Anonymous8:05 pm

    What do you mean Gani Patail wasn't in Tun M good book. Did you came up with that after checking out your balance at the ATM machine and felt the urge to pen this one? He actually handpicked to be AG by Tun M himself. Back then It caused quite a stir as he wasn't tipped to be one considering he was young (in his 40s), controversial (he prosecuted Anwar's case) and doing his law degree locally (previous AGs before him reading their laws in Britain). His last job was only director of prosecution division. Wasn't considered as senior and experienced enough for the top job. Tun M broke the tradition in legal fraternity by giving the job to him and he stayed there for 12 long years.

  14. Anonymous8:35 pm

    Rocky have just won yourself the Roon-Stone Award of the year....

  15. Anonymous10:14 pm

    Of course he is not afraid of Tun M. What power the old man have? Nothing, nada, zippidy dooda. Who has the power to hire and fire him? Your paymaster la Locky! Agibgot. So the AG only shivers when Ajibgor commands him. Simple thing like that also you dont know ka Locky? Or you are trying to become batu api? Tun M dont need someone like you to plan his attacks. So just keep defending Ajibgor. Thats what you are good at lately or shall i say ever since you became 'pemakan dedak'

  16. Anonymous11:03 pm

    I like the "brave man" remarks...shows how low one can go for money..hehe

  17. Anonymous11:31 pm

    Apa yg brave sangat??? It's now the season to attack tun. Some MIC auntie also boleh attack tun m kat meeting tah apa depa, and got big play up.
    Takde topik lain nak blog ke??

  18. Anonymous11:51 pm

    Ye la tu.... kalau setakat berkokok... ayam lagi pandai weh... hahahaha... tapi akhirnya ekor bergelumang dengan taik jugak.... dah tentu ramai yang nampak bentuk mcm ayam kalau ngaku jadi itik pun sapa mau percaya.... hehehe...

  19. Anonymous12:39 am



    "2. Berjanji akan menjawap isu derma RM 2.6b di Parlimen.

    Namun, tiada apa yang dijawap pun. Yang hadir untuk memberi penjelasan bukannya Najib, tetapi timbalan beliau - Zahid Hamidi. Penjelasan 3 minit Zahid di parlimen tidak mempunyai sebarang arti. Ini antara lain katanya "Kerajaan telah dinasihatkan oleh Peguam Negara bahawa apa-apa kenyataan tidak wajar diberikan berhubung dengan perkara yang dibangkitkan memandangkan perkara tersebut masih dalam siasatan oleh agensi yang berkaitan....Apa-apa kenyataan yang dikeluarkan oleh mana-mana pihak berhubung dengan perkara yang dibangkitkan boleh dianggap sebagai sub judice yang boleh menjejaskan penjalanan sesuatu siasatan dan juga menimbulkan prejudis oleh orang awam terhadap pihak-pihak dalam siasatan berkenaan."

    Pulak dah.

    Kalau tak boleh cakap, sebab apa pi janji nak explain kat Parlimen?

    Lepas tu, boleh pulak cakap panjang lebar dalam TV3? Mentang-mentanglah 3 orang hos tu tak tanya soalan susah dan tak payah berdebat dalam rancangan tersebut, tak pula di kata sub judice? (Subjudice = Latin "Under Judgement").

    Bila masa pulak mamat ni kena Charge?

    Statement kat Investigators pun belum bagi lagi pada masa itu."

  20. Geng Mamak9:16 am

    How about Dr M and one coward PM ?

  21. Anonymous10:41 am

    @4:38 pm

    "Going against somebody who has power is brave.
    Going against somebody who has no power is otherwise."

    Well said sir.

    Thank you, Tun, for keeping the rakyat's fight against the Bugis buffoon going strong.

    Those who have rasuah stuffed in the ears will pretend to kiss the Bugis posterior until the $$$$$$ runs out.

    What can you do?

    Principles are cheap in Malaysia.

  22. Anonymous3:46 pm

    rocky is definitely heading towards hari pembalasan

    hope you don't regret earning haram money