Wednesday, January 13, 2016

1.2 million Cinas are not registered as voters, too!

Latest stats from the Election Commission (SPR), 5 Jan 2016 
  • Eligible to vote (21 and above) 17,658,700 Malaysians
  • Already registered as voters 13,468,946 
  • Yet to register 4,189,754
  • Malays 43 per cent (1,803,188) 
  • Chinese 29 per cent (1,222,134)
  • Indians 9 per cent (378,931) 
  • Sabah Bumiputeras 7 per cent (298,910)
  • Sarawak Bumiputeras 9 per cent (302,391)
  • Orang Asli 0.71 per cent (30,736) 
  • Others 3 per cent (153,564)

The Melayus may form the largest number of Malaysians who have not registered to vote, as lamented by my friend Zaini Hassan, the controversial Cuit Sikit author, and he's right: the Malays are hopeless when it comes to their right (and those entrusted to register the Malays as voters are hopeless, too). 

But the real bad news, ladies and gentlemen, is that the Chinese are just as bad as the Malays when it comes to this right/duty. And the Indians and the Orang Asli are just as hopeless as the Sabah/Sarawak Bumis when it comes to this duty as citizens. We, Malaysians, regardless of race or religion, are an irresponsible, disinterested lot when it comes to charting our own future. We let others do it for us and blame them when we feel that they have made a poor choice!

No that I think we've made a poor choice during the last elections!

Perhaps it's time we make voting compulsory for all Malaysian citizens above 21 years of age. 

Morons said some 40,000 Bangladeshi workers voted in our last GE!


  1. Anonymous9:31 am

    * 'china' bukan 'cina', sebab asalnya dari china.

    orang asal india kita panggil india juga, bukan 'indi'.

  2. Anonymous10:26 am

    "Not that I think we've made a poor choice during the last elections!"


    We would never have had this entertaining 2.6 billion farce unless the man had not gerrymandered his way back into power, or rather, abuse-of-power.

    Kipidap, Jibbidap!

  3. Anonymous10:53 am

    I agree to the idea of Making it mandatory to vote....

    Especially Malays Majority in order to protect our interest and shut the CB mouth of the Imbecile and ungrateful minorities especially the Cinasssss!!!

    1. Anonymous3:52 pm

      Spot on!!!

    2. Anonymous7:52 pm

      Gosh you must be real grateful for all the corruption and mismanagement and not forgetting looting of the treasury courtesy of the present govt. Yes you must be real grateful. Anyone who opposes muzt be an imbecile n ungrateful. What a dumbass you are!!!it's people like you who will ruin this country.

    3. Anonymous11:54 am

      My gosh!Are this country in terrible ruin? No i dont thing so. Instead its the ungrateful minorities who are reaping the fruit of our labour.Infact all the systems available are for them to capitalised and monopolised.Super duper ultra kiasu minds...winner takes all attitude!What a dumdass they are!!! its people like them we should be worried of who can ruin the majorities.

  4. Anonymous11:54 am

    What is UMNO doing? All too busy defending the Boogees!

  5. Anonymous12:41 pm


    there's no such thing as a good choice or a poor choice; its a democracy. Whatever the majority chooses is the correct choice, and those who didn't choose also have to accept the choice. Unless, of course, they don't believe or uphold the principles of democracy.


  6. Anonymous1:19 pm

    why not revise the eligibility age to vote from 21 to 18? many countries are already practicing it, and the results are tremendous, esp in reflecting the voice/choice of young voters. aren't we giving special emphasis on Gen Y?

  7. Anonymous1:34 pm

    The EC Chairman himself rejected the idea of compulsory registration.

    As he's another "anak patung", perhaps our Supreme BooGeese Con Artist can work his magic?

    PS: Rocky & Maria both pushing for the same goal??? Gonna be a weird 2016.....

  8. IT.Scheiss1:42 pm

    How can you say the Indians and Orang Asli are "hopeless" when under 9% of eligible Indian voters and 0.71% -i.e. less than 1% of eligible Orang Asli are yet to register to vote.

    Put it another way, 91% of eligible Indians and 99.29% of eligible Orang Asli are registered to vote and as for my group - i.e. others, 97% of eligible voters, myself included are registered to vote.

  9. Anonymous2:24 pm


    Explain this convincingly, and I'll vote for your hero:

    Bole tak?

    Don't leave out the huge conflict of interest and the fact that TH overrode the report of ITS OWN RISK ASSESSMENT COMMITTEE.


  10. Anonymous8:41 pm

    In the context of prompting more voters to perform their duty, automatic registration alone might still be effectively limited.

    In addition to that, to make it more attractive why not after a vote is caste, RM 50-100 can be collected at the exit doors.

  11. Anonymous2:15 am

    Nevermind. Just ensure the use of biometric instead of ink for PRU14 election.

  12. I think that's an excellent idea, bro Bujai. You can get a license to ride a bike even before that and I think motorcycling is more dangerous than casting your vote!

    What was i thinking?
    My spologies to The Others and Orang Asli and the Indians! :-)

  13. Anonymous4:14 pm

    The 2.6 billion question is ... jeng jeng jeng

    when will bujai and rocky terminate their prepaid dedak subscription??

    both are upgrading their spin skils to the level of cari makan rpk

  14. Anonymous6:58 pm


    I think the percentage is of the unregistered eligible voter base rather than of the entire population of the ethnic group itself.

    That means, Malays form 43% of the unregistered eligible voter base, Chinese 29% of the same base, Indians 9%, etc. I ran the numbers with the percentages in a spreadsheet to just confirm it.

    But the survey results nonetheless present a disturbing picture of political apathy.

    By 2014 census,
    50.10% of Malaysian population is Malay.
    Assuming the same ratio for all age groups, there should be 8,847,009 Malay persons eligible to vote.
    So 1,803,188 unregistered eligible voters out of 8,847,009 is 20.38%.

    22.60% of Malaysian population is Chinese.
    Assuming the same ratio for all age groups, there should be 3,990,866 Chinese persons eligible to vote.
    So 1,222,134 unregistered eligible voters out of 3,990,866 is 30.62%.

    By the same way,
    6.7% of Malaysian population is Indian.
    Assuming the same ratio for all age groups, there should be 1,183,133 Indian persons eligible to vote.
    So 378,931 unregistered eligible voters out of 1,183,133 is 32.03%.

    Census data pulled from

    The same source website does not address the "Others" group effectively, but states that there are 477,000 persons of "Others" description in Malaysia.
    The total eligible voter base is 17,658,700 or 58.72% of the population.
    Taking the same ratio, there should be 280,808 "Other" persons who are eligible to vote.
    153,564 unregistered eligible voters out of 280,808 is 54.83%.

    Yikes, IT.Scheiss.

  15. Anonymous2:24 am

    Kaduk naik junjung... Sejak DAP main api perkauman..

    Salahnya pemimpin kita yg bg muka pada mereka...

    Ada juga dgr masa pilihanraya Lalu... Ramai pulak cina Singapore...Hong Kong..Taiwan.. China.. Dtg melancong tiba2 berduyun2 masa PRU.

    Dalam masa sama.. Nak covered cite pengundi hantu dari negara di atas..disebut pulak si bangla terlibat sama...

    Hebat game ni

  16. Anonymous8:06 am

    11:54 am

    "What a dumdass they are!!!"

    Omputih panggil nih "unintended self-referential irony".

  17. Anonymous12:50 pm

    Just tell me one thing: the shitty state that our country is in is not caused by the fucking Melayu?
    Then the Chinese should not vote at all, just let the fucking Melayu self-implode.

  18. Anonymous5:25 pm

    Rocky. Makan dedak lama-lama akan kena cancer woiii.

    I heard your bfm interview. Not convincing mate. You say you tak terima a single sen from PM Najib's budget for prepaid bloggers...maybe not directly kot. But still.

    Ringgit slide since last year started with 1MDB expose. Means people are not confident in the country. Until not enough liquidity in the market. What have the fella you supported for PM done?

    Makan dedak tu janganlah cakap tak makan. Dah lah makan benda tak halal nak lagi berbohong. Dosa berganda tu.

    Janganlah cam PM Najib. Cakap tak kenal Jho Low, sampai cakap dia takde kena mengena dengan 1MDB. Semua kantoi.

    Nak cari Jasmine Loo tu senang je. Follow je the gang kat Instagram. Berjoli bestnye celebrate NYE with Kristal, Alicia, Jamie, Leo. Double celebration yo.

    Meanwhile kat KL, kesiannye rakyat. MoH kena budget cut. Harga benda melambung tinggi, graduan tak cukup makan sebab duit kocek tak cukup. Kenapa dia tak cut budget PmO?

    Dedak tu carcinogen la...u dont get it, maybe your kids or family yg dpt.

  19. IT.Scheiss4:37 am

    Anonymous 6.58 pm

    Your alternative analysis is interesting.

    Anyway, going by the Election Commission's figures which Rocky presented, just under 76.3% of eligible voters are registered to vote, which is just over three quarters, which is not good be not too bad either.

    You are right that the percentages are of the four million or so unregistered eligible voters of whom Malays make up the largest proportion, followed by the Chinese, then Indian, etc.

    It would be interesting to find out the reason for this lack of interest to vote amongst members of the respective ethnicities. There could be some other reasons besides apathy.

  20. Anonymous2:15 pm

    Keep up being 'pemakan dedak' bro!!!!

  21. Anonymous5:38 pm

    latuk locky

    lu patut lali wohhhh

    lu towkay hahh sulah mau cabut lali

  22. Anonymous8:19 pm

    Lying low?

    Good idea.