Tuesday, January 12, 2016

AWO on Moody's: Not a downgrade lah

Updated: 12 Jan 2pm
Lucky 13: Before I forgot, there's this piece about Bloomberg putting us in the 13th spot of a world ranking on GDP growth (projected) fro 2016: Bloomberg forecasts Malaysia to have among the highest GDP growth in 2016 
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“It’s not a downgrade. The rating remains at A3 ... it’s more of the revision in outlook from positive to stable and that’s to take into account the slowing growth in China and the continuate drop in the commodity prices and in particular, the oil prices.” - Abdul Wahid Omar

KL, 12 Jan:

Funny how some Malaysians rub their hands in glee over the slightest "negative" news they hear on their own country. 

Every crisis is an opporunity for this lot. It's a chance to heap blame on the Government of the day, to "prove" to their followers how incompetent the Prime Minister is, how corrupt everybody (else) is, how poor governance is, etc.

Fortunately, not that many Malaysians are idiots. And we have someone like Abdul Wahid Omar, the Minister in the Prime Minister's Department, who is clearly cleverer than the nay-sayers and hand-rubbers. 

Read Bujai's latest posting h e r e to learn why the latest Moody's ratings on Malaysia is NOT a downgrade. 

Rafizi prefers "downgrade"

Bloomberg's GDP in 2016


Anonymous said...

two years ago when moodys revised our rating from stable to positive, idris jala said it was an upgrade.

today when they downgrade from positive to stable, awo said it is not a downgrade.

this government do not recognise responsibility and being accountable for its actions.

drMpower said...

Why is it always someone else fault when something bad happen to us?

And why is it Najib's deed when something good happened?

Yes yuan gone down. Oil price gone down. So what about the local remedies to be executed here for the people betterment?

If only you sell the trx land to 1company for the real price and not 400 times less...

houdini said...

steadyaku47 comment : Okay Wahid...going by your logic what would be your interpretation of the following:

1 BN loss of the popular mandate to govern at the last election.... was that a true
reflection of the current political scenario where the electorate rejected BN or was it just desserts for a political entity that is corrupt...very very corrupt?

2. That RM 2.6 billion "donation" deposited into Najib's personal account....Did that act
reflects the need for president of Umno to have the cash to buy electoral victory or did it reflect greed?

3. The sacking of Muhyiddin, the AG and a host of others directly involve in the work of
finding the truth about 1MDB and that RM2.6 billion donation...what does that reflect?
The act of a desperate prime minister clinging to political power or what?

4. And most pertinent of all...this statement of yours about Moody's downgrade being "a
revision in the outlook that is reflecting the current global economic scenario"...is that you talking through your a#@ehole or is it just a reflection that you too have sold your soul lock stock and barrel to Najib Razak?


Anonymous said...


Ha ha, you are the absolute champion of "work smart, not hard".

Cut, paste, shut down laptop, goyang kaki.

Nasib baik you nie x makan dedak, unlike all those "prepaid" fellas.

Kalo free, OK ler tu.

PS: Errr, how is it not a "downgrade?" We lost our Positive rating. So not status quo, kan.

You know who else has an A3 Moody rating? Mexico, Peru, Latvia and Malta.

That's right: Mexico, Peru, Latvia and Malta. We are rated lower than Botswana, Slovakia and Poland.

Tak terrer pun.

An A3 rating is "borderline lower medium grade" under the Moody's system.

But we don't understand bonds in Malaysia anyway, which is why Goldman Sachs was paid US$300 million commission at a rate of 8% rather than the usual 1.3% because a certain lanun needed the money "in a hurry".

Why did the country foot such a high commission with public funds?

Mr Elehhh Kanda has never answered that one, much less the lanun himself.

Shahrizal Kamal said...

Salam Datuk,

Rakyat marhaen kebanyakkannya tidak ambil pusing ataupun tidak tahu-menahu fasal "rating". Yang bermain di benak fikiran mereka sekarang adalah tentang kuasa membeli yang semakin merudum. Jika tidak ditangani dengan baik oleh pemerintah sekarang yakni DSN, setinggi mana "rating" tersebut pun tidak akan memberi jaminan bahawa mereka akan dipilih semula. Datuk serulah mereka untuk berfikir sejenak tentang ulasan saya ini.

Sekian. Terima kasih.

Anonymous said...

Boleh ke percaya cakap si Wahid ni........????
Nak tahu dia ni bagus ke tak, tanya orang-orang TM, apa dia
buat untuk tunjuk laporan tahunan TM untung dua billion.....????
Apa jadi dengna semua asset TM sekarang..........??????

Anonymous said...

tsk tsk tsk

are you still getting paid by najib?

meanwhile your blog credibility rating is definitely a DOWNGRADE!!

Anonymous said...

It's downgrade la bro....just accept the reality and the ranking? Most probably if not because of 1mdb, the ranking could be much more higher.

Who will suffer?

Of course the rakyat.

Dey mapley kandar, teh tarik satu! Kasi pusing2 ta'mau tarikk...

Anonymous said...

Who should we listen to? A blogger whose job only to cut and paste or former internationally charted accountant who had a stint at Petronas?

Anonymous said...

Who says rocky tak makan dedak? joke of the year

Rockybru said...

Terima Kasih Shahrizal Kamal,

Memang betul kata Sdr. Dan memang pun kerajaan sedang mencari jalan untuk mempertingkatkan dayabeli rakyat. Saya yakin kita akan dapat mengatasi kesan negatif dari kejatuhan harga minyak dan kelembapan ekonomi dunia.
The Special Economic Committee is expected to come up with measures, the National Budget is being re-calibrated to factor in the new global economic realities, and I think Malaysians are well-informed enough to konw that a storm's coming.
We have many plus points: GST is in place, the 1MDB's RM42 billion has been found (if it was lost in the first place), and TPPA offers us the chance of another economic grouping to safeguard us.
The only thing in the way is the excessive politicking by our leaders and their rabid followers. But even that hasn't come in the way of our progress in 2015.
People are getting very tired of these people's politics.

Please freel free to thrown in your suggestions in what you think the government can/should do to improve our lot.

Unknown said...

It is a forecast for year 2016 am I right?

what plus point ? GST /TPPA ? gov should do better than that.. bukan membebankan lagi rakyat

Anonymous said...

"Please freel free to thrown in your suggestions in what you think the government can/should do to improve our lot."

Dear Dato Rocks, thankyou for the suggestion, our advice?

Dato najib must resign.

Thank you again dato rocks, for giving us the oppurtinity to voice out our concern.

You Rocks!!!

Anonymous said...

"1MDB's RM42 billion has been found (if it was lost in the first place)"

That was never the issue.

That was RPK's lame spin on what Tun didn't quite say.

1MDB is not over by a long, long way.

Anonymous said...

I can trust AWO..

Org Muo

Anonymous said...

Mr Rocky Bru ,

I am intrigue on the TPPA part , will it safeguard us or bury us , harap beri sikit pencerahan.

Tebing Tinggi said...

Ooh, Rocky - you have surpassed yourself.

Go Google the Bloomberg report "Petronas forecasts crude at US$30; expects more tough years".

Then go do the math - Malaysia "stands to lose RM300 million for every US$1 a barrel decline in crude, according to government estimates. Brent currently trades below US$32 a barrel".

Still think everything is "syiok sendiri"?

Anonymous said...

"Who says rocky tak makan dedak? joke of the year"

Sarcasm la tu, bro : )

Anonymous said...

AWO have explained clearly on moody's rating .

To those stupid idiot , maybe they should start asking themselves why interest rate and stock market bounce like a yoyo .


Anonymous said...

wahhhh ...

rocky has proven himself to be the king

king of spin sponsored by dedak

Anonymous said...


Back to school for some of your commenters, Rocky.

Anonymous said...

AWO is straight as an arrow but he is there to be the frontman cover for all the shit that Najib is doing. Wonder how long will he last? Put him as Minister of Finance and see what happens? He'll have a heart attack for sure.

Hidup Najib! said...

The same asshole who said the oil price will not fall below usd40 per barrel