Saturday, December 05, 2015

Najib gives statement to MACC

Updated: The dictator has gone soft?!
-- a tongue-in-cheek by 1. Zakhir Mohamad, Dec 5
Related posting by 2. Bujai, quoting the No 2: No absoute power to PM 

Original posting, Dec 5

Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) telah mengambil keterangan daripada YAB Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak hari ini, 5 Disember 2015 berhubung isu SRC International dan dana RM2.6 bilion.
Pertemuan hari ini berlangsung selama dua setengah jam. Perdana Menteri telah memberi kerjasama yang baik kepada SPRM.
SPRM akan memaklumkan perkembangan susulan dari semasa ke semasa.

And they said the Prime Minister was doing everything to ensure that the investigators - the police, the anti-graft body, the central bank, etc - can't touch him!?


  1. Bro, still early to comment. don't jump the gun an experience journalist you should know better

  2. Anonymous4:53 pm

    Bezakan buat kenyataan dan buat keterangan
    Adakah disoalsiasat dan soaljawab.
    Else whatuciswhatugit.

  3. arizmaya9:30 pm

    now the investigation, the interview can take place as long or as much as they want..
    because at the end of the day the papers will have to go through the gate keeper...
    and Pandi Dobi has demonstrated that he is doing a good job as a gate keeper...

  4. Anonymous12:59 am

    "And they said the Prime Minister was doing everything to ensure that the investigators - the police, the anti-graft body, the central bank, etc - can't touch him!?"

    Ko ade Alzheimer's teruk, nampaknya.

    You see, since July...

    a) The denial of any connection with the intermediary Jho Low;

    b) The seemingly contradictory explanations about 1MDB funds;

    c) The silence about the source and destination hundreds of millions of US dollars the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) confirmed was in Najib’s bank account;

    d) The legal cases slapped against critical media and political

    e) The sacking of the former attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail;

    f) The transfer of MACC officials to the PM’s Department and then the re-transfer;

    g) The elevation of the PAC members to the cabinet, delaying PAC investigations;

    h) The purge of dissenting Umno members from the party ranks,

    i) The jailing of whistle-blowers under security laws;

    j) The removal of his then Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin.

    When I say "July", that would be the year 2015.

    Not 1943, bro.

    Oh yeah, and there was the ducking of Something2Hide and Parliament last week.

    Take some ginkgo bro, the Chinese tell me it's good for severe memory loss.

    PS: The central bank actually wanted to prosecute 1MDB, ummmm, TWICE, until the 24-hour replacement swept it under the carpet.


    Whoops - guess you don't.

    Ginkgo, bro. Ginkgo.

  5. Anonymous2:20 am

    "This is a masterstroke which most Malaysians do not see yet but which they will only see after the event is over. And that is why Raja Petra Kamarudin is above all other Bloggers. Other Bloggers can only see it after it happens. Raja Petra Kamarudin sees it before it happens. So eat your heart out mateys. You still have a long way to go to become politically savvy."

    Who said this?

    Raja Petra Kamarudin himself.


    If the poor old pakcik can still see his ancient shrivelled organ past that sagging white belly of his, he really should stop playing with himself. You'll go blind, and when you're pushing 70, you'll have enough medical worries as it is, without needing that.

    He either needs more self-awareness, or perhaps it's just truth in advertising:

    A complete wanker, sounding like a complete wanker.

    Elok la tu.

  6. Anonymous10:45 am

    1MDB's replies have tried to be "hyperbolic" and they say quite a lot when saying very little.

    The standard elements

    RM 42 billion missing - Check
    1MDB investigated - Check
    Investigation by PAC - Check
    Tunggu laporan odit terlebih dahulu - Check

    Those are the standard 4 elements of 1MDB's reply to any and every question.

    Even the first element of their report is false - the RM 42 billion figure was the figure as of Mar 31, 2014. Its now December 04, 2015 - and Tun correctly mentioned that 1MDB has lost RM 1 for every USD 1 borrowed.

    1MDB borrowed USD 8 billion in all, and has lost RM 8 billion just on exchange rate differences. On top of it, 1MDB sold Edra for a loss and has sustained RM 2.5 billion of losses on Edra's sale.

    These are the facts that cannot be debated by 1MDB because they are facts.

  7. Anonymous11:31 am

    In effect, the prime minister, as chair of NSC, may exercise authoritarian emergency powers without the need for a proclamation of emergency under Article 150 of the Constitution. This effectively appropriates the powers of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, again amounting to a violation of our Constitution.

    Shame on all those who drafted and helped to pass this dastardly bill through Parliament. This authoritarian piece of legislation clearly runs counter to the democratic process and renders meaningless the notion of constitutional government – as the democratic world understands it – which should provide for checks and balances.

    Given that we already have the Prevention of Terrorism Act (Pota), Security Offences Act (Sosma), the Prevention of Crime Act (Poca), the Sedition Act, the Communications and Multimedia Act and the Penal Code – which apparently are to protect our national security, though often abused – why then the need for NSC?

    There is no doubt this NSC Bill has nothing to do with the country’s national security.

    It has everything to do with protecting the political security of the scandal-ridden Najib administration and of the prime minister himself. It comes at a time when the government’s and the prime minister’s legitimacy is questionable.

  8. Anonymous2:31 pm

    Anonymous 1131 am,

    Reading the wrong portals again, you are. Do read Just Read for some self education. You can do it from home, even.

    "... the parties concerned too should read what is implicit in the act, whereby power is not given absolutely to the prime minister, deputy prime minister, defence minister, home minister, communications and multimedia minister or other ministers connected with the issue of security.

    "Instead, the power is given to the council, namely, a body which does not abuse power, meaning, the full executive power is not with the PM but with this body, this board, as had been done before with POCA and POTA, namely, the crime prevention law and terrorism prevention law. This must be understood."


  9. Anonymous2:39 pm

    Don't jump the gun maa, as an experience & semi retired journalist you should reserved your comments until the truth prevail. What has happened to you bro. Is this all what u get from your "Kembara Bumi Suci'. Buat malu kat kekawan je bro.

  10. Anonymous3:06 pm

    Dato najib will prove 1 by 1 that all allegations are fitnah.By jan next year tun n dap supporters will attack the AG n PAC pulak.

  11. Anonymous3:31 pm

    Great Job PM. No harm in getting donation from well wishers. BTW did you get invited for the Hoolahoop on 13/12/2015?

  12. Anonymous3:45 pm


    Ummmmmmmm, so Zahid is saying in effect, "no no, it's not one of us that will screw you solo; we will all screw you together."

    Gullible, aren't you.

    For references on how much you can trust the govt when it says it won't abuse laws, please see SOSMA, s124, and Sedition Act. Get it now?

    If you're fooled by the reference made by Zahid to POTA & POCA, the more I pity you. The POTA Board has no members of the Executive in it; nor does POCA, which also has power of judicial review.

    Educate yourself a bit, kawan.

    Prepaid bloggers like "Just Read" aren't usually a good source of education.

    Here, read this:

    Now do you get the difference?

    You can do it from home.

  13. Anonymous6:53 pm

    these 3 dogols need to suck up to earn their keep

    and we tot only RPK was paid

  14. Anonymous10:22 pm

    You tak rasa malu ke tulis macam ni?
    You tak rasa segan ke gadai maruah kau begini?
    Or perhap, this is just typical of a moronic you!

  15. Anonymous7:08 am

    You should start writing in Malay for thats your target audience

  16. Anonymous4:12 pm

    kalau dah letak semua orang you, boleh lah berlagak berani