Saturday, December 05, 2015

"Privilege, my foot, Americk!"

"This is the result of lawyers engaging in politics alongside their practice as lawyers and not knowing where to draw the line." - Gopal Raj Kumar in SD's and the Siddhu Factor, Dec 1

IGP vs Morais and his lawyer Americk

The blog Gopal Raj Kumar has been around for quite a while. Seasoned blogger Mahaguru found him to be "a welcome relief from all the hate filled hype that is being bandied about nowadays laced with pure hatred and chauvinism out there in the pretext of fighting against injustice and racism" ["Going against the grain" blogger, 5 Sept 2009].  That was six years ago. With more and more online scribes turning into hate-mongers and moronic machais these days, Gopal Raj Kumar has made himself even more relevant.

His latest posting on laywer Morais Statutory Declaration is contemptuous of lawyers like Americk Singh, the dude who helped draft PI Bala's SD, and the "mostly ignorant" officials who run the usually political Malaysian Bar today. 

The most egregious example of Amrick’s conduct in this regard was the abuse of his client, the late Balasubramaniam Perumal whose “SD” he admits to having drafted in no uncertain terms with scant regard ‘for the truth or otherwise to what was contained in it’Lawyers who engage in politics whilst in practice will have to account for their failures like everyone else. It is a risk they assume for reward.

Gopal Raj Kumar will be on my Blogs That Rock blogroll from today. I'm sure you'd agree that the blog, a contrarion sometimes, a comformist at other times, is worth it, if only to help us look at the issues that concern us more objectively. He gives me a reason to do a bit of housekeeping to my blogroll, too. 

The haters (and the inactive) will have to make way for a better, sunnier , and love-filled 2016 ...


  1. Anonymous1:17 pm

    "With more and more online scribes turning into hate-mongers and moronic machais these days"

    Moronic machais?

    Got a mirror handy, Latuk? *cough*

  2. Anonymous1:24 pm

    How about:

    "Sub judice, my foot, Najib!"

    The world's leading exponent of Run & Hide With Wet Underpants actually had no genuine excuse for not answering to the people of Malaysia about the 2.6 billion.
    He had promised to, after all.

    Little problem:

    The 2.6 billion is NOT sub judice.

    "Former Court of Appeal judge Mohamad Ariff Md Yusof said today the matter of sub judice does not arise at all, since the issue is not before any court proceeding.

    “An investigation (into an ongoing matter) is not a judicial proceeding. The rule on sub judice exists to prevent trial by media or by other external means so that judges and juries will not be influenced by external factors in coming to a judgment or decision,” Mohamad Ariff said. “When an issue has already entered into the public domain and there is keen public interest in getting to the truth of the matter, there is no issue of sub judice if no judicial proceeding on the matter is going on,” he added."

    If the 2.6 billion is sub judice, why has the Bugis crook been holding meetings with UMNO to "explain" the issue?


  3. Anonymous11:35 pm

    So Datuk,
    What is yur take on the demise or Mr. Morais?
    Do not just tell us it is under police investigation and we the people have no right to ask, question, challenge the finding,to seek answer, reask, requestion, reseek, rechallenge and more.
    We cant just simply dismiss it as a coincidence with so many things go around nowadays.
    Satisfy us the people.