Thursday, November 05, 2015

Game Over: We have won!

UpdatedWon the battle but not yet the war, by Life of Annie 5 Nov 2015

Original posting:
KL, 5 Nov: REMARKS were made over lunch, tea and dinner yesterday about how quiet "the other side" of the Najib-Mahathir divide has been. Of late, even the Tun's attacks on the Prime Minister have been rather subdued. The lieutenants seemed to be taking longer breaks in between postings and potshots; perhaps they have tired themselves out with their heavily recycled accusations and run-of-the-mill questions. We all are. Tired, I mean. Tony Pua, who started the 1MDB issue back in 2011, must have been tired of waiting, too, and that's why he decided to challenge Arul Kanda to the debate. If you want something done so badly, you'd bloody well better do it youself! But I, as usual, cautioned my friends against underestimating our friends. A storm is always preceded by calm.

In any case, that's not what the heading of this posting is about. The following article, taken from latest proclamation Game Over: Malaysia Has Won is about a far more substantive  battle we've been waging, not the sublime stupidity of half-baked and unoriginal political posturing by some of our friends who still think Najib Razak deserve to go down the same way Abdullah Ahmad Badawi did.

What we have won (or, rather, are winning), according to the aritlce, is the war against the speculators and profit takers who wanted to bring Malaysia to its knees, much like what George Soros wanted to achieve during the 97-98 currency crisis (or so we were then told). 

We haven't won yet against "the other side". 

But gotta like the almost-cocky confidence of this article:

Game Over. Malaysia Has Won.

Kuala Lumpur : The tide is turning for Malaysia, having taken everything thrown in the chin for a good ten months .
For the first ten months of 2015, Malaysia has been literally under siege , with a three point attack, on the currency, bond and equity market at the same time.
The idea was to break Malaysia, and it almost did.
A recent Nielsen Online Consumer Confidence Survey, showed nearly ninety per cent of those interviewed in the survey said that in their opinion Malaysia was in recession.
Public officials such as central bank governor Tan Sri Zety Akhtar Aziz, stood their ground that, fundamentals will overcome perception .
True enough, Merrill Lynch’s latest fund manager survey, show only ten per cent of them are underweight on Malaysia, as opposed to 25 per cent in September.
Looks like in this game, the barbarians at the gate, blinked first.
Deutsche Bank in a report this week said that it has moved its opinion on Malaysia, from negative towards neutral.
Deutsche clients were told there could be a year end Bursa Malaysia rally.
On Monday MyBursa reported that November looks like the month when the high beta stocks will stand up and be counted.


  1. Fed up. Decision made. He has to go or no votes in the next GE. If he wants to know, this is the decision of most of us, pure voters! Go check around.

  2. Anonymous9:39 am

    tok sah la berharap sangat...dengan sikap acuh tak acuh najib.. he'll soon be leaving his office to sg buloh

  3. Anonymous9:54 am

    Tun got his YTL IPP extended. In 3 years time he will make noise again.

  4. Anonymous10:08 am

    You brought down Pak Lah for far less reason than what Najib has done. Why did you bring Pak Lah down? Did you find evidence of him getting billions of money into his private accounts? He made the mistake of not paying you? He made you lose your job? If that so, Najib also did not pay some people and made few of them lose their jobs. Helping people to oppress and persecute other people made you same like how those people treated you before. Najib's mistake is thinking that he can pay and bribe and blackmail everyone in Malaysia to shut their mouths. Most people were just like you in the old days. They would fight on against Najib in whatever forms they can manage.

  5. Anonymous10:08 am

    Dah masyukkk .... diamlah Madey

  6. Anonymous10:11 am

    I like your style. bila dah ramai kutuk blog hang, hang tukar topic pulak.

    aku bet next 2 articles will be about how awesome the keling (Arul) & Najib is the best PM (something like that lah)

    of course u won't call urself a Pre-paid UMNO blogger. but the sponsorships.. incentives.. cmon Bru. we are not stupid

  7. Anonymous10:59 am

    Bro, get your nose cleaned dont you smell the rat. After gst, all the cost and price up and tppa coming sure they will nuetralised malaysia. So, who are winning?

  8. Anonymous3:30 pm

    Menang sorak , kampung tergadai

  9. Anonymous5:34 pm

    Santa claus Valuecap is coming to prop the market up, what else is new ??

  10. Anonymous6:03 pm

    menang sorak kampung tergadai

  11. Anonymous6:11 pm


  12. Anonymous9:17 pm

    Who's "we"?

    You seem to assume that mediocre failed journalists for sale (such as your good self) are "we".

    Reality check needed.

  13. trifling-jester1:05 am

    "recycled" question: where is the 2.6 billion.

    the only thing attacking malaysia is sycophants and leeches who sell the country out for money.

  14. UAE 10-0 Malaysia n that 10zeroes is in d 2.600000000.00

  15. Bro,

    Beware, when people already stop talking about means that they have decided.

    What they decide will only be known in GE14 which is about 2 years from now.

    Along the way to GE13 there will be the PAC findings, AG report probably a few debate dare to keep the interest going.

  16. Anonymous11:16 am

    I support this BN government. They put GST on price of things and then the things will be cheaper! Fantastic! So Germans also think Malaysia is fantastic.

    Where German come from? VW? Must be true. My maths teacher taught me rubbish when he said RM 1.00 plus 15 sen is RM. 115. We know government is right because RM1 PLUS 15 sen is really RM0.85 sen. How come government count like this? Because government brains not in the head.