Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Bursa's bull(s)

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Alive and making money. Not sure if it wasn't my former passion the dart board that drew me to their posting yesterday but after a quick surf, gotta say these guys at mybursa.news are on the ball with some of the hot business news and stock tips unhappily buried under tonnes of political/politicised mud sleaze and rubbish that pass off as news and analyses these days. In other words, quite refeshing. And if you are a player looking to make a few quick bucks a day, can't hurt, can it?

Tenaga Nasional shares to shoot up to RM15.50 after its 1MDB's Edra bid? That's what they are saying: Tenaga Nasional is low risk, says RHB 19/10

And I have a feeling these guys at mybursa.news are hopeless patriotic, too:

Malaysia Keeps The Lid On Government Debt, As Singapore Emerges At The World’s 11th Most Indebted Nation

Kuala Lumpur : READ this Malaysia, the grass is NEVER greener on the other side of the fence.
Throughout 2015, in newspapers, on the web, what we have read about Malaysia has been, how indebted the country is, how poor the Ringgit has become and that if things remain how it is, there can never be a bright tomorrow.
Well think again!!!. Because here comes the numbers, and the numbers don’t lie.
The World Economic Forum’s recently-released Global Competitiveness Survey looks at the financial health and risks of countries around the world.
One of the most interesting and important rankings is actually the level of government debt.
For all the bad publicity Malaysia has got, it is not listed among the top 15 most indebted countries.
The top 10 are Japan, Greece, Lebanon, Jamaica, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, Cyprus, Buthan and the USA.
Number 11 is Singapore, with government debt as per centage to GDP standing at 103 per cent.

p.s. From today, mybursa.news joins the Bru's roll of Blogs That Rock. I've also taken down a couple of blogs from the roll, something I do from time to time.


  1. Anonymous8:31 am

    Desperately looking for silver linings, eh Latuk?

    But FGV was listed at RM4.55 at IPO, as you've pretended to have forgotten. So it's at 1.81 now? Whoopee.

    When it plunged to RM1.92, this is what ANAK president Mazlan Aliman had to say about the fake excuses given:



    "It was reported that at the time of its listing at RM4.55 per share, it was the second biggest initial public offering in the world after Facebook.

    The Star report of May 28 said FGVH’s first quarter net profit plunged 98% to RM3.58 million from RM143.63 million a year ago.

    On April 8, when FGV shares dropped to RM2.09, DAP lawmaker Tony Pua said that the 94,125 settlers who still held on to their shares would have lost an estimated RM177 million.

    Each settler had bought 800 shares from FGVH at RM4.45 per unit, totalling RM3,560.

    Two days ago, PKR state legislator Lee Chean Chung estimated that with the latest drop in share price to RM1.92, each settler would have lost RM2,024.

    “From RM3,560, that value is now only RM1,536,” said Lee in a statement."

    Have you figured what ValueCrap is for, Latuk?

    You know, that RM20 billion slush fund? Yep, that's the one.

    ValueCrap’s true beauty will be seen when TNB shares plunge after they buy into Edra. Just like Affin and every other stock, contact with 1MDB is instant death. That 20 billion will be used to pay the hospital bills, and prop up the stock artificially.

    Doesn't work overall, though:

    "Attempts to prop up the stock exchange using RM20 billion from a revived government investment fund – regarded as too little, too late – bought a two-day bounce on Sept. 16 before the market slide resumed. At 1623.27, it is now 14.57 percent off its April peak, making it the worst-performing bourse in the region."

    So 20 billion was promised, which led to a 2-day bounce and then a further slide.


    But why FGV?

    Because in the Rompin by-election, UMNO lost 6,000 votes - a huge chunk - in one of its safest seats.

    Paid Professionals and Covered Criminals everywhere are sweating.

    31% approval from the Malays?

    "The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades"

  2. Anonymous8:33 am

    "...tonnes of political/politicised mud, sleaze and rubbish that passes off as news and analysis these days."

    Quite *cough cough*


    (PS: I corrected your Bahasa Omputih, Latuk. Let's put the "professional" back in "paid professional", shall we? : )

  3. Anonymous8:59 am

    Mahathir is correct. Bulls eye.

    Najib resign and market goes up, ringgit stronger. As Zeti said, solve 1MDB ringgit will strengthen.

    Only jerebu will remain around till March 16.

    Please do not laugh. Mahathir was a 22 year PM that build KLCC. He cannot be wrong as the pentaksub say. Zeti cannot be wrong as she is a multi award central banker. NO woman can accept her immortality.

  4. Anonymous9:53 am

    Just asking who owe the central banks in every nation in this world...such as bank negara ...is that bank negara belong to malaysian bank...? Is that bank negara works for malaysian people...the answeris bull shit...its works for jews international bankers dynasty of jacob routhchild....for those malaysian rembember this ...simply said like federal reserved in USA belong the rothchild family...bank will regulated all the government malaysian money base on te world bank (belong to rothchild family too) regulation base on interest rate(riba)...its not look likeRussia president Putin bring back central bank of russia to russian ppeople(nationalise the central bank of russia) ...stop using dollar USD...make new world order by BRICS allies...and the supreme ordee by putin issues arrest warrant for george soros and issues to kill all rothchild bankers familly .... does malaysian people realise all this..? We need leaders like putin to survive malaysian people...not like all stupideous leader like najib...anwar aljuboori..hadi awang or kit siang those all idiot

  5. Tebing Tinggi11:15 am


    Then could you please explain, given your journalistic experience and all, how Singapore can maintain a "triple A" credit rating (from all the three major rating agencies) while Malaysia has to "make do" with a A- rating that is subject to review with a possible downgrade?

    Too clever by half, eh?

    1. Anonymous11:22 pm

      All know the singpore is isreal in east asia...and singapore is cheat country like jews who cheat the world...

  6. Anonymous1:27 pm

    Oh come on lah...everyone except you knew that the BN Govt will prop up the bursa. Let's see how long they can sustain it with OUR and YOUR money and then wait for the shit to hit the fan.
    Let me make a prediction for you, on budget day the Bursa will soar like an eagle and they clowns will crow about how their budget is well received yadayadayada....then after a while it will drop like a stone.
    So quickly get on the bandwagon and buy cheap cheap and hope to make a killing. However I suspect you already know this.

  7. Yesterday, hit bulls eye. Hari ni? Baru naik tinggi sehari dh riuh sekampung.

  8. Anonymous7:19 pm

    Ringgit falls to 4.26 against US dollar

  9. Anonymous8:50 pm

    Singapore gomen debt all fr internal borrowings.Little exposure.

  10. Anonymous8:56 am

    alive and making money? have you forgot the listing price for felda? maybe you bought low(est) and gained but what about the settlers who had to buy in the very beginning? not to mention why it rose. others have explained that as well.

    but thats just the way with you and your half-baked analysis. every article, its taking an inch on the up from a total down and glossing that fact when you conveniently forget to mention that the down prior was major.

    bro, not only can we read your half-baked analysis, we can also cross check your facts and check the counter-facts as well. who are you trying to fool? is there like a kpi or something that the editor puts on you? maybe 4 articles per/week?

  11. Anonymous11:10 pm

    ala...biasa la rocky, hari tu cerita Ringgit dah naik, riuh sekampong. bila Ringgit jatuh balik dia buat bodoh la macam style najib.

    semua orang tau FGV salah satu share yg govt nak prop up, so apa ke jadah nak heran. Tbung Haji rugi on paper almost RM1billion bila FGV jatuh to RM1.10. So pakai duit khazanah, EPF and PNB to buy more shares, bangang2 ikut beli last2 kena la.

  12. Anonymous7:35 am

    I have a Simple Policy - Not to touch anything to do with UMNO & BN politicians. Instead I invested overseas and saw my assets rise from MR30,000 to something north of RM6,000,000.

    I can afford to send my children to the best universities, live in a decent home and drive decent cars.

    If I had invested in things like MCA co-ops (paying 36% interest pa), IMDB, Maika Holdings, UAB, etc, etc, I would have lost it all and you would have seen me begging outside the railway station. Yes, I am not a Latuk but that's because I refuse to pay for an empty title. If I really want to be a Latuk Silly I could buy one from Indonesian royal houses for a very small amount of ringgit.