Wednesday, October 21, 2015

After sedition, PKR man now accused of thuggery and cronyism

Sivarasa reportedly said that by jailing Anwar Ibrahim, the judiciary failed Malaysians 

Already faced with a sedition charge, PKR MP for Subang, Sivarasa Rasiah now faces accusations of cronyism and thuggery from so-called comrades in the DAP.  This name-calling in a yesterday's twitter spat, involving PKR lawyer Lateefa Koya and DAP's Lim Lip Eng, followed YB Sivarasa's "friendly advice" to DAP hotshot YB Tony Pua to pick on low-hanging fruits like 1MDB and getting rid of PM Najib Razak instead of meddling in the Sungei Way Deepavali bazzaar petty traders' issue. 

p.s. YB Sivarasa shouldn't let these name-calling get him down, though. Dr Mahathir Mohamad was accused of cronyism by Anwar Ibrahim. Look where they are today!

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Pua rubbishes Sivarasa's advice - The Malaysian Insider

Pua said that the Sivarasa’s statement was “a figment of his imagination, or of whoever who sold him the story”, adding that the new site was approved unanimously during the full board meeting on 27 March 2015.
Pua said that neither he, Ganabathirao, or Lau were in any way challenging the MBPJ decision, but it was in fact “the group of thugs” who he said did not even trade in the area.
“The council should not negotiate with and bow to thugs who use force and intimidation to get their way,” he said.
“We can forget about ever replacing Barisan Nasional if we practise the same cronyism and thuggish politics,” Pua said in reference to Sivarasa’s comment that the “thugs” were members of PKR.

Pua shocked at MBPJ's "U-turn" - Malaysiakini

I would like to express my complete shock and disappointment that Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) Mayor Mohd Azizi Mohd Zain announced the reversal of the council’s decision to relocate the Deepavali Bazaar at Sungai Way village (SS9A).
This comes after the mayor himself issued statements on Oct 1 and 8, 2015 where he stated that the new location was better as it was more spacious and has been the site of other markets including the Ramadan bazaar and pasar malam.
In effect, MBPJ succumbed to the display of thuggery led by several PKR grassroot leaders, Kelana Jaya deputy chief, Saminathan Kitchan, the division secretary Murali Subramaniam, and several PKR councillors from other districts.


  1. Anonymous4:42 pm

    When one vote made a difference, each and every Two Legged things were up for grabs. To the extremes, in addition to the thugs and cronies, twitting will also mentions Monkeys, Horses, Pigs and etc.

  2. IT.Sheiss1:31 am

    Or did the MBPJ listen to concerns of vendors, whilst Tony Pua would ram through relocation despite the vendors' concerns?

    Do something about the numerous potholes, uneven and bumpy road surface and double parking lah dei!