Saturday, September 26, 2015

What has happened to my beloved Statesman?

"He's done it again," my ex-corporate player friend alerted me this morning. I slowly got up, opened up the Mac, and read NAJIB (Sept 25), Dr Mahahtir Mohamad's latest blog entry, in which the former Prime Minister explained yet again why he wanted Najib ousted. "It is nothing personal," Dr M writes, "It is because he has failed terribly as Prime Minister".

"The posting is nothing but personal," I told the retired corporate player. It's not even new.

My friend said he agreed with me but asked me to read again the couple of paragraphs Tun M inserted on Altantuya's murder. "Can you stomach that?"

I read the said paragraphs:

33. Then came a bombshell. Al Jazeera screened the story of the murder of the Mongolian girl Altantuya. It was clear from the story that Najib has something to do with the murder.
34. Many Malaysians refuse to believe it. But people all over the world believe the story. It has become an international scandal. It has brought shame to Malaysia. Everywhere one goes, one is asked, “What has happened to Malaysia”.

"I beg your pardon, bro, but the question one must ask is, 'What has happened to Mahathir?'"

To be cont'd ...

27 Sept: So what has happened to Mahathir?

The Minister Salleh Said Keruak, on his blog, suggests that the Tun is delusional (The fallacy of who made Najib the PM, Sept 26).

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said he had worked hard to make Najib Tun Razak the Prime Minister of Malaysia. So, since he made Najib the Prime Minister, then he has a right to remove him. This sounds like what they say in the US: if I can hire then I can fire. Actually this is not true and is a fallacy. Dr Mahathir is not Najib’s boss or employer who can just sack him as he pleases. Some may even call it delusional that one man can think he decides who should or should not lead the country, as if the democratic system in how we choose leaders and governments no longer exists.

The 1MDB, one of Dr Mahathir's favourite punching bags, thinks Dr M has dementia. (1MDB regrets Dr M easily forgets)

Tun Mahathir continues to reuse and recycle stale and unproven allegations, which have repeatedly been proven wrong. For example; Tun Mahathir previously claimed that RM42 billion was missing from 1MDB. Now, he claims that "over RM 20 billion cannot be traced or accounted for". For Tun Mahathir's benefit, a comprehensive breakdown of how 1MDB utilised its RM42 billion of debt – based on the company's audited financial statements – can be found here:

Me, I think Dr Mahathir is neither delusional nor forgetful. But if his concern is "What has happened to Malaysia?", he certainly hasn't been helping either. Repeating over and over again the allegations against 1MDB and Najib is not due to dementia or takde modal. What he's doing is to make sure the issues against the PM and his pet project 1MDB alive and kick-able. To be fair, except for the US$700 million "donation" into the PM's account in 2013, all questions and issues raised by Dr M have been addressed. The idea is to make the people think that they haven't.

I am, therefore, inclined to agree wholeheartedly with seasoned journalist Jailani Haron when he suggested that 1MDB "stop entertaining Dr Mahathir". (Answer the rakyat, not Dr Mahathir, 26 Sept).

It goes on and on. Dr Mahathir and Najib, the former premier with 1 Malaysia Development Berhad.
No sign it will ever come to an end. The world is watching Malaysia, some of those who once envied our progress would love seeing us crawling. And the rakyat are well-divided.
I think 1MDB should stop 'entertaining' Dr Mahathir. If they wanna issue statement, its because of the rakyat. They deserve it more than Dr Mahathir.

I think the time has come for 1MDB to stop reacting and responding to those so-called recycled claims and allegations. It must have issued hundreds of press statements to just to that in the last half a year or so. It will be more useful to tell us, the rakyat, about its future plans - how 1MDB is going to make money, create jobs, and improve the quality of our lives.


  1. Datuk,

    I hv two words for you to describe him:


    He is now on a rampage way out of reasonableness. He crossed every single line he taught us since 16 July 1981. For that matter, everyone too.

  2. Anonymous2:48 pm

    He's been consistent all this while but what is actually happening to you?

  3. Anonymous2:48 pm

    If no issue why you worry Bro. No need to comment something written by someone called Mamak Mendaliar. Forget about about him and please give us more explaination on Petrosaudi deals , ada boleh ka ? Or how Pahlawan Bugis spend 2.6b for UMNO. We really want to hear from you.

  4. Anonymous2:52 pm

    Sad to see...Just and old man ranting and raving, sounding more and more desperate with each passing day as he gets closer to his deathbed...knowing that his sons will most likely NOT BE powerful politicians by the time he checks out!

    At the same time, infuriating to see a former PM who would stoop SO LOW, even destabilizing the nation and even selling out the Malays and Islam...just because he is now a senile mamak with no pedoman.

    It WON'T BE a sad day when he passes on....I don't mourn for SELF-SERVING AND CRONY-SERVING TRAITORS!

  5. Tun Mahathir have been influenced by people with agenda like DS Khairuddin and Datuk Kadir Jasin. They want to bring down PM Najib for their own selfish agenda. People like TS Muhiyddin too have been used by them to attack DS Najib.

  6. Anonymous3:51 pm

    To be cont'd? Okay, looking forward.

    Let's hope you have more intellectual heft than mental midget S. S. Keruak, Latuk.

    Because Tun's statement:

    "It is because he has failed terribly as Prime Minister"

    Is not only true, it is supported by objective evidence as well. No, not just "donations" and racking up 42 billion in debt with nothing to show. It's way beyond that.

    Worst Prime Minister we have ever had?

    Hands down.

    Nobody else is even close.

  7. Anonymous4:00 pm

    Datuk, you are just 'katak bawah tupperware' you see it clearly but refuse to acknowledge it. Cheers

  8. Anonymous4:07 pm

    Nothing has happened to Mahathir.... What has happened to x journo like you? Sudah kena beli la jawabnya!!!

  9. Anonymous4:15 pm

    Memang lumrah manusia bila dah makin lanjut usia (90 tahun)akan kehilangan banyak deria. Mereka akan jadi nyanyuk, pelupa, cepat terasa, merajuk, cemburu & kuat meroyan. Ini tak terkecuali bagi Madet. Maafkan lah dia memandangkan dia negarawan ulung yg dah membawa Malaysia gah di mata dunia. Dia akan terus meroyan & merapu lagi namun akan semakin perlahan nadanya. Kita yg muda hanya mampu melihat & mendengar.. sabar je.. nanti dia akan berhenti sendiri. Tapi jangan pula kita tunjukkan yg kita sokong apa yg dikatakannya itu nescaya dia akan diam secara semulajadi nanti.. sabar..!

  10. Anonymous4:16 pm

    Mahathir selalu cakap, Najib kena turun, baru ekonomi Malaysia akan naik semula dan ringgit akan naik semula

    Betul ke???? Dia faham ekonomi tak??? ada 120 negara mengalami penurunan matawang berbanding US sekarang ni

    Malaysia agak ketara sebab bergantung pada minyak dan komoditi yg sekarang kedua duanya harga turun, dan jugak rakan dagangan Malaysia yg terbesar iaitu China, yg ekonomi nya pun jatuh dan matawang China yg diturunka nilai...sebab tu Malaysia terkesan dgn byk. Ditambah buruk lagi dengan kadar faedah di Amerika yg akan dinaikkan...semua ni meneyebabkan nilai ringgit jatuh berbanding US..

    semua ni diluar kawalan kita...

    memang faktor 1MDB juga menyumbang, tapi ianya lebih kepada persepsi...

    Persepsi buruk yg diberitakan yg bertujuan untuk merosakkan lebih teruk lagi eknomi Malaysia....tak ada satu pun dakwaan yg dibuat keatas 1 MDB yg telah dibuktikan...semuanya hanyalah berita yg tak sahih dan tak masuk akal. Blogger yg jadi agen yahudi di Malaysia pun menyumbang kepada persepsi buruk....

    Kesimpulannya bukan Najib yg patut turun, Tun M yg patut berhenti bercakap sebab mulut longkang dialah mencemar nama baik 1MDB....masih ingat tak bila dia kata 42 billion hilang/lesap????? .....inilah statement yg paling celaka yg keluar dari mulut longkang dia...

    Tun M perlu berhenti bercakap/menulis, insya Allah krisis ekonomi boleh reda sedikit.
    Yg pasti ada 3 faktor luaran diluar kawalan kita....itu kita kena terus berdoa agar harga minyak & komoditi kembali stabil dan ekonomi china kembali rancak....

    Saya yakin, dengan doa doa jemaah haji kita di tanah suci yg sentiasa mendoakan kesejhateraan dan keamanan negara Malaysia, akan dimakbulkan oleh Allah...Amin

    Ya Allah kau selamatkan negara Malaysia dan berilah hidayah kepada pemimpinnya ....Amin

  11. Anonymous4:17 pm

    Point 33 means: al jazeera implied and implicated najib. Point 34 means it brings shame to malaysia whether true or not.

    Where does it say Tun believes so and so on the Sharibuu issue?

    Please enlighten. Dont be cocky as you seem so as of late

  12. Anonymous4:53 pm

    "At the same time, infuriating to see a former PM who would stoop SO LOW, even destabilizing the nation and even selling out the Malays and Islam..."

    HA HA HA!

    Look at the current moron, please.

    And don't drag in "the Malays and Islam" to justify a simple case of theft.

  13. Anonymous5:11 pm

    Najib and Altantunya? Its been years till now there is no proof whatsoever.
    What lavish lifestyle is he talking about? From the moment Najib became PM I see the man everywhere trying to do the best that he can for everybody. He was in Renau during the aftershocks of the earthquake not too long ago. He was there during the floods. He quietly negotiate to get MH17 back...he set up BR1M, Klinik and Kedai 1 Malaysia for the rakyat...he improve Malaysian ties with other countries like China, US, Australia and Arabs etc that Tun M was not able to do.
    Sad to see that Tun M is desperate enough to spread lies aka fitnah at the later stage in his life...sad..

  14. Anonymous5:11 pm

    This is one of the most stupid statement by TDM. In his article, he opened by saying he worked hard to make Najib the PM. Well, Altantuya case broke out when Najib was still a DPM. Is he saying that he put Najib as PM despite Altantuya case was flashing all around, and today, he believe Najib has something to do with the case? Why in the first place he worked hard to put Najib in office then?

    This simply shows that this guy has no moral ground. Only personal interest.

    1. Anonymous6:52 pm

      Spot on, bro

    2. Anonymous7:45 pm


      Me like tun never believed what the opposition say about najib, razak baginda and altantuya...

      Untill Tun question is who give the order to kill altantuya....mind you the azilah is in the death row.

      Can anybody in their right of mind would like to finish of a human life? Of course azilah and sirul were being paid, but who give the order?

  15. Anonymous5:33 pm

    What happens to you actually?

    2.6 billion is beyond doubt. Why don't you focus on that.

  16. One of the world best and too bank governor says RM will gets stronger and depreciation solved when 1mdb scandal is resolved. I mean when one of the world recognised and best bank governor says this, this will definitely true and bring weight to this RM and 1mdb issue.

  17. Anonymous7:11 pm

    "He was in Renau during the aftershocks of the earthquake not too long ago. He was there during the floods."

    Ummmmmmm......., he was missing during both, doh.


    "Why wasn't he able to come to Sabah? We have a sleeping government.”

    Najib left for Saudi Arabia on Saturday on a three-day working visit at the invitation of King Salman Abdulaziz al-Saud, a day after an earthquake measuring 5.9 on the Richter scale rocked Ranau, Sabah.

    (This was just after the pendekar Bugis ran away from Everything2Hide forum.)


    Obama? Golf? Hawaii? Dah lupa ke ber?

    Of course, he had the decency to turn up in the end:

    With friends like you I think Tok Jib doesn't need more enemies.

  18. Anonymous7:21 pm

    Let us park aside the 2.6 billion issue, not even mention 1MDB, and judge OBJECTIVELY how Najib has done so far.

    To be kind, let's start in 2013 only.

    DIRECT QUOTE from the 2013 BN Manifesto:

    "The gradual reduction of intra-city tolls".

    You see, the word "reduction" means GO DOWN, not GO UP.

    If tolls go up in 2016 (as they have and will), it's very, very simple:

    You lied to the rakyat.

    How about some more 2013 BN Manifesto promises?

    "Easing Cost Of Living" - ha ha ha, tak payah cakap, lah! What HASN'T gone up?

    "Access to Quality Health Services" - we have fewer cancer speciallsts, in total, than some countries have in one hospital!

    "Towards Greater Efficiency in Public Transportation" - ummm, you mean "Towards More Expensive Public Transportation"?

    "World Class Infrastructure Development and Rural Transformation": Yes, KLIA2 was delayed how many times already, and at what cost? How many of the Kuala Besut by-election promises have been carried out? How can you look FELDA shareholders in the eye?

    "Strengthening Women’s Participation": One cowndominium owner plus that Pempena chap does not count.

    "Building a Resilient, Dynamic and Innovative Economy" - ha ha ha, tak payah cakap, lah! Ringgit going to hit 5.00 to US dollar soon. 41% FDI flight in the last 12 months. Already broken the 55% GDP-debt ratio, highest in Asia. Rated by Oxford group as Asia's most "at-risk" economy". Good work.

    "Building towards Educational Excellence" - Vietnamese kids are more advanced than ours, and we spent RM20 million on external consultants??? ITM plunges 100 places and their chancellor says he doesn't care?

    "Enhancing Security and Public Safety": How many Malaysians feel safe on the streets? How many tourists in East Malaysia do?

    "Promoting Islam, Religious Freedom and Harmony": Religious Freedom and Harmony? Can you please ask the East Malaysians, Syiah Muslims, Chinese and Indians about this one? It's the worst in Malaysia's history!

    "Fighting the Scourge of Corruption": Yeah right, look at the billions wasted every year as detailed in the AG's report, and the fact that we have more illicit money flowing out than any country our size. Or maybe it was all "donations"?

    "Revitalising the Public Service and Enhancing Good Governance": More civil servants than the rest of SE Asia combined, how have you "revitalised" them? We are still ranked one of the most corrupt public sectors in Apac by Ernst & Young. Is cracking down on MACC and BNM part of "Revitalising the Public Service and Enhancing Good Governance?"

    Oh, and what happened to:


    b) 10-point solution

    c) No detention without trial

    d) Abolishing the Sedition Act

    e) Greater freedom of expression and more democracy?

    Drop yellow balloons, get arrested, know too much, get SOSMA-ed, sponsor a racist rent-a-crowd and songlap public money left right & action?

    Malaysia is now a laughing stock of the entire world, known globally as having the most corrupt PM in Asia.

    Great job.

    Ohhhhh, but he gave BR1M!

    But that's our own money anyway.


  19. Anonymous7:35 pm

    "In his blog, Salleh Said Keruak talked about people in the US saying "'If I can hire, then I can fire'. Actually this is not true and is a fallacy. Dr Mahathir is not Najib's boss or employer who can just sack him as he pleases," he said.

    Alamak, he could - and should - use the time and blog space to explain and explain 1MDB, RM2.6 billion, GST etc. How shallow can he be.

    Maybe the problem for everybody in Najib's camp is that they cannot get the facts to use to explain. How to get facts? When up to now Najib only said, "I never use money for personal gain" and nothing more as far as the RM2.6 billion is concerned.

    Najib has not even admitted directly and specifically that he did receive the money in his personal bank accounts. We only learnt from the now-abandoned Special Task Force that the humongous sum went into bank accounts under his name.

    So, what Tun Dr Mahathir said of Najib on those are valid. The rakyat do want to know. If Najib cannot answer, he should resign. Or UMNO should replace him."

  20. Kenapa tidak boleh hentikan Tun dari bercakap perkara yang sama berulangkali berbulan bulan.

    Sudah berapa ramai jurucakap dihantar untuk berhujah akhirnya mulut dah koyak rabak, gigi bertaburan tetapi masih belum mampu menjawab.
    Kenapa hantar mereka yang separuh tahu separuh pening.

    Yang paling tahu, Najib sendiri, jawab dari jauh, tembak angin macam pondan boxing.

    Pemimpin yang boleh menutup Tun hanya perlu satu syarat: Bersih dan benar.

  21. Anonymous10:43 pm

    australian wonder lahhh....bodoh punye cina

  22. Anonymous11:59 pm

    Tun dah kena penyakit Tunku semasa Tun jadi PM.

  23. Anonymous8:22 am

    The only reason Tun M is repeating all this questions is because we have YET to get an honest answer. Tun tak mudah lupa!

  24. Anonymous9:33 am


    You are slowly pulling yourself away from Dr.M. A matter of time it will be a 180 degrees turn.

    What has happened to you?

    BTW, Dr.M does not need you now as much as he did not really need you in his campaign against the then PM AAB.

  25. Anonymous9:42 am

    Tak payah nak menyemak kat sini,kata nak tutup blog ebab sampai nak masuk 9 bulan dah tak dapat jawab sebab apa Najib masih jadi PM lagi
    Asyikx suruh Najib jawab,dah bertalu talu 1MDB jawab bagi pihak bosnya ,tak nak terima.Kalau Najib jawab pun kan jawapannya akan sama.....biol
    Apa TDM bersih dan benar sangat ke....hanya golongan nabi saja Maksum
    Dia tu dah jilat kahak sendiri...ikut Bersih Demo,minta bantuan foreign agencies buruk negara sendiri yang dulu beliau sangat benci,memburukkan peribadi orang lain hanya atas demdam kesumatnya.
    Tuhan itu maha Kaya dan berkuasa,TDM sendiri mudah lupa akan apa yang beliau buat ke atas YM Tunku Abd Rahman,sekarang ada kemungkinan ianya akan berlaku pada dirinya sendiri.

  26. Anonymous12:40 pm

    1.Najib mahu menunjukkan yang dia adalah “smart PM of Malaysia” dengan mengatakan di PBB

    “Najib kutuk gejala Islamophobia”- UTUSAN

    2. Tapi hakikatnya dia adalah “Pengecut 1 Malaysia” kerana di negara dia sendiri beliau takutkan “1MDB phobia”.

    3. Ahli – ahli UMNO “gembira” kerana mereka mempunyai ketua yang boleh di harapkan untuk memperbodohkan mereka semua.

    4. UMNO adalah pertubuhan Politik yang “BODOH”

    5. UMNO adalah di tubuhkan demi ketua BODOH dan untuk MELAYU bodoh.

  27. Anonymous12:43 pm

    We can still remember during the era of Tun Dr M, BN managed to retain 2/3 majority in Parliament seats. Rakyat of all races, including Chinese, supported BN well.

    Why not now?

    Perhaps, with wrong and evil advice, the Government has sponsored some racist NGOs.

    The Red Rally is something that can’t be accepted. We, educated Malays, know well that Chinese should not be blamed for participating in Bersih, and Bersih had nothing to do with insulting our dignity.

    Sponsoring the Red Rally will kill the future of Malaysia.

  28. Anonymous8:00 pm

    Rocky has become Brenden Pereira, the hack of Dolah's reign. And only a matter of time he will morph into Kali

  29. Anonymous9:52 pm

    Are you really one of the educated sound sebiji like The Red Beans.
    Pijak kepala Pemimpin Melayu tu apa benda nya kalau bukan insulting dignity orang Melayu.....

  30. Anonymous10:16 pm

    The only thing that has NOT happened is that your ferrari laptop was not taken by Najib as was the time during AAB.
    If it was you would be chasing Najib like you chase AAB.

  31. Anonymous11:17 pm

    boss anwar boleh pegang telur mahathir, tapi tak boleh pegang telur najib.

  32. Anonymous10:24 am

    "boss anwar boleh pegang telur mahathir, tapi tak boleh pegang telur najib."

    Najib xde teloq laaaaa...ha ha mcm mana nak pegang pulak????

  33. Alyaniff10:47 am

    dato rocky. what happened lar to our beloved syed out side the box? why is he so incoherent nowadays? benci najib, benci jugak lar tapi jangan lar sampai terbabas masuk tempat penyokong pembangkang. apa citer with him?

  34. your quote "I am, therefore, inclined to agree wholeheartedly with seasoned journalist Jailani Haron when he suggested that 1MDB "stop entertaining Dr Mahathir". (Answer the rakyat, not Dr Mahathir, 26 Sept)."

    my question "Tun M tu bukan rakyat ke?" kalau rakyat macam Tun pun tak boleh tanya soalan, bagaimana pula rakyat biasa?