Friday, September 25, 2015

Rally against ALL rallies: Why we should stand by Liow on this one

It needed to be said, and am I glad it's been said. YB Liow Tiong Lai, the Transport Minister and MCA President, is proving to be a man of few(er) words these days but with soundbites like this one he's making, I am sure rational Malaysians won't complain. Personally, I think such maturity is needed. It is certainly not politically right to say NO to ALL public rallies but, look, all those rallies from Yellow to Red have brought nothing but a growing distrust among the major races, especially between the Malays and the Chinese, so who cares? I don't. 

I hope Liow will stay the course and urge Prime Minsiter Najib Razak "to put a stop to all further rallies". 

"Clearly, they are threatening to tear the fabric of our nation apart. MCA is adamant that all mass rallies must be stopped. The way forward is to return to the values of our founding fathers.” - Stop all future rallies, MCA tells Najib, TMI 24/9/15


  1. Anonymous10:23 am


    a) Umno spun Bersih into a "racial issue"

    b) Umno held their own "I Lurve Bugis cash" rally

    c) Despite the cash king's endorsement of this sponsored racism, the MCA did not have the cojones to take a firm stand (congrats to Pasir Gudang MCA, however)

    d) Ultimate losers: MCA (had nothing left to lose, really) and cash king (once the distraction tactic was over, he's still in worse shape image-wise.)


    Merdeka Centre poll results....

    23% of Malays in favour of Bersih

    24% of Malays in favour of "I Lurve Bugis cash" red shirts rally


    The Malays are smart.

    1. Anonymous5:19 pm

      Baru nak ckp sekarang. Mgapa tak ckp ketika himpunan tak bersih 1-3 dulu. Yg asyik bertenggeng almost tiap sabtu d Sogo d business org melayu mgapa jadi bisu tuli. Sbb perhimpunan baju merah buat d petaling st tu sbb kecut teloq bkn begitu Dr.? .sbb d sana business org engkau baru engkau nak berckp. Back stabbers...ingat perut org engkau saja.

  2. Anonymous10:23 am

    MCA is a living dead. The Chinese community abandoned them so does UMNO in any decision making. Just keep quiet and collect their monthly salary.

  3. Anonymous10:25 am

  4. Anonymous10:48 am

    I wonder if the slippery two-faced red-shirt financing moron is going to make s speech about "Moderation" in Mew York, ha ha!

    He really has zero credibility now.

    But Obama is happy. He has the Bugis' shrivelled raisins in his hand now.

    The TPPA is going through.

    There may actually be a Najib-Obama hug caught on film.

    The TPPA is going through.

  5. Anonymous10:59 am

    'As a matter of diplomacy, it is unlikely that the United States would seek to arrest a sitting head of state. But that doesn’t mean that they could not be indicted for serious crimes. And if these acts were taken outside the official authority of the head or state or violated international law, then upon leaving office, Najib himself could be subject to arrest and prosecution.

    Indeed, since 1990, some 75 former Heads of State have been prosecuted for serious human-rights abuses and financial crimes.'

  6. Anonymous11:03 am

    'While ordinarily, the convening of a Federal Grand Jury to examine evidence in such cases is not publicly reported, the mere fact of leaks suggest the Justice Department is confident in its evidence and it has strategically confirmed the investigation to provide strong incentives for anyone with useful information to come forward to strike their own deals to avoid prosecution.

    And once the Justice Department has decided there is sufficient evidence to merit deploying their considerable investigative resources, they almost always win. Indeed, the conviction rate for Federal crimes in recent years has approached 95 percent.'

    If there's another golf game, better let 'Bama win, Jibz.

  7. tebing tinggi11:22 am

    What fabric of nation ,Liaw is referring ,was MCA doing anything to strengthen the fabric all this years .

  8. Anonymous11:38 am

    .. dan kembalikan ISA, dan benarkan sekolah satu aliran SAHAJA!!! anything less than this is bs

  9. Anonymous11:38 am

    oh come on rocky, stand by liow konon-nya!!!

    when one has a nice job with a fat pay-check that comes with numerous perks,
    one tends to forget having participated in rallies while left out in the cold.

    You may have FORGOTTEN but the internet does not - there are photos still out there as evidence.

  10. Anonymous12:00 pm

    ...macamla semua rally ni Najib yg suruh buat....tong kosong la tiong lai ni...

  11. Anonymous6:46 pm

    latuk locky

    dis one ahh is a foto of you and your idol

  12. Anonymous6:55 pm

    Wonder why after red shirt rally which consist one hundred percent malay has shown their true malay solidarity than only he realies that.....!

  13. Anonymous9:58 pm

    Why before Bershit 4.0 MCA just keep in silence and after Himpunan they make noise. Accused Himpunan of rascial but fail to highlight Bersih anti-Malay agenda. Removal of Najib is just on the surface but real agenda is to gather all Chinese to show their unity.

    Don't be fooled bro. Pity you have been fooled all around.

  14. Anonymous10:59 pm

    First warning.

  15. Anonymous8:29 am

    chinese are scared...
    why did he only suggest this after the success of the red rally?
    everybody thought the red rally would be a flop...they wanted malays to be embarrassed....but that did not happen.
    if this mca guy is sincere he would have urged the bersih to be stopped first ...but he let it go on till bersih usual chinese are hypocrites!!!
    their true colours are beginning to show more and more now

  16. Is there any comment about bersin 4.0 rally? Seems that MCA has no say about it but so noisy when baju merah rally took place.

  17. Anonymous12:23 pm

    Can I suggest a few questions that the journalists at the UN should ask:

    1. Where is the balance of the RM2.6 billion ‘donation’?

    2. Why did you disband the special task force that was investigating you if you have nothing to hide?

    3. Why sack those who questioned you and the RM2.6 billion?

    4. Why remove those Public Accounts Committee (PAC) members who were investigating you, thereby immobilising its functions?

    These are clearly not the actions of an innocent person.

  18. Anonymous10:39 am

    Boh Liow !

  19. Anonymous12:03 pm

    Ketika perhimpunan tak bersih 1-4 tiada pulak dia mengomen sbb buat d Sogo yg ramai perniaga2 melayu cari makan. Ini d sbbkan p bj merah d buat d petalng st yg semua d monopoli bangsa dia pandai pulak ada anak tekak nak melalak.
    you back stabber doctor...full of BS.