Friday, September 11, 2015

Sound of Silence, Immortalized!

If you had loved Simon and Garfunkel's evergreen, you might love this too.

in the naked light i saw
10 thousand people maybe more
people talking without speaking
people hearing without listening


  1. Anonymous10:09 am

    cold rock, nice! Meaningful also. Thanks

  2. Anonymous10:22 am

    Maybe you should follow suit. Silence from you is better than your grovelling , boot licking , ass kissing and perpetual kow towing to the boogis warrior.

  3. Anonymous11:49 am

  4. Anonymous1:25 pm

    in the naked light i saw
    10 thousand million ringgit or more
    Money masuk in Rocky banking
    Rocky typing while UMNO listening...

  5. Anonymous4:27 pm

    Philosophical la pula si Rocky ni.

    2.6 billion apa citer?

  6. Anonymous5:30 pm

    What about this song then...Limbo low...How Low can you go.....describes you perfectly...

  7. Haha! Lol!

    Guys, guys, guys ... Whether you are paid machais or not paid machais, this is why our nation is in great distress. Not because of the RM42 billion debts (which should rake in 4-5 times more in terms of income via Edra, Bandar Malaysia and TRX) and not because of the US$700 million that went in and out of the PM's account (which he says is donation to his party) but because you guys can no longer appreciate good music!

    And this is why I love blogging! It is so entertaining. (Of course I had to delete some of your comments that are not appropriate; children read my blogs, too, you know, not just childish adults).

  8. Maria Tay,

    That's the slowest number on this awesome album!

  9. Anonymous11:45 am

    "......and not because of the US$700 million that went in and out of the PM's account (which he says is donation to his party)"


    You are not supposed to concede it went "out", and certainly not that 2.0 billion was re-exported to Singapore, where it now lies frozen.

    No worries, some unnecessary aircraft carriers and/or jets should top up the Bugis pirate chest quite nicely.

  10. Anonymous1:12 pm

    Dato looking at the comments..u must be no 1 in the dap cyber troopers list la..congrats dato


  11. Anonymous2:51 pm

    Hahaha, another of Latuk Locky's famous predictions. 6 months for reorganization. 6 months went by. EDRA to be sold in a few months. Well, your boss paid 18 billion for the assets. Let's see what the open market value is. And don't mention 42 billion lah, at today's rate it's over 50 billion, no ?