Thursday, August 20, 2015

Why the DEIG scandal should be a walk in the park for Azmin

KL, 20/8/15. Darul Ehsan Investment Group is Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali's brainchild that was supposed to drive his noble Agenda Makmur Selangor. Incorporated in May this year, DEIG should "generate income from its holdings of state-governemnt linked companies (GLCs) , and reduce state income dependency on taxes and Federal funding" [Selangor launch new investment arm, The Sun 21/5/15]. The DEIG and the Agenda Makmur Selangor would "strengthen the middle class, provide high income and improve the quality of life and create more meaningful jobs in the state". 
But after former MB Khalid Ibrahim's expos√® two days ago [read h e r e], DEIG has joined the list of Malaysians' four-letter words. Mr Liew Tan is just one of scores of online people hitting out at Azmin and pro-DEIG politicians like Selangor State Assembly Speaker Hannah Yeoh after it's been made known the new entity is just a RM2 company with two shareholders, "hiding" suspiciously behind the MB Inc., etc.  
Read Malaysia Digest's Is a scandal brewing in DEIG?  
Me, I don't think YAB Azmin will be losing much sleep over this. If Arul Kanda, the 1MDB boss, can turn public perception towards 1MDB around in such a short period by  tirelessly engaging the various stakeholders and remaining focused on the rationalisation plan, the DEIG will be akin to a walk in the park for the seasoned and savvy Azmin.
Just make sure of two things, YAB: 1. that YB Tony Pua, the rabid critic of 1MDB, does not bark at the DEIG or tries to bite him; and 2. the pro-Opposition media toe the line, i.e. turn the other way, focus on 1MDB, the ringgit slide, USD700 million "donation", etc.
As for Khalid, lucky you, he's no Tun Mahathir ...

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  1. Anonymous7:57 pm

    If it is manage properly, what is the problem? PETRONAS reports to PM by law.

    Problem with 1mdb is that it was not manage properly. And the guy who is responsible refuse to be accountable.

  2. Anonymous10:58 pm

    wait,,, i thought .. like arul kanda said.. there is nothing wrong with 1MDB.. surely rocky you should get some news which support DEIG?

  3. crusader8:33 am

    It is imminent for Najib to leave Putrajaya the only question remains is how soon ? The Umno scum is already a minority elected government not to mention the gerrymandering plus the support of all the 'partners'. And now the scums in Umno are fighting amongst themselves, as a consequent what will be left of Umno ? The end of the tunnel is near and hopefully a more descent regime will come out of all these scandals after scandals.
    After blatantly impeded all the attempts to investigate and to look into the whole scandal Najib is now using the advantage of an incumbent PM, that he must have learnt from his mentor. Again please remember he was hand picked someone who has a track record of failing in everything he touches. Especially all the policies he implemented during the 22 years as PM. The trees and plants he planted are now starting to bear the kind of fruits they are. He never trained or prepared the people he put in the civil services and worst of all he gave them 'tongkats and wheelchairs' just to show he was helping them. When in fact he was out to destroy a whole generation or even two with the 22 years he was in office. He did these just so they get the wrong impression of what he was doing was to help. When the truth is he was covering their mouth so that he was able to continue stealing and robbing them all in the name of being a Malay. He succeeded to become the richest man in Asia may be also in the world. He also succeeded to make one his sons a multi millionaire or even a billionaire and another a MB even though the position of the MB is about to be removed !
    He is now also using the already empty in deficit national coffer he is putting his hands in there to bribe all the lawmakers to help keep him afloat. These are indeed a very desperate man trying everything just to remain in power, nevertheless with all these he can only delay his departure but he still has to go. Take it from me at the end of all these scandals one thing or sure will emerge, all the jumping 'frogs' from the cabinet will emerge to reveal their true colours. So sad and so bad, just pray hard you will not have to join the lusty Anwar in jail and be careful what might happen to your backside !

  4. Anonymous9:08 am

    1mdb proven to be a mess due to mismanagement and incompetence. It is not the same.

    When DEIG take a debt of 42 billion and we can revisit this.

    This is no longer critical and incisive. Dah macam Harakah reporting sekarang ni. Rocky wartawan yang terrer ke dulu? What happened?

  5. Anonymous9:55 am

    Datuk....look for their carpet.Its all under their carpet.All the sh..s really are under their.Its really getting rotten and smelly down there.

  6. Boleh lah Najib relax sikit bila media beralih arah liputan kepada Azmin. Betul kata Dato Rock, Khalid Ibrahim bukan petah berhujah atau berkata-kata macam Dr.M.

    Kesian juga Najib ni termakan desakan isteri.

  7. Datuk Rocky, boleh tolong promote ;