Sunday, August 30, 2015

And the Real Bersih Hero is ...

The silent majority is not always silent. 
This gutsy lady is an example.
Some BERSIH4 supporters (or "Bershit species", as she calls them) thought they could intimidate her because they got the numbers and she was a lone tudung-ed woman in the train
Well, I say they ended up with shit (pardon the pun) on their faces!
Brutal. Funny. MUST SEE!


  1. Anonymous10:07 pm

    Difficult to equate a single woman on a train to be the whole of a "silent majority". Sounds like a Wanita Dumno

  2. Anonymous10:19 pm

    This woman is wanted

  3. Anonymous10:21 pm

    "If you take my picture, I will sue you!"

    Hahaha, the quality of UMNO education system.

    Malu la.

  4. Anonymous10:55 pm

    Of course an ignoramus can always be anything, even a hero.

  5. oh please la Datuk Rocky

    Takde orang pun bergaduh, it was a verbal exchange of words, and you know what, kudos for the bersih supporters in that train for not calling out vulgarities, makcik tu pulak bershit2, baguih betui mulut naaa

    takpa, bersih mmg tak perfect pun, but i support their right to assemble.

    and tgk la boss hang Datok, apa...Bersih 4 haram...tu dia...sampai lagu tu nak pakai Islamic angle...

    and you know what Dato...i met you many2 moons ago at the national press club...
    Kask Aina was there tu....but what i saw there forever changed my opinion of you ever since...and i se enot much has changed...

    good luck in defending the boss

  6. Anonymous12:35 am

    Could I be missing something here......? Looks like an extremely foul-mouthed woman sounding off like she owns the whole train. Betina nie cari pasai aje. The guy off-camera is just being tolerant of her. She might need a whole train compartment for her ego, I think? Or mebbe like she says, she's d only 1 who pay tax in Malaysia? Heh hehe.....hero? Nahhhhhh. Zero, maybe.

  7. Anonymous1:37 am

    Oh shit Rocky..You post her picture here..beware she will sue you...really

  8. Anonymous2:40 am

    Kata nak menegakkan freedom of speech.. Bila Makcik ni bercakap marah pulak... Apa la orang Malaysia.. Jerit nak demokrasi ...tapi tak faham maksud

  9. Anonymous2:42 am

    Wonderful Kak....

  10. It's amazing to know that you still think najib have the so call silent majority support with all the reactions towards him. I can understands if the corrupted politicians choosed to be in denial like that because that is the only way they can survive.

  11. Anonymous8:01 am

    Rocky. Kenapa DSN tak biarkan siasatan diteruskan untuk membersihkan namanya? Mengapa beliau mengambil tindakan drastik untuk memecat AG Gani? Tukar task force MACC? Pecat TSMY & Shafie Apdal?

    UMNO semakin bercelaru.

    Mungkin UMNO rasa akan dapat undi orang kampung, tetapi kegawatan ekonomi yang sedikit sebanyak berkait dengan DSN akan membangkitkan kemarahan rakyat. Semakin hari semakin ramai orang diberhentikan kerja. Yang miskin juga Melayu dulu. Melayu bandar semua berkampung. Bila isu ini dibawa balik kepada di kampung, wakil rakyat ataupun derma BRIM tidak cukup. Harga barang-barang semua naik. Macam mana nak tarik pelabur ke Malaysia jika DSN berperangai cam diktator sekarang?

    18 bulan tidak panjang. Jika nilai ringgit turun, kesan kenaikkan harga barang akan dilihat dalam tempoh sebulan dua ini. Saya bukan TS Shahrir boleh dapat 1 juta dlm personal act. Nasi goreng Mat Maslan pun tak boleh afford. Sekarang syukur kalau boleh makan nasi berkicap dengan ikan masin.

    Kata Ekonomi kukuh tetapi peniaga semua merungut sales turun selepas GST. Apa cerita ini? Hampir tiap minggu ada pekerja kilang kena buang kerja. Naza, UEM, JVC, Motorola. Tanyalah Mydin apa sales dia.

    Kamu ada kabel kat DSN. Saya tiada. Merana kami jugak. DSN perlu selesaikan masalah ekonomi negara ini. Jangan asyik tabur duit untuk org UMNO sokong dia. Duit tu masuk kocek dia orang sendiri je. Takde bantuan yang sampai kat rakyat.

    Sekian terima kasih

  12. Anonymous8:40 am

    That's why Malay is a doomed race under UMNO.

  13. Anonymous9:46 am

    Satan worshipers like you will never get it. So stick with the bugis pendekar tanpa teloq and burn with him. This lady is just another example of BTN brainwashed melayu.Kata islam is their religion but support corruption, corruptness, thieves and liars.

  14. Anonymous9:59 am

    Nahhh ... she is just voicing her opinion.

    The real hero is our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir who NEVER felt that #Nothing2Hide security threat.

    He knows the demo is majority ANGRY Chinese but because of his true and great love for Malaysia, he risks his and his wife's well-being to appear at the crowded areas in his sincere attempts to get rid of that lying and thieving PM.

    Even Tun Siti Hasmah lent her voice, unusual for her. That shows the state of Malaysia.

    And you are still blindly supporting kangkung nasi kangkang.

  15. Anonymous12:05 pm

    serve them right BERSHIT species. kudos to the lady; she represents me as well!! the problem with these BERSHIT species is that they think that Malaysia is a failed state; yea right. wait till the go to Iraq, Libya, Syria, Greece or other problematic countries. I m not a supporter of the government, but i just couldn't tahan with the BERSHIT species antics. common la; is our country that bad ka? look around la.. no body dies of hunger rite? everyone can still make a living peacefully rite? how come the banglas, the indons etc. flock our country to make a living. even the PRCs, viets, etc. also come.. so what's the problem with our country ha? so BERSHIT species please wake up and open your eyes very very wide ok. this is a peaceful country with great future. if u guys think this government is no good, wait till the next GE14 and vote them out la. till then, just give them a chance to fix whatever problems that exist now.. happy merdeka day..

  16. Anonymous9:33 pm

    Go are one brave lady....

  17. Anonymous12:31 am

    One single lady could make those guys feeling lost. Right or wrong they couldn't handle her even in numbers. Some need strength in numbers while some can act alone and still express their piece. Colourful Malaysians and I am sure there are many more from all divides.

  18. Anonymous1:05 am

    Makcik nie buat malu orang melayu. Dia tak belajar adab. Cakap emo and meroyan tak tentu pasal dalam LRT. Macamana bangsa lain nak take you seriously? and this is your Real Bersih Hero Rocky? Pigi la mabuk!

    1. Anonymous7:47 pm

      Nak harapkan kamu mmg la tak boleh buat mcm lembu cucuk hidong. And your innerself is bersih.?

  19. Anonymous9:51 am

    The Bershit supporters and their ball less act..

    It takes only one small makcik to prove this.. lol.

    all the hypocrisy about freedom of speech when they are calling names to the makcik when she speaks..

    The Bershit supporter should just shut their mouth and go to die..


  20. Anonymous2:58 pm

    rocky rocky all your integrity gone to smithereens

  21. Anonymous4:23 pm

    Typical chinese reaction. From Tianmen Square to the Financial District of HK. Protest. Look down on other people. Call the party representing the Malays bodoh. Guess what. Why don't you ask the Malays what they REALLY FEEL about you. I'll give you a hint. Unlike The Star, they do not think Tun Abdul Rahman is the best PM.

  22. Anonymous7:39 pm


    In you eagerness to share this you have completely ignored this Lady's request to privacy which she mentions in the video repeatedly and put it on a blog that can be viewed and will be viewed by thousands.

    So you agree with her views but don't give a shit about her privacy even when she herself request it?

    You have made her into another tool in your propoganda efforts

    Syabas Rocky

    First Badlisyah Abdul Ghani and now this...


  23. Anonymous3:39 pm

    Its kindergarten all over again.

    Whole bunch of people ganging up on one while others can't be bothered to come to her defence for her right to speak.

    Ironic. Shameful for so called freedom of speech activists.

  24. Anonymous4:31 pm

    If I were there, I would help in her defense. The voices came from male, but they were emitted from the bullying species who were seemingly blinded by their ambiguous cause but clear egos.

  25. Anonymous6:10 pm

    Cant agree more with her; BERSIH's bullshit. The rest I dont care to listen.