Friday, July 03, 2015

Najib promises "full force of the law" against latest "outrageous" allegations

3 July 2015

"In recent months, various allegations – all unsubstantiated, and many simply outrageous – have been directed against me and my family.‎

These attacks began when I refused to implement Tun Mahathir’s personal demands. I refused, because I do not believe it is right for Malaysia to be ruled by proxy.

Tun then created a crisis when he recklessly claimed that RM42 billion was missing from 1MDB, when in fact these are audited debts backed by RM51 billion audited assets.

The latest allegation is that I have taken state-linked funds for personal gain. I believe Tun, working hand in glove with foreign nationals, including the now discredited political attack blog Sarawak Report, is behind this latest lie.

Let me be very clear: I have never taken funds for personal gain as alleged by my political opponents – whether from 1MDB, SRC International or other entities, as these companies have confirmed.

 It is now clear that false allegations such as these are part of a concerted campaign of political sabotage to topple a democratically elected Prime Minister.

At no point have those making these allegations offered any evidence. All we have heard is that these allegations are based on leaked documents and unnamed investigators. Not once has the source of these documents ever been shown, neither have the documents themselves been provided for verification by lawful authorities.

As we now know, a number of the documents on which recent allegations have been based were reportedly doctored. The person who was leaking these documents is under investigation by authorities overseas for attempting to extort and blackmail his former employer. This says a lot about the reliability of the documents, and those who are using them to damage our government and our country.

Those who continue to mount these attacks should be prepared to face the consequences of their actions. These gutter tactics - in some cases criminal tactics - to overthrow the government will fail. Where appropriate, they will be met with the full force of the law.

It’s a shame that these false attacks motivated by self interest come at a time of unique opportunity for Malaysia – with our Chairmanship of ASEAN this year, and the prize of developed nation status around the corner. I will stay focused on the work of nation building for the people."


  1. IT.Scheiss1:00 am

    I am keeping an open mind on this issue and would like to see Najib present evidence which refutes these allegations and sue the parties responsible.

    It would however work against him in the public mind if the government were to close down publications or arrest editors, even though I do not think much about these publications.

  2. Anonymous1:14 am

    Its about time PM comes out swinging . He's been quiet for far too long. No more " rope a dope" strategy.

  3. Anonymous1:30 am

    ask you BB to saman lah WSJ! LOL ..... anyway WSJ ain't THE MOLE doh! :)

    "I have never taken funds for personal gain....", so mr. pm have you taken any funds? once you answer that, if yes, let us know for what use? hahahaha hohohoho


  4. Anonymous2:02 am

    do it , just dont talk.....

  5. Anonymous2:29 am

    So everyone else was lying and slandering? Only najib was telling the truth? So, what is the truth, Rocky? Why is it so hard to come by? The whole country is reeling from this 1mdb fiasco. Demonizing Tun wont make the 42b debt disappear. Just go for the truth rocky. Think of the 30 million malaysian citizen and not just najib.


  6. Anonymous3:03 am

    Really? Then prove it asap...hehe

  7. Bg saya najib yg paksa kami terima bulat2 mengenai tuduhan2 yg dikeluarkan. Kami rakyat bawahan yg terbeban dgn polisi2 najib seperti gst, harga minyak dan lain2 isu yg berlegar di sekeliling najib. We're just not happy with him, so we tend to believe any bad thing that people tell about him. If we're happy with him and agrees with all his policies i don't think we will believe this kind of story that easy. You know, if we love someone we would like everything about that person, but if we hate someone we tend to believe any bad thing about him. So, before it's too late better remove the person you don't like and get a new person who we might like to replaced him.

  8. Anonymous5:52 am

    Anon 1.14

    Fully agreed. Those morons who still refuse to open their otak can go and main layang layang. Well done Bru

  9. We'll see...becoming much more interesting evry second...

  10. Anonymous6:05 am

    I will believe it when i see it. PM often (and many of his cabinet too) talks tough but then nothing happens. Public confidence of the current administration is really low.

  11. Anonymous7:46 am

    Najib sound just like a typical dictator from a 3rd World country. Developed nation? ASEAN Chairmanship....everyone RAKYAT in MALAYSIA KNOWS whether we are developed nation or not and current hardship everyone is facing. Don't live in fairyland la Najib. It is not due to you we are going to "developed" nation and don't USE THREAT!! such as this against people. Opportunity for what...PLEASE ANSWER 1MDB questions and where the money goes, and how much is being taken. We as Malaysians lost trust in you as our PM, and you don't fit to be PM of Malaysia. You should get the hell out as soon as possible. If you take a poll now, I don't think you even gain 30% confidence of people to lead. Get out before the whole BN & UMNO collapses

  12. Anonymous8:34 am

    Yes.kindly sue WSJ.Reuters.Bharian Singapore. Dr Muzi

  13. charleskiwi8:40 am

    Both Najib and his wife is very good at suing but in this instance why are they not doing what they are very good at ? At the incumbent PM who in the cabinet or in civil services would dare to contradict what he has to say , that is if they wish to remain where they are ? They can continue denying what they are being accused of but these aren't enough but should prove to the people they are nothing but lies. In fact the proofs will instead get him make him a more creditable PM.
    He should now start an investigation on the repugnant, avaricious and crafty half breed Mahathir on his hidden wealth and should even hold special unit to trace where the hidden wealth he has hidden and also to look at the many atrocities this crafty old fox committed over the 22 years as the PM. Najib shouldn't have any difficulty doing that, the government have all the means and the resources to do that while he can. After all everyone it is public knowledge that not only he is known to be Mr. 20% and also he is the greatest pretender and a person with the greatest selective memory in the history of Malaysia .In fact many people will be more that happy to expose the many abuses this 'chap chong' had committed over his tenure of 22 years as the PM.
    Najib should know the best form of defense is offense, what is Najib waiting for ? Unless the half breed knows something a lot more momentous that Najib cannot afford to have it being revealed. But regardless of what that might be, all these exposures weather they are eventually to be proven to be true or not by the half breed about Najib can only be good for the people of Malaysia. Especially coming from his once mentor, and most important of all they are all coming from a former Umno president. It only exposes how corrupted the ruling region is and that alone should be sufficient to have Umno kicked out of Putrajaya after 58 years, since independent, holding on to Putrajaya. Now you know where all the revenues from the black gold have gone to !

  14. Anonymous9:37 am

    This is the works of mamak gang.

  15. Anonymous10:26 am

    Is the worst allegation in the malaysia political history during the holy month of Muslim. DEAR BRU ROCK..pls ask Dsn not just come with denying statement n blame Tun..but brave to bring the court and sue Wsj and Sarawak Report. Challenge like Panglima Bugis.


  16. damansaraman10:49 am


  17. Anonymous11:16 am

    If you cannot reason with them, arrest them.
    Welcome to the Pengecut Years.

  18. Cmon ye Pahlawan Bugis

  19. Anonymous12:30 pm

    Time to take action on Madey, daim and company.

  20. Anonymous12:44 pm

    I bet he wont sue WSJ in a foreign crt, more so Tun. Ballsy he aint. He has to accept that it is high time for him to resign and face the music

  21. Anonymous1:09 pm

    DSN must take certain action not only denying what being accused.

  22. Anonymous1:16 pm

    Najib did not use the money for himself! He said dat. Good enouf for me. So who stole it?

  23. Anonymous1:48 pm

    if it is not true , please sue and don't talk cock! don't be NATO.Sue them till the last cent.

  24. charleskiwi2:02 pm

    Najib is so use to having Utusan reporting the untruth or at best only the half truth, he must have the illusion that the WSJ will also do the same. Now that he is saying that he will sue the WSJ but saying he will is one thing but doing it is another. Therefore lets just wait and see what he is going to do at the ultimate end of it all.
    The repugnant, avaricious and crafty half breed Mahathir is not only trying to continue running the country by proxy and the next thing he will do is to rule Malaysia from the grave shortly. He will, no doubt demand that his son be make the eventual PM thus leaving behind his legacy. Already Najib has succumbed to his desire that his son is made the MB of Kedah and in this respect Najib must be full of regrets to have given in to this demand. But it is not too late to have him removed not only from this position but also from Umno. That have to be the reason why the 'chap chong' is hanging to as the member of Umno.
    Lets hope and pray that this quarrel will go on and on for it only exposes all the dirty tricks Umno is using to stay in power. And most of all how all the scums, both the present and the past, in Umno are getting richer and richer at the expense of the people. Some. like the crafty half breed are trying to project himself to be as frugal as he can while Najib can only reveal himself to the world how imperious he and his family can be.
    Right now just wait and see if he is really going to sue WSJ like he said he will, just remember saying and doing it are two different things all together !

  25. Anonymous2:45 pm

    "I have never taken funds for personal gain"

    Sorry but that is a very careful statement.

    It should be more like, "No monies ever came into my bank accounts".

    Saying I never taken funds for "personal gain" really implies that the funds came in and could have been disbursed elsewhere.

  26. Anonymous2:50 pm


    As the MACC, AGC were also implicated in the article by WSJ they should be the first ones to come up with a statement denying all that was written.

    JPM advisors come on, keep up or loose the game.


  27. Dr. M should sue Najib for his belief that Dr. M is working with foreign entities. Where is the proof? I want a videotape of Dr. M talking to WSJ on this.

    Despite all this, the main issue is Najib's incompetent in incurring unnecessary loans and the way he goes about doing it. He should be accountable and resign solely based on that reason.

    If he fights this and win, it does not change the fact that he is incompetent.

  28. Anonymous5:38 pm

    9.37am,12.30pm, Pro ahjibgor comments so sickening, they are spastic retard from mars