Friday, July 31, 2015

Apandi to Clare: What sheet are you talkng about now?

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“T‎he alleged charge sheets are not in and never reached the Attorney General’s Chambers. Furthermore, the format of the sheets is not  correct ..." - A-G Apandi Ali on Sarawak Report's latest claim that his predecessor Gani Patail was about to serve Najib Razak a warrant of arrest when he was sacked.

Remember the doctored pic that was used by Najib Razak's opponents to try and implicate him in the Altantuya scandal and stop him from becoming the PM? The image was sooo bad that we didn't know if we should laugh or cry. And yet, some Malaysians fell for it. 

Fast forward to this week: the Sarawak Report published what it said was a draft charge sheet for Najib Razak and claimed that this was the reason why the PM had sacked Gani Patail as Attorney General.

Clara's charge sheet

It's a desperate attempt on the part of Clare Rewcastle Brown to salvage whatever's left of her tattered reputation. She knows that the Sarawak Report is not going to succeed in toppling the Malaysian Prime Minister. So she was out to embarass Najib Razak and David Cameron during the one-day working visit of her Prime Minister to Malaysia. 

New Attorney-General Apandi Ali was quick to expose the scam [Claims by SR a threat to Malaysia's democracy, says AG]. But some Malaysians are helping sell Clara's sheet to the really gullible among us because it serves their own agenda.

1. Sarawak Report not a good liar after all, by Jailani Harun, 31/7
The seasoned journalist describes Clare's latest as "another dirty stupid stunt by Sarawak Report". He quotes the deputy Solicitor General I Datuk Tun Abdul Majid Hamzah.
2. Sarawak Report siar dokumen fake!!! by The Unspinners, 30/7

Fake vs Ori
3. Zeti is alive and kicking, by Dave Avran, 30/7
The crime-buster ridicules talk that the Bank Negara governor was also sacked or going to resign.
4. Malaysian Digest's round up:


  1. Anonymous9:21 am

    How could it be possible for these charge papers produced when there was no record of Najib ("the accused") being called in for questioning in the first place.?

  2. Hahhahaa

    rockybru you're trying real hard to defend najib in what ever means. Lets hear out from ghani patail himself about this. But that will never happnes right because you know yourself what gonna happnes to him if he make a bold statement about that. If najib can fired him from his post just like that to stop the prosecution from happening i can not imagine what is gonna happens to him if he tell the truth. If you really have a solid argument, give me good and decent reason why on earth he was fired in the first place, please don't tell me it's a health issues. Muhyiddin was fired i'll try to understand that, but without a solid reason the AG who is currently investigating his biggest fault just get fired like that mesti ad udang or more accurate 1mdb di sebalik mee. Don't you think???

    Before this, you and your gang also did not believe what was published by SR. The 2.6 billion ringgit cash deposited into najib's personal bank also was denied initially. But now, you people can believe and take it as nothing wrong with that as long as its not from 1imdb. Who give the fuck where's the money come from. A bribery still a bribey!!! If someone really love najib that much and want to help him to stay in power then tell us what is the deal between najib and the pak arab. Tak kan FOC kut!!

    you think we're that shallow and stupid to believe the new AG's statement who was appointed by the man who is deep shit right now to cover his ass. Hell no!!!

    Early this year i still believe in najib and trust him. In fact i almost hate mahathir for his words to attacks najib. But now, i hate him as much as i hate and loath anwar ibrahim.

  3. Clare that still blare... what's next ?

  4. Anonymous11:56 am

    Many sick Malaysians owe an apology to Mr. Najib

  5. Anonymous12:54 pm

    The shit created by Najib....

  6. Anonymous1:06 pm

    In every investigation, during the midst or at the end of an investigation, the IO will prepare the draft charge which is later submitted with the investigation paper to the Prosecutor for approval. Any fool knows that draft charges can be prepared on any clean sheet of paper. Only when the Prosecutor has consented to the prosecution and approved the draft charge, would the IO prepare the formal charge sheet in a form issued by the Courts...& not the AG Chambers. He will then file the formal charge sheet in the court. AG Chamber officers never prepare draft charges or the formal charge sheets in their entire life. It is all the work of the IO. Tell this to Apandi...

    I think in the 1MDB case, since Gani Patail was hands-on, on the investigation, he must have assisted the IO in preparing the draft charge.

    FYI, 9:21 am

    An example for you:

    If Jho Fatboy is in Taiwan, yet enough evidence accrues from investigations to justify his arrest and charge, it's entirely legal for that paperwork to be done. The paper trail may be clear enough. You seem to be confused between draft charges, eventual arrest, and enforcement.

  7. Anonymous1:25 pm

    I hate Najib but I don't condone slanders.. Facts is all i'm interested now, Najib does not fit as a PM.

  8. Anonymous3:17 pm


    Apologise for what? He still not answering about USD700 deposited into his personal account plus all stink investments done by 1MDB.

    Please explain to us what is 'just unit'? Only sick person can understand that investment defined as 'just unit'

  9. so what happen to PAC people.... wah wah wah... 4 PAC promoted to minister post..
    a stupid person with an open mind cant read the motive...
    next week investigation on 1MDB officials has to be postponed... Damn...
    najib so powerful
    lastly what in return did najib promised his US700 million sponsor? ops sorry... its just FREE money...
    hemm Malaysia oh Malaysia and rakyatnya... today already RM1 = US 3.833

  10. Anonymous4:12 pm

    We have acquired the secret draft charge sheet documents, which Gani Patail was in the process of drafting ( from SR)
    Rocky do you understand what a draft is??
    Taken from cambridge dictionary:Meaning of draft: a piece of text, a formal suggestion, or a drawing in its original state, often containing the main ideas and intentions but not the developed form:
    Faham..what a draft means??. Why else was the AG unceremoniously axed?? Now we know....

  11. IT.Scheiss5:58 pm

    Gani Patail come out and say whether that draft of the charge sheet shown in the photo on Sarawak Report's site is valid and fits the correct from and wording or whether it is not.

    Otherwise, all this speculation one way or another is just a latter day version of coffee shop talk in the "Internet age".

  12. Anonymous6:56 pm

    Oh well, the former AG was the same man that soooooooo many people accused as cannot be trusted lah, dah kena suap lah, barua lah, and mcm2 lagi lah, especially when the former AG was prosecuting brother Anwar. Some even claimed that it was the same former AG that caused Malaysia to lose Pulau Batu Putih to singapork, konon babitkan rasuah juga. Tak percaya tentang dakwaan itu, silalah bertanya kepada Mastermind Langkah Kajang, si Rafizi Ramli yang siap nak laporkan kepada pihak berkuasa Hong Kong.

    Sekarang, the same group of people are demonising Uncle Najib for the former AG's removal? Please la, don't try to pull a YTL-esque kind of righteousness boleh tak? Nanti Clare Sarawak Report jealous gila.


  13. Anonymous9:07 pm

    Sometimes people just want to believe want they want to believe. Like religion. Once a position is dug in, nothing can extricate the believer from his delusion.

  14. Anonymous9:42 pm

    Tuduhan nya: Najib tibai duit 1Mdb sebanyak RM42 Billion dan masukkan dalam akaun peribadi.

    Kehendak mereka: 1. Mengaku YES or NO.

    Jawapan Najib: Dia tak ambil duit dari 1Mdb untuk kegunaan peribadi.

    Pengakuan Muhiddin Yassin: Duit dari MIDDLE EAST berjumlah USD 700 Million (RM2.6 BILLION)

    To all lawyers and judges what is your verdict from the case above?

  15. Anonymous10:02 pm

    Bad news...AG that is supposed to be neutral has follow the path of "undermining a democratically-elect leader". So what to expect from an ex-Bendahari UMNO Kelantan and an ex-UMNO candidate?

    From now on it is not about corrupted leader, CBT and heist of the century of the nations's coffer but it will about shooting the messenger and purported coup-detat.

    No chance for the truth to prevail.

  16. Anonymous10:39 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Even all 28 million Malaysians (including the newly born & the rest of the people in this world) says that there is nothing wrong for our PM to receive such huge amount of money from the Pak Arab(s), please comment on this:-

    1. What is the money being used for and is there any string attached to it?
    2. Why the sudden changed of the AG who is heading the Task Force?
    3. Why were 4 members of the PAC including the Chairman, who are still busy with their jobs, to look for the truth on 1MDB being pulled out and appointed as Deputy Ministers?
    4. Why was the sudden changed of the CID chief?

    And please Rocky; don't ever equate criticizing a country leader with bringing down the government. You & your blogger gangs have been criticizing Pak Lah, he goes but the government stays.

    Being a seasoned & respectable reporter, please don't ever take sides, you may lose you dignity.

    May Allah bless you

  17. Anonymous10:56 pm

    Najib-Zahid; the best team ever assembled.

  18. Anonymous1:20 am

    Well guys, dont all of you have any decency to rebut Bebas called? I know this is your blog, and you have whatever reasons not to reply to Bebas. But in all honesty, what's makes all of you any better than the opposition guys that you've ridiculed since beginning.

    I know you cant possibly explaining all the things that had happened. Frankly speaking, you cant because the whole things doesnt jive and unconnected unless you begin to suspect something amiss. Then will you smell the rotten one.

  19. Anonymous8:13 am

    Rocky,do not distract us from the main issue..
    The money indeed in najib acct. Even ministers confirm that.

  20. Najib, I want to apologise to you. I am not sick though.

    You do what you want.

    I just live here.

  21. Alyaniff4:27 pm

    Dear bebas, you talk so much but unfortunately it came out as crap. We are talking about SR stupidity in thinking us Malaysian as stupid for churning out half baked so called draft of arrest warrant. Tengok sekali pun dah tau its fake. Format tak sama, no authority stamp on it. If you believe that document than im sorry, i have to call you stupid as well. Well done otak rumput!

    1. Dear alyaniff,

      as much as you think i'm the one with the otak rumput, i feel the same about you. How on earth someone still believes in najib and whatever he and his dumb ass minister were trying to explain to make it look it is okay for a PM of a country to receive 2.6 billion ringgit in the name of donation for his party. I cannot and will not accept that at all. If you're so smart do explains to me why ghani patail was fired when he was investigating the case??? kalau u blh jwb soalan yg tak terjawab oleh menteri2 penjilat tegar then you should be on the list to be the next ass licking minister.

  22. Anonymous7:15 pm

    "I wish to inform that the UMNO constitution provides for the party president to have a trust account on behalf of the party. It is not impossible or surprising if the (current) UMNO president and previous presidents have a trust account for the party" - Rahman Dahlan.

    This shows that the allegations (fund deposited to PM,s account) is most likely true.

  23. Rocky, the pic. Yes the Pic. You are comparing a Charge Sheet with a Warrant of Arrest?

    You know the difference?

    How can you compare a proverbial Orange with an Apple?

  24. Anonymous2:27 pm

    According to PDRM, they are investigating " kebocoran maklumat rasmi kerajaan..."
    So what official government info was leaked? If fake, nothing got leaked lah!

    Are we getting a new IGP soon???

  25. Anonymous8:30 pm

    Anon 11:56am : that would make 99.9% Malaysians...

  26. Anonymous11:12 am


    The first two sentences of your blog contradict!

    If the charge sheet are not in, how then can AG Apandi state that "the format of the sheets is not correct ..."?! Was/were the sheet/s in or not?

    Had he been dropped on his head before to have caused some apparent brain damage?

    - IAAM -

  27. Anonymous3:55 pm

    Stop Talking. Only question is "what happened to the money?". Did Annuar steal it? He is in jail. Riight? What about former DPM? No? Then where is it? Everythign else is just rubbish - sandiwara saje! Rocky knows who took it. So does everyone else except our brave Polis.

  28. Anonymous7:53 pm

    You know the photoshopped photo of the two razaks and the former model, well have you seen the faces below the photoshopped edit? Just saying

  29. Anonymous8:47 pm

    Did you read the MACC's report today?

  30. Anonymous9:35 pm

    Then why are they questioning about the so-called charge sheets?

  31. Anonymous7:37 am

    Tell your boss to quit , the kampung people might believe his bull shit but investor do not. He driving investor money away and ringgit is tanking. No way in the world, international investor would want to work with a thief.

  32. Anonymous2:00 pm


    Aren't you overdue to do another supremely lazy cut & paste job from some other blogger about the "donation" that "clears" your paymaster?

    Kena buat kerje sikit la bro.......

    Retainer bulan Ogos belum masuk lagi kan?

  33. Anonymous4:30 pm

    Some policemen kill a woman brutally with C4 and the court just sntence them without questening further. I think the people of this nation has intelligence LOWER than an amoeba. Underdeveloped brain.