Thursday, July 30, 2015

Muhileaks: What the latest video grab proves ...

Muhyiddin: I asked him (Najib) from whom? He did not mention siapa nama dia, from somewhere in the Middle East.

Berapa banyak? Lepas tu dia ..(inaudible)... susah nak kiralah. Dia kata 'a lot', 'a lot'. Then saya kata kenapa masuk account you? ...(inaudible)... kenapa masuk account Najib Razak? Duit berapa? 700 million US dollar. Kalau kali tiga point something... 2.6 billion that goes into his personal account. Ini dia sebut. He admitted. So I said why did you put into your personal account? 
Read the Malaysiakini's piece h e r e.

This is the second "leaked" video since May featuring former DPM Muhyiddin Yassin talking behind his boss' back (he's still Najib Razak's deputy in the party) and people are saying there will be more, not as many as Wikileaks but enough.

If Muhyiddin is to be believed - on the part that Najib had accepted money from a party or parties in the Middle East - then what it really proves is that Wall Street Journal's insinuations that the US$700 million had been 1MDB's money were simply not true.

This is important.

We've been hearing stories about how the money had come from sources in Abu Dhabi, parties that wanted Najib Razak's government to continue ruling Malaysia. Muhyiddin has now confirmed that this is the case. That the money did not come from or belong to 1MDB.

In his official responses to WSJ's claim, Najib has maintained that he did not take any 1MDB money for personal gain, that the Wall Street Journal 's aim was to incite malice, backed by certain quarters in the country whose aim is to make him step down as Prime Minister and Umno president.” [Read full story h e r e]


  1. Anonymous6:30 pm

    I thought I would never see the day I'm posting to your site. I'm not a BN supporter. Never was. Probably never will be.

    But, I will call bullshit when I see bullshit. This video is one such thing.

    I posted a rebuttal on Out Syed The Box and said the ex DPM was just a chicken shit hiding behind some purportedly video being captured surreptitiously about some alleged conversation between him and Najib about some unsubstantiated admission about the money being in the account.

    I said that the ex-DPM should come right out and say it, and better yet, make a SD. Like our friend in Manchester did. All these "I heard him say this and that" allegations are utter crap.

    Guess what? My comments were edited and made to say a different thing.

    I posted a similar comment in the Malaysian Insider article about the IGP steering clear from commenting on the leaked video

    Guess what? My comment was deleted.

    So, one site that purportedly wanting to encourage thinking won't allow it. And one site that is a bastion of opposition politics cannot stand be opposed.

    I suppose people cannot help it. No one like to hear opposition. Even the opposition.

    Looks like there is no room for middle-of-the-road sensibilities.

  2. Anonymous7:03 pm

    Dude, seriously?

    "We've been hearing stories about how the money had come from sources in Abu Dhabi, parties that wanted Najib Razak's government to continue ruling Malaysia"

    So foreign govt and people can now give money directly to the Prime Minister of Malaysia so that he can continue to be in power. So he is now an agent of a foreign govt?

    So, everyone in Malaysia boleh dibeli termasuk Perdana Menteri.

    Welcome to Malaysia - Endless Possibilities

    Let's roll out the red carpet so Singapore and China can also give money to the Prime Minister if not already.

    Is that why we lost Batu Putih and are keeping so quiet when the Chinese Navy continually breaches our territorial waters?

    Thanks Rocky for defending the PM with more twisted logic.

    Waiting for your next take on things with bated breath.

    Actually going to have a cigarette instead

  3. Anonymous8:50 pm

    WSJ never claimed the USD700 million was from 1MDB either. What is important did Najib receive millions into his private account. That is against the law.

  4. Anonymous9:17 pm

    Dulu bila Najib baru jadi PM dia akan melaung
    Rakyat sambut
    Rakyat : SATU MALAYSIA

    Sekarang bila Najib melaung
    Rakyat sambut
    Rakyat : DALAM BAHAYA

    IItulah 1MDB yang sebenar.
    1 = SATU
    D = DALAM
    B = BAHAYA

  5. Anonymous9:33 pm

    No further comment your highness.The money is proof to be not taken from the people of malaysia.

  6. Mazlan10:11 pm

    Clutching at straws is what I would describe your analysis
    Any PM or Head of government in any other democratic country who has over a Billion dollars deposited from foreigners into their 'personal' bank accounts would either be hauled in by the Police, investigated and resign.
    Taking such huge sums of money from foreign interests and putting it in your account is clearly unacceptable and breaks some clear banking rules.
    Whether it came from 1MDB or not - do you expect Najib to sue WSJ ? I doubt he wants to admit in court that the sum was larger and that is really did go in his account.

    I hope you have not joined the hit squad out to kick Tan Sri Muhyiddin when he is down.....

  7. Pernah dengar the word "conduit"?

  8. Anonymous10:55 pm

    is this the best u can do ibnu atan ?? pathetic ! your days r numbered too. just like kalimullah once.

  9. Anonymous11:29 pm

    Exellent, now all you need is Tuan Haji Hadi and Jamil Khir Baharom along with Perak Mufti Harussani Zakari to halalkan this transactions and all can be good.

    We can go to sleep nothing all is well in Malaysia

  10. Anonymous6:07 am

    Unloved@6:30 p.m.

    "Looks like there is no room for middle-of-the-road sensibilities."

    Naahhhh not motr but half-baked IQ

  11. Anonymous8:21 am

    Money doesn't necessarily have to come directly. It can go around the mountain, thru the jungle, cross the ocean, and finally lands on that guy's lap. The source of money is still the same. Ada faham ka? Not about technicality.

  12. Anonymous8:48 am

    Now that we all agree that the pm did received rm 2.6 billion in his account. So we are the point ascertaining where is the source. If not from malaysia, which foreign country has bought of pm and umno ?. What is the foreign country purpose of having najib around? Could it be isreal funded arab or American funded arab. For that large amount of money to flow into the country, no red flag at bank negara ?. They are major moral issues for pm to accept such large amount of money from unknown source ?. Surely our pm is smarter than to take money into his personal account from foreign country?. I think the pmo need to cook up a better excuse . You guys make pm look like he is on payroll of foreign country. Maybe it is a payoff to sign tppa. Hello umno blogger when the act is wrong, no matter how much spin you put on it does not go anywhere.

  13. Ko org ni kelakar's ok for G. Soros menyalurkan duit pada PEMBANGKANG tapi bila NAJIB punya kes kalo betul pun tak leh pulak....HIPOKRIT GILA LA LU ORANG...... gue nggak so kong mana mana pada aku semua PENYANGAK .....kita je diperbodohkan oleh PENYANGAK PENYANGAK yang bergELAR POLITESEN NIE.....

  14. Anonymous11:02 am

    If Najib is innocent just place his cards on the table and show his bank account. Why go to such lengths to enable his opponents to bring all kinds of charges to tarnish his image, thereby loosing his credibility and calling his bluff. What happened to the intention to sue the WSJ? The deadline is over and gone.

  15. Anonymous2:00 am

    hey stupid if really the money goes into najib's ambank account u think ambank employees wouldnt snapshot the statementn spread it around hahhhh???
    and u think Bank Negara wouldnt trace it hahhhh???
    if you think Najib so jahat n sneaky blablablabla he would have shown it to the other ministers instead of quietly having his time of life eith all that 2.6billion hahhhh???

    percaya sangat lah cakap TSMY tu....haprak lah korang satu gang.
    Hey u know what probably they are just playing monopoly or other online games lahhhhh.....fikir dgn otak boleh?

  16. Anonymous9:33 am

    Good journalism Rocky. Your teachers will be very proud of you

  17. trifling-jester8:43 am

    Anon 2:00 looks real stupid right about now. What excuses now that najib has confirmed the money went into his account?