Monday, June 29, 2015

Dumbwits on dumbing down

Or dumb and dumber. Pardon my language, this being the holy Ramadan especially. But reallly, I don't know whether to cry or laugh at some of the opponents of the 1MDB/Prime Minister. The latest being their antics over the Kampung Baru mosque. I mean, if you are going to be a rebel, at least be a smart rebel. Don't we have enough morons already?! 

To see their absurdity, first please read what The Malaysian Insider reported on 5 Feb 2011 [note the year, please, that's more than 4 years ago]:

"1MDB will contribute RM20 million ..." - Najib, Kg Baru redevelopment begins with local mosque upgrade

A bit of background: Kg Baru, a Malay reservation within KL, has always been a tug-o-war between the BN government and the Opposition. In 2011, with the general election looming, it became even so. Kg Baru falls under the Titiwangsa parliamentary seat which was won by Pakatan in the 2008 general election. In the 2013 GE, BN led by Najib wrested the hotly contested constituency from Pakatan. Now you may or may not wish to credit Najib for this victory but it did happen under his watch and the Kg Baru redevelopment plan may have something to do with it.

Fast forward, June 2015:

See what I mean? PM Najib had announced the Kg Baru mosque plan in 2011, even before Mahfuz's ex-comrade DAP's YB Tony Pua started making 1MDB his personal and political punching bag, and way, way before the mantle was passed to Tun Dr Mahathir and Zam.  

Read also: Helen Ang's Cina TM @ Youtiup is J-Star Editor's Choice, 29/6/2015, inspired by this tweet:


  1. Its been a long time. Redevelopment of Kg. Baru, was never reported again since then.

    Normal people may forget but Najib's political enemies will always be on alert. Putrajaya, remember ? Rafizi told FMT that he got the info of that the MARA deal. Another cocktail molotov?

    We always been feed by politics of perception by the smart pembangkangs. Their groups of media is very effective, hand in hand, working 24/7 without fail.

    The big question. What happened to Umno's and Najib's media ? Where are they ?

  2. Anonymous10:21 am

    No its not dumb Rocky. Yes everybody know the project was started in 2011. Unfortunately its completion now is untimely when 1MDB is embroiled in crisis over its MO which mainly is using borrowed money to do business and investments.1MDB should not have used this as a big promo. Non regular mosque goers will just not understand the strong sentiment of using 'shubaha' money to build mosques.
    Some may even see this as simillar to Berjaya announcing that profits from their Pools business are channelled to charity.

  3. Belajarlah menghormati dan menghargai pendapat orang lain.

    Apabila buat kerja bangang tanpa disedari, hanya kritikan yang sama bangang juga dapat memberi sedikit kejutan dan kesedaran - Equal weight.

  4. Anonymous12:00 pm

    Jangan berlagaklah melayu.

    Berapa banyak masjid, surau dan majlis ugama di biayai dari derma taukeh-taukeh cina macam lee rubber, vinvent tan dll.

    Zam ni lama-lama ku lihat tak berapa cerdik

  5. Anonymous12:11 pm

    When he announced the masjid development back in 2011, Najib was already well into his 1MDB intriques wasn't he - from all the evidence that has emerged so far? Hence Zainuddin Maidin's poser about "people with two faces" is not without credibility, Rocky.

  6. Anonymous12:20 pm

    Sudah2lah zam .. you are out of touch. Your informer is useless and your observation from putrajaya presinct 8 is hazy

  7. To clean up sins... RM24 M zakat paid by FGV recently

  8. Anonymous1:46 pm

    Anon 12.00

    Macam ler Melayu tak tahu niat kenapa Vincent Tan, Lee Rubber, Genting sponsor Masjid kepada Melayu... Dalam kepala Cina tidak ada sumbangan 'IKHLAS' punya!

  9. Anonymous2:34 pm

    buat masjig guna duit hutang? LOL


  10. Anonymous3:32 pm

    Dato' Rocky, I have been a fan of yours for a long time coz I like your style of being neutral ...... right is right & wrong is wrong. But lately, you seem to have changed a bit. Be your own self bro & don't ever fall into the trap of prepaid or post paid as OTB use to say. Mast Zahir & Batin.

  11. Anonymous3:56 pm

    Nice try.

    Was this the same Yayasan 1MDB that has no qualms about accepting haram cina gambling money from Genting, then using it to bribe voters? Sue la the WSJ, if untrue. Hard to find a scapegoat for this one, ke?

    Who's dumb and dumber?

    Who really thinks that your brain-free paymaster isn't try to suck up to orang melayu again after the debacles with Mara, FGV and Tabung Haji?

    Datuk Tuan Man is right on the money with calling this desperate bluff.

    Your paymaster is a desperate man right now.

    Who's dumbest?

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  13. Anonymous6:00 pm

    Pencen lah latuk zam. Dah kenyang pun. Tak perlu menabur fitnah dimerata tempat.

  14. Anonymous6:16 pm

    The way you, a top news editor, write and argue you points on this issue leaves no doubt about your "true" capability.

    Your position at the top is unquestionably 100% thanks to NEP.

  15. kulop lopaz2:46 pm

    saya bersam zam ..... ucapan pm di masjid itu jelas.