Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Why Nazri's "stupid" remark isn't stupid at all

Stupid to discuss Hudud: Nazri 

No room for discussion. Some in the social media are mocking the "stupid" remark made by Nazri Aziz with regards to Hudud, but Nazri (or "Chief" as he's called by the Umno faithfuls) is actually one of the smartest persons in his party and one of the most consistent: as a party member, he has the track record as a fearless defender of the party President to the extent that he would attack even a former party president if he had to. Remember how vicious the Chief was when he attacked Dr Mahathir Mohamad to defend the untenable Abdullah Ahmad Badawi? 

Well, I heard he'd made his peace with the Tun a little while after Najib Razak became PM. I'm not sure if Najib had put him up to that, knowing how Najib is with respecting his elders but, as a result, we've seen less of Nazri's attack mode in the past couple of years. The "stupid" remark is probably the strongest words that have come from the Chief in a long while. It is also probably the harshest on those who back the PAS' Hudud.

But we cannot and must not take Nazri's remark at face value. The Chief is not implying that all of us are stupid for discussing the PAS Hudud. His words are, really, meant for his colleagues in the Barisan Nasional, those making all kinds of statements - some stupid and some even threatening - as if Umno and BN under Najib Razak's watch were really going to embrace PAS Hudud. 

If you notice, Najib hasn't been discussing Hudud, not openly at least. The prominent blogger Annie does not think this is a sign of weakness; on the contrary, Annie thinks that the PM is handling the Hudud issue really well: Najib being smart on hudud (March 24)]. 

"[Najib] is staying out of it and letting the Pakatan people, especially DAP and PAS to continue whacking each other over the nonsense. DAP in particular is now very anxious to drag BN into the rig as they needed PAS to get distracted by whatever official stance BN will come out with on the matter."

But sooner or later, the PM will have to spell out his (and BN's) stance on Hudud: that PAS' dream will NOT be implemented in Malaysia as long as he's in charge and as long as the BN rules. That has always been the stand of this Government since the start. It's one of the few things that unite even political foes like Dr Mahathir and Musa Hitam! Where Hudud is concerned, there is no room for discussion. And that's what Nazri is actually saying. 

p.s. Helen Ang thinks that Najib will eventually cave in to the pressure for Hudud to be implemented throughout Malaysia. I think if the PM allows room for negotiation on the matter, that would probably be the outcome. Read her Okay, bye ... for now.


  1. charleskiwi12:49 pm

    This is one of the few men who dares to speak out against the repugnant and avaricious Mahathir. I have said for that alone I will vote for him when the occasion comes.
    There isn't someone amongst the Umno schmucks that has such audacity. It is very sad that he has now made peace with the half breed.
    Just like my post about LKY being deleted, I didn't use any foul language but is still being deleted. Nevertheless I always knew that expressing the true feelings will meet with such actions. Please remember there are other areas one can express his feelings without being vulgar and personnel.

  2. We have the real thing but rather simulation is the best training afterall. Good to implement since we have the path / directory to keep the big training file.

    Stupid and "dungu" Which suits best ?

  3. Anonymous1:59 pm

    The Foot in the Mouth Minister has Spoken!!

  4. Yes, Najib is being smart on hudud. He is even smarter to bring in the hudud issue at this particular time - it detracts from the 1MDB issue. See, no one talking about the 1MDB now.

  5. Anonymous4:52 pm

    Tak payahlah kau nak BODEK si mamat-LIBERAL-BANGANG/BONGKAK-si GALAK-PELUK-gong engDAPBANGKAI tu, ni jenis Islam/Melayu apa - menteri pula tu! Sampai begitu sekali dia MENGHINA ISLAM/umatnya! Dia ingat undg-undg Perlembagaan melebihi/lebih tinggi taraf dari undg-undg SYARIAH; sedgkan ISLAM adalah AGAMA NEGARA, mengikut undg-undg perlembagaan pun! Lihat artikel BERNAS ini di, percayakan-hudud/ , Orang Gila Macam Nazri Sahaja Yang Tidak Percayakan Hudud, 24 March, 2015!

    Patut dah lama diPECATkan si mamat ni - tengoklah PELANCONG/PELABUR diagungkan lebih dari rakyat sendiri, sampai yg. si PENDATANG KAPIR-amat BIADAP bukan main bermaharajalela kat NEGARA ISLAM ni; termasuk mempromosikan budaya SIAL Barat-Zionis depa sesuka hati cthnya iklan GERGASI-PORNO di kedai baju-dlm. ala-PELACUR di VIC-secret di 'mall' Nu-ZIONIS baru kat sentral tu!

    Nek Tempoyak.

    1. Anonymous9:46 pm

      Meroyan la hang tulis.

  6. Dear Charleskiwi,
    I share your feelings about the Chief. He's consistent, at least. Principled that way.
    Your post about LKY deleted from my comment box or elsewhere, pls? Because I don't think I deleted any comments on LKY.


  7. Anonymous5:13 pm

    And u too charleskiwi always hung up on Dr M...

    Grow up la... Get him out of ur system...

    He is one cool dude not affected by your same old story...

  8. Anonymous5:15 pm

    Why are you sad Chief made amends with Mahathir? Keep your stupid hatred with you till you end up 6 foot under. You moron banana skin Kiwi...

  9. Anonymous8:07 pm

    "Jgn.lah mana-mana si Islam/Melayu-LIBERAL-BANGANG nak asyik hina PERKASA; kerana asyik nak BODEK-mcm-KULI kat PENGGANAS/PEROMPAK ANTI-ISLAM/umatnya dari si KAPIRDAJAL DAPBANGKAI BABI anak beranak mahupun laki-bini amat TAMAK tu, nak tunjuk merekalah TUAN/‘MADAM‘ kononnya kat TANAH MELAYU ISLAM; pusaka nenek moyang berzaman kita ni dan kita BUMIPUTERA Islam/Melayu ni KULI depa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Rawrrr grawwrrrrr grrrrr

    Sorry, neural damage.

  10. Anonymous9:08 pm

    To me he is an idiot. I. D. I. O. T.

  11. Anonymous9:35 pm

    cannot imagine malaysia without the twin towers, f1, putrajaya, lrt, highways, proton,klia. all ideas of mahathir. what did you contribute?

  12. Anonymous1:14 am

    when 3/4-stupid dengar hujah 1/2-stupid...apa2 stupid pun nampak x stupid

  13. Anonymous7:18 am

    In your haste to convict and condemn others not to your liking, spewing hatred and vitriol in all your postings, you have the temerity to claim the moral high ground - that you are not being vulgar and ("personnel"??) personal.
    Well, excuse me you pakeha wannabe.
    How shallow and hypocritical can one be?

  14. charleskiwi8:15 am


    Where then is my post ? What a coincident, anyway in short what I wanted to express is LKY never marginalised anyone just to improve the chances of another, the way the repugnant and avaricious Mahathir's policies did when he was the PM.
    It is just like making sure that one runner only has to run 50 meters when the other has to run the full 100 meters in a 100 meters race. That way the winner will never ever be able to learn how to run and win a 100 meters race.
    Whereas all LKY' policies all runners will start from the same point and had always been equal in everything. That is the reason why Singaporeans are able to compete, with pride with everything and with everybody from all over the world. Whereas the half breed has only bred a generation of tongkats dependent of Malays. They are so dependent on 'tongkats' that they unable to survive outside Malaysia or for that matter when the black gold has run out. I wonder what is going to happen to these 'tongkat' dependent people ?
    Just look at the number of people that came out, in the hot sun, without being forced to just to pay their last respects to the late LKY. And I might even add that for as long as 8 hours under the sun. The leaders of the whole world have only remarked how much they have learned from this old man.
    I wonder just what these world leaders have to say of the half breed or even have the time to pass any comments about the half breed, when his time comes ? Just yesterday alone more than 40,000 people came out to pay their last respects. Under the hot sun and well into the night and even have to extend the hours when the people can come to pay their last respects to 24 hours from yesterday to friday. All these at their own choice !

  15. charleskiwi1:34 pm

    Anon 5.13 pm,

    And you know why I quote ' so hung up on the half breed ' just track where they came from, if you can. all the scandals that are taking place in Malaysia to day were started by the half breed. He set the examples of how to be corrupted and not being caught !
    He had no time to run the country, that he was 'elected' to do and you know why ? He was too busy building mega projects and all the white elephants. Just so he was able to 'collect' the mega commissions that these mega projects were able to come up with. Most important of all, to make him the richest man in Asia and
    also his son the billionaire he was.
    Singapore does not have the twin towers and all the white elephants and why is it they are one of the richest nations on earth ?

    Sad to say from dust they came to dust they will return, and he is to day no billionaire anymore. Malaysia to day will be for sure a richer nation, even richer nation than Singapore, may be not a better nation than Singapore. If it was not all the corruptions that are going on and on.
    One other thing, you might not know, LKY was invited to address the U.S. Senate whereas the half had to pay just to shake the hands of the U.S. President. For sure he can dream about it but just dream and dream about being invited to address the U.S. Senate ?

    Anon 5.15 pm,
    Is that all you are good at ? Calling names ? Is the half breed able to make amends with anybody ? The half breed is so full of himself and I might add that it is only full of hot air.