Thursday, March 26, 2015

All's not well at Angkasapuri ...

Why nobody's interested in The Malaysian Insider. Nur Jazlan Tok Mat's Public Accounts Committee's discovery at the Multimedia and Communications Minsitry [RTM's news centre without equipment, The Mole 24 March] wasn't all that shocking, actually.  
Shabery: Lacks support
For years, Angkasapuri has been dogged by talk of shady deals involving senior ministry officials and serious baggage as a result of a generally corrupt system. The extremely hardworking Shabery Cheek was facing an uphill task from the first day he became Minister; now I hear not all is well between him and Jailani Johari, the Deputy Minister that most of us have heard very little of, remembered by yours truly and fellow bloggers as one who was helping run the MCMC like a fiefdom once upon a time. 
JJ, well remembered at MCMC
"The Ministry is too small for two of them," said a pal recently, who reminded me that Shabery and JJ both hailed from Terengganu.  
At Bernama TV*, staff have regularly not been getting paid regularly. and there's no solution in sight. It's not a new problem but somehow these people in authority have allowed the matter to fester. They did appoint a professional to head the MCMC with a view of empowering the Commission after JJ had left (and later promoted to Deputy Minister) but recently his contract was mysteriously not renewed. Since then very little has been heard of M C M C ... 
And now a three-year old, RM100 million news centre that has no equipment! 
Is it a wonder then that nobody seems to be keeping an eye at all at what's happing in our cyberworld, at what kind of malicious half-truths and nonsense our people are feeding on? 
As of this morning, on my short blog roll alone, the same tales that reflect poorly on the Ministry:

p.s. Bernama TV isn't the only tv station having a hard time. ABN, which burst into the limelight just a little of two years ago, is not having such a good time either. A friend complains that he has not been paid for two months and that people are being forced to leave. ABN is owned by Kenneth Eswaran, whos said to have close ties with Rosmah Mansor, the PM's wife. But then they say that about anything else that they don't quite agree with them. don't they?


  1. "Broken lines, broken strings
    Broken threads, broken springs
    Broken idols, broken heads
    People sleeping in broken beds
    Ain’t no use jiving
    Ain’t no use joking
    Everything is broken"

    (from Dylan's 'Everything is broken')

  2. Hidden hands maybe. Too much interventions. Nobody cares no more. Damn they do, them they don't... he..he.. puaka !

  3. same game, different name. same shit, different day.

    same old same old...

  4. Anonymous12:15 pm

    You are right about ABN. The staff have not been paid for the past few months. The foreign workers that they employ are treated like slaves. They lock up the hostels where they stay by 9pm. KE better known as a wife stealer.

  5. Anonymous4:44 pm

    From head to tail, this useless government is corrupted to the core.

    Pity the poor melayu that they are being conned high time for voting in all these Melayu thieves,

  6. Anonymous5:00 pm

    Inilah akibat si kaum PENDATANG PENGGANAS KAPIRDAJAL Anti-Islam/Melayu asyik diberi muka MEMANJANG, mcm. si KANGKANG BABI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pemimpin Islam/Melayu-LIBERAL-BANGANG/BONGKAK/PENAKUT, si PEMBODEK PENGGANAS Anti-ISLAM/Melayu - dah dirosakkan minda, hati dan akhlak mereka oleh pemikiran/budaya Barat-Zionis; apalagi bila ramai BERKAHWIN dgn. ejen-ejen PENYAMAQ Barat-Zionis dan KULI-KULI depa dari DAPBANGKAI-PKRSODOM, dlm. pelbagai RUPA; terutamanya menggunakan UMPAN wanita cantik/lelaki tampan yg. tidak lansung mencintai ISLAM/umatnya!

    Maka jenerasi muda akan datang, dari baka-LIBERAL-paling BAHAYA ini ini akan terus MEROSAKkan NEGARA ISLAM ini!!!!!!!!!!!!!!