Thursday, January 22, 2015

Zam takes Media Prima to task for editorial onslaught on veteran Umno leader

"Maybe they (Media Prima) will allow Anwar to campaign for BN in the next general election ..."
Thurs, Jan 22: Zainudin Maidin has kept his word about not blogging anymore on Malaysian politics but he didn't say anything about NOT talking about it. In a no-holds-barred interview with The Mole yesteterday, the former Utusan Malaysia editor and ex-Information Minister blasted Media Prima, whch owns pro-government TV3 and New Straits Times, for employing Opposition leaders to attack one of Umno/BN's, Daim Zainuddin.  
He describes Media Prima's attacks on the former Finance Minister "ugly and distasteful".  
Johan Jaafar, who succeeded Zam at Utusan Malaysia back in 1992 (Anwar Ibrahim had just replaced Daim back then as the Umno leader in charge of the mass media), is chairman of Media Prima.  
But Zam's wrath is unleashed not necessarily at Johan ... 
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  1. charleskiwi8:30 am

    It is now revealed and confirmed that AI knew or shall I say he had evidences that Daim was corrupted. Why then didn't this man didn't come up with all of his evidences all these years ? Why only now ?
    Therefore it is sound to say everyone in Malaysia, especially the Umno morons and also the lusty AI. Now you know why this country is heading towards bankruptcy for sure. The dropping of the oil prices is just a reflection of things to come.
    What is going to happen when the oil completely stop coming, At least it is now paying Petronas US$40- per barrel, what is going to happen when the oil completely stop coming, it isn't an endless commodity ? You don't need to have the brain of a primary school child to know that. Yet no action or no provisions were and are taken to ensure that when that day comes Malaysia are prepared for it.
    You call the past several Umno PMs, especially the repugnant and avaricious Mahathir, who is supposed to be a doctor, did nothing to prepare for that to happen. In his 22 years as the PM why was only interested, I repeat why was this doctor only interested to build the many mega projects in this country ? Why didn't he see the need to set a side something for the days when oil will inevitably run out ?
    I tell you why he was only interested to build those mega projects because they carried with them the mega 'commissions' that made him the richest man in Asia.
    Yet so often he would proudly claim to be very prudent and frugal with his expenditures, he only has 200 shares of MTC after so many years as a doctor and most of all as the PM of Malaysia for 22 years. Just one question, why is he annually going, without fail, to London even at his old age and ill health ? Again you don't need the brain of a secondary student to know why. He goes there just to audit his hidden ill gotten wealth. Just you wait and see he will continue to find an excuse to visit London or Europe annually to audit his vast hidden wealth. He has to, under all circumstances, it has taken him all sorts of risks to amass the fortune ! Sad to say he will never get the chance to take them or even a small percentage of it along with him when he finally gets to meet Allah !

    1. Anonymous7:51 am

      You moron has been trolling all political blogs spewing hatred towards UMNO especially Mahathir. What are you? A puny asshole who has an axe to grind with Mahathir all these years? Go back to the worm hole you crawl out from and hibernate and die!!

    2. Anonymous9:11 pm

      I don't know whether to laugh or to cry reading what you wrote.
      If only you knew how incredibly stupid and moronic you sounded.

  2. Anonymous9:59 am

    It is a real shame TS Zam .
    It is not that you are defeatef , it is more of you putting up a WHITE FLAG .
    You are a GIANT in this media and people are looking up on you and yet you choose to raise a WHITE FLAG just because of rats ?
    That tiny winny rats .

    Very sorry for being harsh ...... but dont be like a dog running away with tail between the leg .

    All your adversaries like communist WCW , UltraKiasu LGE and sex maniac ANUwar are grinning all the way ....

    Aint no Charlie ...
    Aint no Quiter too ...