Thursday, January 29, 2015

Our own George Soros?

Updated, Sat 31/1/2015
Najib Razak was asked yesterday about cyber talk of an attempt to undermine the Malaysian economy and currency by our own citizens. The PM said his government will act against the saboteurs, if the claims are true. "We have to obtain the evidence first ...".

The full story:
Najib: Govt to act against economic saboteurs (The Star)

Then you hear Ahmad Maslan, Najib's Deputy at the Finance Ministry, asking the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission and the central bank to launch a probe into the claims. Why the MCMC? Because, apparently, Ahmad Maslan said h e r e, the "saboteurs had been speculating on the currency unit through the social media to keep it weak." 

I am speculating that the authorities already have the evidence and are just waiting to strike ...

Original article, Fri:

The allegations leveled against Tong, who shot to corporate prominence when Anwar Ibrahim was Finance Minister, are fantastic. I didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. But then I remembered that that was how we reacted back in 1997 when we were told about George Soros. We didn't know any better then; do we, now?
Some people are taking the "expose" by the new blog seriously. I have no idea if Bank Negara is actually monitoring Tong's movements closely, as suggested in the, but they should not take the issue lightly. Not because I think Tong is actually capable of doing what George Soros had allegedly done during the 1997 financial crisis (and to the sterling before that), but because it had been attempted before and the results, as we all know, could be devastating. 
Ex-money trader A Brick in the Wall pens his thoughts on the expose in his latest posting Economic Sabatogeurs Rising up to the Occasion), in which he mentions some familiar names including Rashid Hussain.


  1. Anonymous5:04 pm


    A US$1.4 billion bet against the Ringgit is enough to break Bank Negara?

    Remind me again - what are BNM's forex reserves?

    And how does one take a bet against the Ringgit when it is not traded offshore?

    Oh, btw, ABITW should improve his spelling. It's "saboteurs", dude!

  2. Anonymous6:52 pm

    Hantaor balik kampong lah ahpek chibai ni.


    1. Anonymous6:11 am

      Bodoh punya manusia......We have a Stupid Idiot Finance minister......tahu berhutang je

  3. Anonymous7:58 pm

    Rocky you are promoting and putting a link on to this rubbish site written by the notorious 'Ahrily90' known assassin of the PMO?

    Shame on you

  4. Anonymous8:53 pm

    ABITW is semi-literate.

    Ignore him.

    PS: Latuk, were u in Davos?

    Then you would know that the linggit's flee-fall is not caused by anything that one person could possibly do.

    If your paymaster don't pull his finger out of his ass soon, 1MDB's upcoming explosion is gonna scatter financial faeces as far as Pluto.

    "Finance Minister I"? LOL!

  5. Anonymous11:16 pm

    Anon 5:04. Makes you think huh?

    If $1.4bil is enough to destroy our currency value, our banking integrity must be very poor to begin with.

    All of a sudden all at once we have pro-BN bloggers, FB sites, and online websites blaming that fella for the fall in our ringgit. It reeks of a planned media campaign with an all out release date.

    And the source? A recently created blog with only two entries on it. The same tactic we tried to use during the Pulau Batu Puteh court case in the ICC.

    No wonder Najib called his own bloggers 'bangang'.

    Someone needs to be the scapegoat for a falling ringgit in tandem with falling oil price. As usual blame speculators. The same tactic we tried in 1998.

    1. Anonymous6:13 am

      Najib call umno blogger Banggang......rakyat call him a Banggang Finance Minister.....really a Kankung PM

  6. IT.Scheiss1:44 am

    Perhaps Malaysia may have to peg the ringgit and make it non-exchangeable overseas again like Mahathir did in 1998.

    Not just this guy but any big time speculators can do damage to Malaysia's economy and hurt all of us, including small businessmen and workers, so their efforts much be blocked.

    That said, all other kinds of financial hanky panky must be stopped too, since that will also adversely affect our economy and us the ordinary folk.

    As for attacking a writer's points based upon spelling mistakes and typos is cheap and is the last refuge of the scoundrel who has no better counter argument.

  7. Anonymous3:59 am

    The sheer neutrality of this man is breathtaking, kan?

    Two of JibbyBoy's biggest headaches right now:

    a) The economy is in deep shit

    b) Our longest-serving PM is pooping on Jibby's head.

    So what does ahrily90 do on his "blog" (it barely qualifies as such?)

    Yep, he whacks Tun mercilessly, and tries to re-channel blame for Jibby's economic disasters.

    Oh rily, Ah rily?

    You are no better than Datuk Rocky Bru, although Datuk Rocky is a much handsomer man than you, Ahrily.

    Stick that where the sun don't shine, Ah Lee Lee.

  8. Anonymous7:39 am

    Buy Rocky lunch and he will let u have anything he can offer?!!

  9. Anonymous7:56 am

    Hi IT. Not really. Speeling and grammer is what tends to make a write-up or piece whether to be taken seriously or just to be stomped on and thrown into the bin.

    Can you take what i say seriously when i cant get the basic right? At the level of abitw, his paymasters (if he has any) should expect more.

    Spelling here and there due to the proximity of the keyboard is ok but downright misspelling is a big NO.

    But i agree with a user above who thinks that this is orchestrated to cover the value loss of the ringgit due to mismanagement and some other stuff. However i do not agree that the 98 was also a coverup.

  10. IT.Scheiss10:51 am

    Hi Anonymous 7.58

    "Hi IT. Not really. Speeling and grammer is what tends to make a write-up or piece whether to be taken seriously or just to be stomped on and thrown into the bin."

    I do not reject someone's points based upon their spelling and grammar.

    I guess that is because I am more interested in the content instead of the form.

    To me, shallow minded people like newspaper editors make big issue with spelling and grammar (the form) over content (the points).

  11. Hi All, lets put a stop to this kind of writing, we dont need anymore of these kinds.

  12. BNM patut sudah tahu... boleh di kategorikan "persona non grata" sebab beliau "lebih duta" kepada negara asing menjahanamkan Malaysia...

    OR "instruction" from somebody to pay debt. - jika tidak salah tekaan... just imagine, his portal still "spin" day and night, freely.

    OR just making more money, soros style.

  13. Anonymous2:35 pm

    Always looking for someone to blame, these banggang bloggers. You should just accept there is a crisis of confidence and that this is nothing to do with one man.

    1000 persons who transfer 1 million each overseas to a foreign currency account has the same impact. Get your facts right. Stop eyeing the money that PMO is paying you guys.

  14. charleskiwi7:55 am

    Have you ever heard of 'little knowledge is dangerous' especially if it is coming from someone who is biased in his expressions and opinions.
    As I always say a real and a good journalist would write and express his view without fear or favour !

  15. Anonymous12:24 pm

    A good one bro . We need to highlight this sort of unscrupulous dealing to the public as much as possible .

    The UltraKiasu DAPig gang attempting to destabilise the country by manipulating all the fact and figures . This Tong KO fellow knows he is getting strong support not only from UltraKiasu politician but also from that Extreme moderate fellow from bintang paper WCW . You see , the comment in the bintang paper is only in tiny winny column . Hardly make any impact .

    Of coursen this TongKO fellow will forward the money gain to UltraKiasu DAPig taiko wife for the formation of Republic of Chinese Malaya in Penang .

    All decent and concern Malaysian should be aware of this situation and should take all the preventive measures to avoid any financial and social crisis from reoccuring .

    KDN .... it is your call now.

    Aint no Charlie .

  16. Anonymous1:36 pm

    Hey kiwiboy:

    "As I always say a real and a good journalist would write and express his view without fear or favour"

    Datuk Rocky does express his view without fear or favour.

    He just won't do it without money, that's all.

  17. Anonymous1:51 pm

    That source is a joke, just one fucking article on the blog and the whole media picking this up and claiming that as a source. Seriously, this is some really stupid shit.

    1. Anonymous10:10 am

      BRAVO! Truth does hurt and and I can see that you are really hurt by the allegation.

  18. Anonymous2:18 pm

    Bila orang Melayu sibuk nak berjihad di luar negara, orang Cina pula berjihad untuk kuasai ekonomi dan negara ini. Bila orang Melayu sendiri berpecah, menghina raja dan pemimpin mereka sendiri melalui blog dan media baru, orang Cina guna blog dan media baru untuk bersatu dan kuasai politik negara melalui pilihanraya umum. Siapa sebenarnya yang buta, pekak dan tuli?

  19. charleskiwi6:07 pm

    Just for the benefits of the young ones, in 1965 when I needed to buy Singapore dollars I only needed .97cents for a Singapore dollars.
    Now after more than 50 years under the rule of these Umno morons' administration it is just the opposite, you now need 2.67 ringgit to buy one Singapore dollars.
    What is happening a little island with nothing behind them and yet their currency is getting stronger and stronger. Even America trust them so much that they send them US$1- billion of new currency for exchange purposes. Why is it Najib is unable to convince Obama to do the same for Malaysia ? After all Najib must be able to do that when he can play golf with him in Hawaii.
    This is indeed a reflection of what a shamble this country is in, no doubt all the Umno morons must be laughing all the ways to the foreign banks when their ill gotten gains are converted into ringgits !

  20. Anonymous8:02 pm

    The PM is serious about going after "economic saboteurs"???

    Wah, lau - that's like giving hedge funds an open invitation to target the Ringgit.

    Does Bank Negara have enough firepower to take on a bunch of hedge funds?

    Memo to the PM: if you have a rock-solid economy and ample reserves, you won't be targetted by hedge funds.

    Because, like sharks, they can suss out the wounded and smell the blood in the water.

  21. Anonymous3:20 am

    "Jgn.lah mana-mana si Islam/Melayu-LIBERAL-BANGANG nak asyik hina PERKASA; kerana asyik nak BODEK-mcm-KULI kat PENGGANAS/PEROMPAK ANTI-ISLAM/umatnya dari si KAPIRDAJAL DAPBANGKAI BABI anak beranak mahupun laki-bini amat TAMAK tu, nak tunjuk merekalah TUAN/‘MADAM‘ kononnya kat TANAH MELAYU ISLAM; pusaka nenek moyang berzaman kita ni dan kita BUMIPUTERA Islam/Melayu ni KULI depa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Medication is expensive.

  22. Anonymous10:44 am

    All the banggang UMNO bloggers trying to deflect attention. Kalau you betul2 percaya cerita ini, tulis lah opinion anda, jangan ikut sumber anonymous . Lepas tu,.Tong will sue your pants off, then you have to go to your master for funds....

    Berani tak, blogger kangkung ?

  23. Anonymous9:06 am

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