Monday, February 02, 2015

Exposing the Malaysian Expose

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"Too timid" to try it, market players describe Tong

So who's the real saboteur? The anonymous Exposing The Truth of Malaysians ( has been getting the hits since its "blog"-buster  How Tong Kooi Ong is attempting to break Bank Negara and crash the Ringgit (Jan 28). The blog's "expose" was so earth-shattering that it was even translated into Bahasa Melayu h e r e and h e r e and quoted by numerous pro-Government portals, blogs and social media sites. The Prime Minister was asked to comment (h e r e) on the talk that Anwar Ibrahim's old buddy Tong Kooi Ong was behind the attack against the central bank and the RM and Tong himself has denied the allegations h e r e

Latest development: the Malaysian Expose attempts to weave in Dr Mahathir Mohamad into their storyline. In Wikileaks tradition, Malaysia Today's article citing the blog headlines: LEAKED CHAT LOGS INDICATE TONG KOOI ONG-OWNED MEDIA USED MARKET MANIPULATION. MORE TO COME.
"It appears that Tong Kooi Ong believes he is a political mastermind who can manipulate the “Old man” (Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad) to be used in his efforts to destroy Malaysian economy for his own multi-billion profiting Soros style attack ..."
I've been asked if the PMO (Prime Minister's Office) was behind the Malaysian Expose because people wanted to believe that Najib Razak is doing this. I said I wasn't privy but the approach neither look nor sound like PMO, to me. More and more, though, the blog looks like it's run by people who don't really know the fundamentals of how the currency market works, let alone its intricacies and intrigues! 

So if you ask me, I'm as inclined to believe that it could be a Black Op by Anwar's hit men and women like Rafizi Ramli. Why? Well, to discredit the Prime Minister and the blogs that support him, of course!

For one, USD1.4 billion to short the ringgit from August last year to January 2015 is such a fantastic sum. Fantastically small, that is. Miniscule. You need ten times that amount to cause a ripple.

I hardly know Tong. Used to cover him as a Business Times reporters back when Anwar was DPM/Finance Minister; other than that, have had no links to him whatsoever. But those who know him personally and as a fellow market player said the dude is "too timid" to be attempting anything that woudl tantamount to breaking the mighty Bank Negara or  crashing the Ringgit. 

To break a central bank and crash a currency: you cannot be timid.

So, if anything, what the Malaysian Expose has managed to expose, I'm afraid, is - yet again - the gullibility of us Malaysians.

Well, most of us, that is.


  1. Anonymous4:17 pm

    So, what is Utusan Malaysia barking about?

    Is the paper's "Awang Selamat" an expert on forex markets and hedge funds?

    No wonder bankers and financial industry analysts in the major banking and financial centres regard developments in Malaysia with bemusement, if not amusement.

    But it isn't funny when you are trying to convince foreign investors that Malaysia is a good place to invest in.

    But, of course, the Utusan types don't have to worry about such things.

  2. Anonymous4:41 pm

    Rocky Brute,

    If there is anybody who is Gullible...Its You.

    With your pitiful lack of Knowledge of Finance You have exposed your gullibility for all to see!!

  3. Anonymous7:31 pm

    all you need, interesting stories with conspiracy theory, timing, and of course the negative perceptive of malaysian people.
    put it in a opposition portal and slap it with rakyat wants to know! to make it more effective, put it in some western tabloid. there you go.

    ps. you need of course an army of one person with 20 facebook, twitters ID and walaaa!! you got 1000users who like and somehow believe the stories are true.


  5. Anonymous9:36 pm

    Latuk, O Latuk.

    Sekarang nak "reverse spin" pulak? LOL! You nih…

    "More and more, though, the blog looks like it's run by people who don't really know the fundamentals of how the currency market works, let alone its intricacies and intrigues!"

    But…….that didn't stop you from reblogging Ahrily90's first set of lies lock, stock and barrel, eh?

    Ahhhhhhh, Latuk.

    Like a wrinkled old whore in the back lanes of Lorong Haji Taib (I'll introduce you), you sit there like the faded old matriarch of Malaysian political blogging, wallowing in your growing irrelevance.

    Only your dashing good looks bring us back (I say that platonically, not in an Anwar al-Juburi kinda way).


  6. Anonymous11:55 am

    Looks like Tong is "grooming" to be the scapegoat for 1MDB failure to honor loan repayment and the real threat that actually cause the ringgit depreciating.

  7. charleskiwi12:41 pm

    It is well known that not only little knowledge is dangerous but to touch on a subject that you know very little is to advertise to the public how ignorant the writer is .
    Shame on you and worse of all you are bringing shame onto yourself and your kind.
    On the subject of sedition just look at what the minister wrote and decide for yourself how selective is this monkey business of sedition is.
    It is another prove of what this Umno schmuck is, when confronted typical of these morons they will, as usual, come up with all kind of excuses. Why don't these schmucks be brave enough to admit what they have said !

  8. Anonymous4:38 pm

    Too timid , my ass .
    This fellow Tong KO is as Ultrakiasu as that of DAPig LGE gang and that as Manipulative as that of bintang WCW .

    He obviously learnt the trade from bintang man WCW to stay low and " moderate " when situation is too hot to handle . Bare in mind this Tong KO owns the newspaper and it also means he OWN all the reporter . He is deploying all these reporter as his shield to spread the words that he is a nice and lovely fellow who would not step on ants . On reality he is such a mean fellow like that of IS jihadist whan money and power is concern .

    Beware of the jihadist of DAPig and WCW .
    You will never know what's coming next .

    Aint no Charlie .

  9. Anonymous4:52 pm

    Aiyoh...this rocky dude has spin sini spin sana spin atas spin bawah sampai dah tak tau arah mana nak spin sekarang.
    So sekalang manyak konfus. semalamgua spin apa gua lupa.Ini hali gua spin pakai hentam sajalah. Mana tau sikit boleh kena.....

  10. Anonymous6:16 pm

    Sounds like me, looks like me, but it isn't say the PMO.