Friday, January 23, 2015

"Mahathir's Not My Friend" Zam says no conspiracy against Najib

Jan 23: The Mole, the news portal that I advice, has the story H E R E.

In an interview with The Mole after announcing his decision to stop discussing local politics on his blog, Zam blames Najib Razak's "media troopers and media advisers" for the Prime Minister's worsening ties with Dr Mahathir and Daim.

Excerpts from the interview:

Q: You have been blogging on politics since 2012 and had your followers. Why did you decide to stop when people are actively discussing political issues and turning to blogs?

A: I don’t think I can continue to present a clear picture.. I feel there is always an end in politics. And, I have been receiving hints and signals that are quite disturbing, so I decided it was better for me to quit. I felt that they were quite threatening. I just want to have a peaceful life.

Q: Who is threatening you? And what kind of intimidation did you get?

A: Hints here and there. I don’t like being labelled as anyone’s ally. I wish to be free because I belong to no one. There were allegations that I was involved in a conspiracy just because I had breakfast with a few people.

Q: There is a photo circulating in social media of you with people seen as anti-Najib. Rumours are that the meeting was to plan on a plot to topple Najib. Don’t you think that has put you in the spotlight?

A: The morning that (former finance minister) Tun Daim Zainuddin invited me for breakfast I didn’t know that other bloggers would be there. Daim is someone I respect, someone I never hate, even though he was involved in removing me from Utusan. I accepted it and I have no hard feelings because I’m a professional.

But as I said, I thought only Daim, (blogger) Syed Akbar Ali, (former NST editor-in-chief) Datuk Abdul Kadir Jasin and I would be having breakfast. If I knew everybody else was there, I would not have attended.

Q:  What was discussed?

A: It was just a catch-up session between old friends. We talked about the economy, national issues and other petty stuff. But never did we discuss or plan anything to bring down Najib.

Q: Some people think you are sulking and afraid of the intimidation. How do you really feel?

A: I am not sulking or scared. There are people who told me to keep on fighting. I’ve been through so much.... yes these things are exciting but in the end, you will be alone.

Q: So no one can convince you to write on politics again?

A: Maybe... this is a silent protest. But now I know who my friends are and I really appreciate them.

Q: Is it true there is a conspiracy between (former prime minister) Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Daim to bring down Najib?

A: No, they are just worried about Najib's leadership. There are a lot of things that Najib has done that are damaging. For example, he made a unilateral decision to abolish the Internal Security Act. He almost abolished the Sedition Act too but decided to keep it after some intervention.

Another example is how could you (Najib) let a man whom you despise, discredit, (whose political career) you want to kill, and you want to put in jail, but you brought him back on national TV just to strengthen your integrity? So now (opposition leader Datuk Seri) Anwar Ibrahim suddenly has credibility? Maybe next time Anwar can also campaign for BN in the election.......

Q: Do you think this is the work of the prime minister, as alleged?

A: It is his media troopers, his media advisors. And it does not matter if the PM agrees or disagrees because it has caused a large damage to BN. The people cannot separate the power that controls TV3, NST, Utusan, and we cannot say that Najib is not involved. He (Najib) doesn’t have the sensitivity. He should put a stop to this.

Q: What do you think of the coverage given by the Media Prima Group to the opposition to discredit Daim?

A: It is distasteful and ugly.

Q: Personally, do you think Daim is a corrupt?

A: In politics, no one is clean.

Q: Do you agree with Kadir’s criticisms of Najib?

A: I agree when he said Najib’s media team is not effective. For example, when (former South African president) Nelson Mandela died, Najib could not attend his funeral because he was away in Japan. But his media team did not immediately produce any reason to his absence until a few days later. Only Mahathir went. It was offensive to the Africans because we were close to Mandela.

Also, during the elections we could see people holding placards saying “I love PM”. That is just not acceptable. And the worst is the picture in NST (on Wednesday) showing non-Malaysians deeply watching Najib’s announcement on the revised budget. What do these people know about the economy? They don’t even understand proper Malay or English.

Najib also was pictured taking a ride on the LRT last Friday but that was cheap publicity. It looked staged.

Q: What do you think of Najib's leadership?

A: Weak. I’m not saying that I don’t support him but after the ISA was abolished, I felt disappointed. A lot of people disagree with his decisions. He also likes to let issues die down instead of rectifying them.

Q: What are your thoughts on blogs and social media, as well as local news portals?

A: What’s bugging me is that they have discarded the 5Ws and 1H of journalism.

Q: What would you do if you are the information and communications minister?

A: I am like (former Singapore prime minister) Lee Kuan Yew. I believe in controlling. If Singapore can control the media, why can’t we? These so-called news portals like Malaysiakini and Malaysian Insider have gone overboard and depend on rumours instead of facts. Journalists are supposed to find the right information but now that we have allowed these portals to exist, it is hard to turn back. The damage has been done.

Q: Now that you have stopped writing politics, what is your next move?

A: I have written a book “Saya Bukan Menteri”(I am not a minister) and waiting for them to be circulated in a university. I’m also writing a book called “Mahathir Bukan Kawan Saya” (Mahathir is not my friend) which will be ready in March. I will continue blogging on national issues and history, and perhaps a little bit on international politics. I also spend five hours a day in my cafĂ©. I will autograph my books people buy next door.


  1. Anonymous11:13 am

    Kesian Zam, makan kari kepala ikan raub pun jadi isu...

  2. Anonymous12:13 pm

    Assalam dato,

    Satu blog yang saya ikut melalui pautan Rocky Bru, telah bertukar arah penulisan. Semakin sukar mencari blog yang sudut pandangan berbeza.

    Rocky boleh cadang mana2 blog yg seakan blog zamkata.blogspot.

  3. charleskiwi12:33 pm

    A lot more will follow, many tales of the cats will be revealed !

  4. Anonymous12:35 pm

    Kalau tgh drive kereta dan tiba kereta lose control hingga terpaksa pilih untuk langgar salah satu antara zam dan samy velu yg sdg berada tepi jalan ....

    ...... baik pilih langgar zam.

    Samy putar punya kaki tapi dia akui dia kaki putar. Zam kaki putar juga tapi kunun wartawan beretika.

  5. Anonymous4:21 pm

    I thought that Zam didn't like Lee Kuan Yew and Singapore?

    Yet here he is praising LKY - for one thing.

    Why doesn't he praise Lee for all that Singapore has achieved after it was ejected from Malaysia in 1965?

    Why doesn't he comment on Mahathir sending Daim to negotiate with Lee about KTM land in Singapore? Remember the so-called "POA" (Points of Agreement)?

  6. Anonymous7:09 pm

    "Jgn.lah mana-mana si Islam/Melayu-LIBERAL-BANGANG nak asyik hina PERKASA; kerana asyik nak BODEK-mcm-KULI kat PENGGANAS/PEROMPAK ANTI-ISLAM/umatnya dari si KAPIRDAJAL DAPBANGKAI BABI anak beranak mahupun laki-bini amat TAMAK tu, nak tunjuk merekalah TUAN/‘MADAM‘ kononnya kat TANAH MELAYU ISLAM; pusaka nenek moyang berzaman kita ni dan kita BUMIPUTERA Islam/Melayu ni KULI depa!!!!!!!!!"

    Whoops sorry...



    "Conspiracy", not "Conspirace"

    "news portal that I advise", not "news portal that I advice"

    Nasib baik ada sub-ed dulu kat MM : )

  7. Anonymous10:02 pm

    This coming from a guy who has erections once every 5 years........No wonder he acts the way he does.....

  8. sya tak hairan kalu tgn ZAM dah mula gatal nak menulis.perkara dah jadi darah daging mana bolih kita ketepi kan.

  9. Bongekman1:30 am


    1. Zam made a very clever tactical retreat so now more people will take him seriously.

    2. PM Najib will be more precarious now as Zam is seen as victim of PMO high handed and cavalier manner in defending PM.

    3. Zam was very consistent on his view on Anwar through out his career as Utusan Chief, Minister and blogger.

    4. I think he is unable to stomached that Anwar is being used by "perkakas BN" (borrowed from Anwar favorite insult to BN Media) to strenghtened PM position.

    5. You may remember many years ago Anwar as a young Deputy Minister and just joint the cabinet, managed to built such a nice house beyond his mean for his legitimate income, Utusan run the story and opposition played the issue. Anwar cleverly explained that he borrowed money from Daim to built his house. Zam was very critical of both.

    6. I think Zam will caused more damage to PM Najib by choosing to mogok blogging.

    7. The plot is getting thicken.

  10. Anonymous5:35 am

    kawan kawan, zam cakap mmg betul esp. on najib media strategist.baru ada chrck n balance. kalau kita komplen lagi takde impact.

  11. I am a true muslim and I am not a terrorist... not even an extremist...

    Supposed Zam to say - Who are the real terrorists and extremists ? Then I read Bigdog gave the answer on his latest posting...

    Zam made a right decision. Ex-political figure that knows his limit and his freedom. Freedom that had been regulated in our heart for the past sixty glorious years. Do we dare to diminish all ? PM Najib has to answer that. He seems to lose control...

    Sad to say, sometimes he shared nuts that meant for monkeys. Enjoying the nuts, they forget the real freinds and foes right in front of him...

  12. Anonymous1:54 pm

    Journalist cannot be so think skinned and sensitive to criticism. Especially who used to call blogger as goblog.

    Its a ploy for him to chicken out. and leave Kadir and Daim....

    Cannot trust this mamak.

  13. If this is the case and in the absent of a fail safe system or gate keeper then PMO should sack those responsible at Media Prima especially TV3, other wise it will just remain a supposition.

  14. He also says that he doesnt has any real friends in real terms.........boleh percaya ka........words of a kelinga? Perhaps its best for him to go to oblivion......adios maccha!

  15. Maybe there is nothing in all this. Read Was the attack on tun daim for real?

    Click here

    Or the following url:

  16. charleskiwi7:50 am


    Remember the day when you betrayed Tengku Rajaleigh during the election between the repugnant & avaricious Mahathir and Tengku for the president of Umno baru position ?
    You sold your votes in the last minutes to the ever repugnant Mahathir for him to commit all the atrocities he did. What you are getting and about to get is just retributions of what you did. All your personal hidden wealths in CIMB will not impede what is coming for you. This is Karma and remember this is what I told you when we were in St. John !

  17. Anonymous10:28 pm

    Kalau dulu zaman pak lah Dsai "dilepaskan"daripada hukuman kini zaman ds najib adakah kemungkinan peristiwa "dilepaskan" bakal berlaku lagi pada februari 10 2015?

  18. Anonymous9:09 pm

    Now DS Najib is in charge. Let us all support him.