Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Pemandu or Bersih's Walk Against Corruption?

"The fight against corruption starts with you. If you want to help us fight corruption, don't offer bribes. When you stop giving bribes, corruption will end." - AWO, Minister in the Prime Minister's Department

In all his politeness, Abdul Wahid Omar can sound too direct, sometimes, but sometimes rude is what you need to be to get a message across. The other night, when he made the "request" that developers help the government in its fight to combat corruption by not offering bribes, a lot of the guests were taken aback. The evening, after all, was meant o honor developers for their achievements. Some admitted they hadn't expected to hear the kind of lecture from an "Umno minister. Obviously, they weren't aware that AWO is not a member of any political party even thought he's an integral part of Najib Razak's Cabinet and that there are a lot of UMNO members who hate corruption as much as the next person. I also suspected that some of the guests had felt guilty when the minister made that statement.

The last few years, the movement against corruption has been credited to those who are seemingly or clearly against the government. of the day. Nobody pays too much attention when our anti-corruption boys do good but everybody jumps at the slightest chance to take these boys - and the government - to task. 

This Saturday's Walk Against Corruption is supposed to be different: the sponsor logos show that Najib's PEMANDU (Performance Management and Delivery Unit) and NKRA (National Key Result Areas) are behind the effort. 

BUT I have to ask, why are the likes of Ambiga Sreenevasan and Maria Chin Abdullah being featured as the main speakers for the forum? Tak ada orang lain yang lebih neutral ke? We know that both ladies are staunch opponents of the government that PEMANDU and NKRA serve: despite the evidence that prove otherwise, they insist that this government is corrupt, that it has not practised fair and clean elections. Ambiga, in fact, has appeared in so many Pakatan Rakyat posters alongside Najib Razak's political foes to talk against the BN government. 

I hope somebody from PEMANDU or NKRA can tell us why.


  1. Anonymous5:22 pm

    Corruption issues are under Paul Low, so why is AWO involved? NKRA and Pemandu are Idris Jala's baby, so why isn't he issuing a foreword? Are there overlapping functions like in some government agencies? Aren't the ministers portfolios defined clearly? It's confusing when one person talks about the functions of another.

  2. Anonymous5:45 pm

    bru, I think they can't beat them, so they are joining them.

  3. can see clearly now5:50 pm

    Helen Ang already said that Najib is being eaten alive, actually he is the one sponsoring his own death, politically !!!

  4. Anonymous8:33 pm


    Take a short break from your ass-slurping and smell the roses.

    Where were the "bribes" in PKFZ, lembu-condo, Scorpene, the 12.5 billion in leakages in the AG's reports?

    It's not "bribery" that's stolen and wasted billions in our public funds, it's intra-Umno incest that's done that.

    Rewrite your reality check bro, it just bounced...

  5. Anonymous8:57 pm

    Helen Ang? That crazy deluded woman?

    1. Anonymous9:50 pm

      If she is crazy and deluded, then what are you?

  6. Anonymous9:43 pm

    Najib's administration shows clear recoqnition of ambigot and friends.
    You see how stupid Najib can be.
    Kalau macam ni tak payah lah BN sibuk2 bertanding dalam pilihanraya umum. Bagi ajelah PR perintah. Kan senang?

  7. Anonymous10:16 pm

    The PM's mind is getting more bizarre with each passing day! We will have to bear the consequences of his schizophrenic liabilities.

  8. Anonymous12:01 am

    'PEMANDU' macam ini boleh lingkup boss

  9. Anonymous12:03 am

    'PEMANDU' driving BN to doom!

  10. Anonymous6:42 am

    Remember that raiding the nation's coffers is not considered corruption because there is no "giver" of bribes. So Fei Low and his protectors can never be investigated for corruption. Only for CBT ? Treason against the state ?

  11. Anonymous7:32 am

    PI MAMPOS si HIPOKRIT-KEPARAT PENDATANG KAPIRDAJAL RASIS DAPBANGKAI/PKRSODOM serta NGO Tranparency International yg. asyik nak masuk hal-ehwal kat Malaysia ni, yg. sebenaqnya berpusat di JERMAN, pusat ZIONIS no-1 di EU - lihat di, Germany offers to represent Israel in some Muslim countries, Feb 22, 2014!

    Tengok sajalah RASUAH berleluasa kat Jerman - lihat di, LEAKED Confession: Cesspool Of Greek-German Corruption, by Wolf Richter, December 30, 2013!

    Bahkan kat Jerman yg. kononnya negara industri-no-1 kat dunia, lagi lawak! Banyak flat-flat yg. dibina oleh sy. gergasi yang MEMONOPOLI industri pembinaan/perumahan (selalunya dari keturunan Jerman terkaya, berzaman) untuk si miskin terutamanya puak imigran - dinding nipis dari 'cardboard'! Itulah jenis dunia KAPITALIS Barat/Zionis-PENIPU/PEROMPAK/amat TAMAK!

    Nenek TRUA Sambal Petai.

  12. Nak tau kejahatan DAP sila lawati

  13. Anonymous8:48 am

    How come such simple thing also its hard to explain and why nobody is doing anything to put things in iys correct perpective.

    All it takes is for the information officer in the respective departmemts to clear the air up and issue press statement.

    Don't waste your precious time listening to someone talking about corruption when their mind itself are politically corrupted and useless. Only grandmothers as guest speakers? Can expect grandmother's stories only lah.

  14. Anonymous10:03 am


    "...despite the evidence that proveS otherwise".

    See what money does to your proofreading skills?

  15. Anonymous11:55 am

    8.48 I agree with you. Must follow-up with sprm and keep on ckg our complains. Skrg tv tel with camera etc semua ada...buat je la