Friday, December 19, 2014

Malaysia's most intriguing cold case

The British claimed Maarof, who formed the first Malay bank in Malaysia, commited suicide 

They should re-open Encik Maarof's murder file. The first time I learned about the tragic story of Maarof Zakaria, the man behind Jalan Maarof, which today is not merely a road in Bangsar but an icon of the Federal capital of Kuala Lumpr, was courtesy of the journalist and author Rusdi Mustapha, who had a column in The Business Times back in the Nineties when I was its Editor. If I remember correctly, Datuk Rusdi used his pen name Seri Menanti when he wrote that article. 

Interest in the murder that took place in Dec 1948 was revived when Maarof's son, the veteran Malay actor Mustafa Maarof, died early this week at the age of 79. The anonyous blogger Pasquale described Maarof as one of the original Malay nationalists who "for his entire life until he the day he was murdered he championed and advocated for the Malay economic freedom" (Maarof Zakaria was my father's childhood friend, Dec 16). The photograph above is courtesy of his hard-hitting blog Barking Magpie.
Unfortunately, in spite of many enlightened Malay nationalist like Maarof, Pak Sako, Mustapha Hussin, the Malays then and now are still disunited and easily manipulated, to a point now that they might be losing control of their political domination. Or eventually, if they are still disunited, they may even lose the country. 
Pasquale hits harder still with regards to the current state of Malay politics in his latest posting Push comes to shove

From Tun M's outspoken daughter and her "liberal" friends to a reclusive former Finance Minister who allegedly used his position to amass fortune, "half-breed" newsmen who became rich because of Anwar Ibrahim, and "countless" ex Cabinet ministers who wanted concessions and projects,  few are spared his tirade.

"These ingrates thought Najib can be easily bullied."

Me, I believe Encik Maarof didn't die in vain. Not all Malays have forgotten. In fact, we think they should re-open the file and find his murderers, even if they too are six feet under.


  1. Mustapha Ong11:57 am

    Good story bro. Will give my humble thoughts during the weekend. Too busy taking care of my clients from China and Japan. They returning only tmrw Sunday a but free. Al-Fatihah to arwah Mustapha Maarof. His late wife was one of my favourite female actress in the 60s together with Maria Menado..Maria was the ex wife of Tuanku Pahang. Some stories to tell to but based on memories only...too long dah some tak ingat lah before life begins after 70!!!

  2. trifling-jester1:57 pm

    what a load of crap from you and the barking magpie. sinking lower by the hour I see

  3. Anonymous2:31 pm

    Just another bodeking piece of burbling article. I guess Pasquale is one of the bangangs. The way to fight back government critics is to present believable facts, not by shooting from the hips, unless the issues are really undefendable.

  4. rhussain2:39 pm

    Yes,fully agree to have the investigation done.

  5. Bravo Datuk Rocky,
    Yes we need to re-open many cold cases, thank you for your support and Happy Birthday to you, from the frozen north!

  6. Anonymous12:09 pm

    Remember Altantuya and Teoh Beng Hock too. Their souls will not rest in peace if the murderers are not caught and punished.

  7. Anonymous8:29 pm

    British news claim suicide,....ahh Britiah Empire.During those day local always think and act straight and no politicking.

  8. Anonymous3:00 pm

    My uncle spoke about the exact same thing when the actor died. Came as a shock. Never knew this. Very intriguing to scythe least.

  9. Anonymous5:32 pm

    The brits would definitely not have wanted the natives to be outstanding, dynamic and innovative. That would have defeated the brits purpose of colonising. If any native were to show any outstanding or independent traits - they would supress or finish that off. The natives were projected and labeled by the brits as "the white man's burden". In Malaysia the narives were branded as the "lazy Malays". When they left the colonise they left behind a class of natives who were beholden to their masters - wanting to live the life of their masters. Together with that class were the immigrants who were placed in key administrative positions replacing the "tuan". The elite of today yearn and whine for those daysdof the white rajas. So people like Maarof would not have stood a chance - as can be seen from what happened to him.

  10. An at 5.32pm it wasnt the brits who acted unilaterally to stunt Malay economic opportunity but the cahuvinist chinese economic clans towkeys whom the brits trust more to do the bidding of stoppig any Malay nationalists economic inroads. It is still happening now but ufortunately the stupid Malays, especially like Anwar Ibrahims and his folowers, are still so so stupid to still not be aware of this!

  11. Anonymous6:34 pm

    Pasquale, fully agree with you. The towkeys monopolised the inequality up to today. Some of these Malays helping towkeys to entrench their hold are not stupid but think that they can profit from this situation. They are the self serving Malays who don't give a damn about the community or the country but themselves.