Thursday, August 14, 2014

Surendran to be called in over alleged seditious remarks

Outspoken (or, to some people, just loud) Anwar Ibrahim's lawyer N. Surendran should learn to use his head before opening his mouth. His remarks about judges being puppets for the BN government have not gone down well with a lot of people. 

Yesterday fellow lawyer Khairul Azam Aziz submitted a petition signed among others by two ex police chiefs demanding that the Attorney-General's Chamber charge Surendran for sedition.

And I know for a fact that AG Gani Patail does not suffer seditious fools easily.

A source tells me: "Surendran will have to answer for it."


The Mole posted a piece on the petition yesterday:

Investigate Surendran for contempt of courtWednesday, August 13, 2014
Azam reads out the petition as Tun Hanif and Tan Sri Musa flank him

Two former Inspector Generals of Police have stepped forward to lead public demand for action against moves to and individuals who riducule and undermine the Judiciary. The immediate suggestion is for investigations against lawyer/politician N.Surendran for alleged contempt of court.

Surendran who is PKR vice-president is accused of having ridiculed the court ruling against Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim during his second Sodomy trial at the Palace of Justice in Putrajaya on Aug 8, 2014.

Among others, it is learnt, Surendran was to have publicly insinuated that the courts and judges were puppets of the government. Surendran is one of Anwar's lawyer in his latest sodomy trial for allegedly having engaged in unnatural sexual acts with his 'coffee-boy'. 

In a notice (calling for investigations) handed over to the Attorney General's Chamber, lawyer Khairul Azam Aziz who represents the group also called on the Chief Justice to help protect the institution, one of the pillars of a nation.

The notice streesed on the need for a detailed investigation against Surendran and strict action if he was indeed guilty of the accusation and complaints. 

They demand a strong signal stressing that the Judiciary was over and above politics and was not under anyone or any party's thumb. 

Copies of the notice were also sent to the President of the Court of Appeal, Minister in the PM's department in charge of legal affairs Datuk Nancy Shukri, the Bar Council and Surendran.

Last week, the NST ran a piece to gauge public sentiment re seditious and hate postings on social media. I believe Malaysians are getting tired of those who take advantage of our high level of tolerance for their own vested interests. Generally, I think Malaysians are for freedom of expression but not when someone goes overboard or cross the line of that freedom by provoking ill feelings among peace-loving Malaysians and inciting anger against the national institutions and leaders. 

The petition, H E R E


  1. Bozze Ah Zam9:51 am

    Buzze Azam the hero

  2. Anonymous10:48 am

    U think he will be charged? I don;t think so because we have an incompetent and coward AG. Given the fact that Surendarn is an opposition party member, our AG will be hiding inside his toilet. You will later hear statement from the AG- we do not have enough evidence to press charges.

  3. Anonymous11:31 am

    ...and where is the Bar Council.....?

  4. charleskiwi12:45 pm

    And I thought along that Malaysia is a free country, not that I am in favour of whatever the lusty old is up to.

    1. Anonymous8:16 pm

      Mesti ada limit la bro same also in a household. Mana boleh main hantam sj nanti dapat penyakit ""aids""

  5. Dato.

    Depa sudah lebih...ikut Anwar kunon.

    Apa saja keputusan dan undang2 yg tidak menyebelahi depa (Pembangkang) depa kutuk dan kata kerajaan terutama Umno cmpur tangan.

    Ini tetap Fitnah dan kerja kotor....dan juga merupa hasutan.
    Kira apa saja yg pemerintah Melayu BN buat tak betul saja pd mata depa.

    Puuuiiiiiihhh...Bar Council yg memihak pd depa betul pula.

    Kalau mcm ini..dah lama lunyai....tinggal seluar dlm kena sann...atau mampus dlm jel.
    Dia lebih sudu dari kuah...

    Dakwa saja....biar sedar diri sikit.

    Cukup2lah cabar kerajaan.

    Terima kasih

  6. Mustapha Ong1:50 pm

    Serves this fellow right! Never take the law into your own hands. Malaysia is not a "banana republic" we have to respect the law as well as our YDP Agong and all the Sultans. If you think you can simply challenge the authority, please think twice or pick your bags and move out from this country!

    1. Anonymous8:20 pm

      Definitely. C whether he can do as he pleases in other country (if he plans to move_plz do move) Tak kena terajang b#r*t tu tok sah cerita la. Biadap.

  7. Must show deterrent do not accept apology after insulting and damages being inflicted as I have witness many many times, or else I am going to do the same, or we all going to do the same. Throw the book at this budak kurang ajar ni!

  8. Anonymous9:56 pm

    Selective low class accusation at best.

    If all those fools think that it's only the PKR lawyer who remarked that the judges are puppets for the BN government, they must be seriously blind and dumb. In fact the whole world has slowly comes to realize that law and justice in Malaysia is being manipulated, exploited and prostituted when lately even an ex senior judge openly accused the ex Chief Justice of trampling with a court case just for silliest reason that the accused is a Muslim. Not forgetting how law is being undermined when someone quote the famous sentence, "Correct, correct, correct"

    As usual, Rocky will continue to spin, twist and fart around for some under table money.

  9. Mustapha Ong8:45 am

    I do not know this guy but I think he has over stepped his role as a patriotic Malaysian, who has inclined to support the opposition for whatever reasons known to him. However, he shouldn't take the law into his own hand, more so when he is a public law enforcement officer. The only opposition that had always commanded my respect is the late Karpal Singh, who has political and professional principle during his life time in order to serve the nation and country. RIP to our late Karpal Singh. I am now reading his biography.

  10. Anonymous11:45 am

    The blanket accusation fits the face to a tee - dumbo look dumbo talk!

  11. Anonymous11:26 pm

    Karpal a principled man ? Maybe . But that was before Anwar was thrown out of umno. But notice how this so-called principled man changed his stands when Anwar is in Pakatan !