Monday, August 11, 2014

Khalid says sacking flawed, illegal, bias, done by people with vested interest, wild, spurious, etc

Cacat lagi haram. Lawyers of Khalid Ibrahim, the Selangor Menteri Besar who was sacked from Anwar Ibrahim's PKR on Friday in a reckless, shameless move to replace him with Anwar's wife Wan Azizah Ismail (who happens to be President of the PKR and poised to replace Khalid if/when he goes), have described his sacking as not only cacat (flawed) but haram (illegal) as well ...

Excerpts from lawyer Edmund Bon's letter on behalf of his client the MB to MB-wannabe Wan Azizah yesterday:   

4. The disciplinary process against our client smacks of impunity, abuse, pre-judgement and bias for the following reason:

4.1 The PKR Disciplinary Board has: 
a. convened a disciplinary process on short notice
b. failed to specify with sufficient clarity the charge(s) levelled against our client 
c. subsequently called on our client to answer 5 new issues which were not in the show cause letter 
d. not replied to our client's request for postponement
e. failed to provide details as to the composition of the PKR Disciplinary Board 
f. convened a disciplinary hearing in absence of our client
g. been chaired by YB Dato Dr Tan Kee Kwong, who himself is under inquiry for alleged mismanagement of funds under the Skim Mesra Usia Emas 
h. proceed to recommend that the PKR MPP (Central Leadership Council) sack our client without hearing our client 
4.2 The PKR MPP has  
a. failed to take into account the flawed and illegal disciplinary process by the PKR Disciplinary Board 
b. taken into account matters not contained in the show cause letter such as the Selangor water restructuring, increase in the Menteri Bessr's allowance, increase in business license taxes, Kidex 
c.  Allowed members who have vested interest to sack out clients given that:
i.  YB Dato Seri Wan Aziz Wan Ismail has purportedly been selected to "replace" out client as the Menteri Besar of Selangor 
ii.  Members of the PKR MPP have entrenched their positions by making wild and spurious allegations against our client which would be difficult for them to retract now 
iii. Members of the PKR MPP have further endorsed the distribution of a defamatory "dossier" of our client in an attempt to compel his ouster

5. It is imperative to note that the total time taken from the date of the show cause letter of 5 August 2014 to the sacking of our client is less than 5 days

Get the entire 3-page letter from MB to MB wannabe h e r e. 

Clearly,  Khalid's lawyers are getting ready to file the Mother of all Lawsuits to defend the integrity of their client and the Menteri Besar of Selangor. As a resident of this once proud and rich state for the last 30 years, I am so tired of the antics of the Pakatan Rakyat politicians, from Anwar to his don't-mind-to-be-called-puppet wife, to Rafizi Ramli and their cybertroopers.  I think this is the last time I'd be writing about this kemelut Selangor. I would like to shift my focus on Penang and Johor, states run by damaged goods ... 


  1. Anonymous1:22 am

    It increasingly looks like the decision not going down well with the people of Selangor. It slowly begins to backfired. There are talks and whispers across the state which sided with Khalid and throwing support to him.
    There is widespread belief among Selangorians that Khalid is unfairly treated by the party. There is widespread sympathy among the people of Selangor to Khalid Ibrahim. They feel Khalid has been victimized. Khalid has become a martyr in the eyes of Selangorians. They look to him now as a hero that need to be salvaged.
    PKR is increasingly unpopular now. The people are angry. They are in for a backlash.

  2. tebing tinggi7:13 am

    Never mind what Khalid said , to most PR supporters what is important is what Anuar said.

    Which ever ways Anuar goes , in the eyes of PR it's still noble .

  3. PKR for Keadilan and Rakyat ! Manifestos that have never been fullfilled ? PKR is a perfect (front and rear) party for all. Why dont u believe ? Why Khalid sees with both eyes ? PKR only has one eye. Its ok for Tun M not to trust us... u know, its not our fault anyway...

    U must be crazy Umno ! The Gods must be crazy too. PAS is real crazy 'cabuk' ! Whatever bad things in Selangor, its all ur fault !

  4. Anonymous9:58 am

    anon 1:22

    so what people are angry with PKR and DSAI.. they will eventually come back and lick his balls.. and yes, that includes PAS people!

    (i pray that i am wrong here)

    down with Selangor politik!!

  5. Anonymous12:10 pm

    Yeaeeeee... Serve him right for being such an idiot anti Umno so much before. Kena balek batang hidung for ber-pakating with dap rasis and peliwat. Seperti biasa melayu stabbing melayus and dapigs cucuk2 oink oink.
    Sorry tuan rocky. Walau bagaimanapon I never miss watching your trip kembara ke tnh suci in tv.

  6. Andrew Gopal1:11 pm

    what about Khalid and Saari Sungib instructing MPAJ to give UKRC 4 days notice and snatched away the 56 years old field managed by UKRC, without being given the right to heard. That's not 'cacat'. Even the Selangor State Assembly motion on UKRC that was passed is not respected.

  7. do you honestly think that more people will come to defend khalid.

    you must be the dreamer.It is being orchestrated by competing groups,
    it is interesting development to see the real "wayang Kulit"

  8. JalanStraitsview4:16 pm

    Why do you think Johor is run by "damaged goods"?

    Are you comparing it with next door neighbour Singapore?

    Anyway,what makes you think that Johor has been run well from Merdeka onwards?

    Ask Johoreans if their lives have improved since 31st August 1957!

    The wonder is that Johor has remained a " fixed deposit" for the Alliance/BN from 1957 till now. Which proves that Johoreans are a strangely forgiving lot or that they have resigned themselves to their lot (the lucky ones get to work in KL or Singapore).

  9. Jack Killian II6:31 pm

    So, Bru - has MAS disappeared from your radar screen (pun unintended)?

    Or has it been superseded by more "juicy" developments.

    And people complain about short attention spans in the social media ecosphere!

  10. Anonymous3:56 am

    Pakatan Rakyat is now proven to be the biggest mistake in the history of Malaysian politics. Their embarrasing failures in running the States and blatant nepotism practiced is a clear sign of weak and political greed shown by their pot-calling-kettle-black leaders. Shame... Shame... Shame...

    I made a mistake voting for these bastards.

    denggi, potholes, water, rubbish, dirty, message parlors, illegal hawkers middle of the roads, no development, cancelled highways.... And the list goes on.


    toyo did a better job... Damn

  11. Anonymous4:35 pm

    Darn..I have been thinking why didnt Pak Lah do a thing like Khalid did...throw a bait to PR and see what happens..Who knows..PR may support him and he will still be PM..

    Of course Pak Lah is a more righteous and moral politician then this Khalid..what say you Rocky?

    Or you gonna spin a tale saying PKR guys are crooks so Khalid is right in what he is doing and UMNO guys are goody two shoes so Pak Lah have to go?

    IN any party once you lose the support of your party you must follow party line and resign unlee you are a guy with no moral and integrity..

    Any effort to spin this out is all bullshit..


  12. Anonymous4:57 pm

    Confucius counselled men:

    * "Let the ruler be a ruler, the subject a subject, the father a father, the son a son. Truly if the ruler be not a ruler, the subject be not a subject, the father not a father, the son not a son, then even if there is grain, would I get to eat it?"

    * "To govern is to correct. If you set an example in being correct, who would dare to remain incorrect? Encourage the people to work hard by setting an example yourself. Do not allow your efforts to slacken."

    * "In serving one’s lord, one should approach one’s duties with reverence and respect and consider one’s remuneration as of secondary importance."

    * "Make it your guiding principle to do your best for others and to be trustworthy in what you say. Do not accept as a friend anyone who is not as good as you. When you make a mistake do not be afraid of mending your ways."

  13. Anonymous5:11 pm

    Baru realised....I told you so..quoting RPK favourite words.

  14. Anonymous6:59 pm

    Both side of the divide busy politicking. No one cares a damn bout the Rakyat.

  15. Anonymous10:54 pm

    Datuk Bru,
    Run by "damaged goods"- now begin to wonder, goods brought from princesuccess or the already established goods in the state?

  16. charleskiwi7:40 am

    These are the results of one man's illusion to become the PM of Malaysia, he should learnt from his impatient when he couldn't wait to replace his repugnant boss and eventually was dismissed from the post as the DPM.
    Obviously didn't learn from that lesson and because the people were feed up with the present regime and were prepared to vote for any opposition he and the mad dog LKS just happened to be there. Not because these people were dedicated opposition leaders but because there were nothing else to choose from.thus the opposing votes went to them.These must created an illusion for the opposition leaders that they were the chosen ones by the people. The truth is the voters just wanted to show how disgusted they were with the ruling regime plus the fact was there was no one else to choose from and the votes eventually went to these greedy politicians.
    Frankly these so called opposition leaders are not the ones the people were placing their hopes on . They were just showing their displeasure on the present regime, it is now beginning to show the truth of what really should have taken place !

  17. ILoveRocky10:25 am

    Dear Rocky,

    Totally agree with you. You are right, I am fedup with PR totally. Its time you focus on Penang. Its a state runned by feudal wannabe kings. Full of underground movements, and if you ask business who wants to deal there, you have to be aligned with DAP guys. Otherwise, you will get ripped off, paying exaggerated amount just to say get out. They are a rebellion closed community who are ok to criticise others but never loop themself properly. Purely double standards. Write more of Penang and all the crap things they are doing there. Penang Tunnel, how did China get so much leverage in that project ??? It sucks, and this LGE gets away with it.