Friday, August 08, 2014

Lawsuits galore as Selangor descends into hell and Guan Eng reaches the zenith of suing power ...

Quotes for all time: "Could it be because he wants to bully the
Penang Chief Minister just because Lim is a Chinese?"

I have a feeling that the best lawyers in town are going to have a field day in the coming weeks filing suits for comrades and counter-suits against fellow comrades as the crisis in Pakatan Rakyat deepens ...

The big news yesterday about Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and his zenith:
Guan Eng to sue if Nasrudin does not clarify allegation
Read more:

Talk about zenith, PAS Youth Central Committee chairman Nasrudin Yusuff Tantawi might want to be very careful. (Nasrudin Tantawi, btw, got the lawsuit threat for implying that Penang Chief Minister Guan Eng lied to us about the controversial billion $$$ undersea tunnel project and the state's true economic wellbeing - read again, slowly, h e r e).

I say so not just because he's facing LGE son of Kit Siang but the PAS chap has drawn into this fight the big boss of Consortium Zenith, a Melayu called Zarul Ahmad Zulkifli (pic)

I'm underscoring Zarul's race only because of how he used the racial issue against fellow Melayu from PAS in trying to defend Guan Eng:

Meanwhile, Consortium Zenith BUCG Sdn Bhd chairman Datuk Zarul Ahmad Zulkifli, who was also present, said he was at a loss for words over Nasrudin’s statements and could not think of a reason why he would make such baseless claims. 
“I don’t know why he made such baseless claims despite us informing time and again that the project was awarded via open tender. 
“Could it be because he wants to bully the Penang Chief Minister just because Lim is a Chinese?”
Wow, right?! Please read the whole story h e r e.
For more on Zenith's Zarul, read my recent posting Old Men Rise Again Part 2

More later (got to consult my lawyer first ... if I can find him!). 


  1. Anonymous9:43 am


    LGE has been quoting the following numbers to show that Penang Govt are having surpluses:

    "According to the AG Reports, Penang recorded surpluses of RM88.02 million in 2008, RM77.34 million in 2009, RM33.53 million in 2010, RM138.31 million in 2011 and RM114.47 million in 2012."

    These numbers are "current surplus" figures. When economist talk about surplus or deficit, they actually mean "overall surplus or deficit".

    I have never took the effort to look up these numbers before but since the information is available at Auditor-General website, I decided to check yesterday and was astounded that LGE dare to misrepresent publicly available figures.

    Penang Govt has been operating in deficit mode all this while.

    If LGE insist on using his definition of a surplus, then it also be said that the Federal Govt had never experience a deficit since they never had any "current deficit" before.

  2. Anonymous10:04 am


    Me mayu oso always get bullied by mayu in the workplace.
    Cina oso bully mayu
    Mayu bully indian
    Indi oso bully mayu n cina

    2x5 5x2


  3. Anonymous10:42 am

    Maybe there's a truth in what Nasharuddin had said. No wonder he's riled up.

  4. Anonymous4:17 pm

    Anon 9:43,

    Must be that blooming son of a Maoist anti-capitalist is not genetically endowed with business integrity. As for his confrontational attitude, only a Penang Chief Minister could muster all that samseng bravado to deceive the Malaysian public in broad daylight!

  5. drMpower5:28 pm

    finally someone say something. congratulation Anon 9:43 am

    so now you know what exactly the devil DAP are.
    they tricked you during daylight.and they will do everything, given even an ounce of opportunity.

    opportunist. thats what differs chinese and DAP

  6. oppus8:49 pm


    Lge...mana boleh terima kalau org komen pasal dia...dia perfecr selalu...dia mcm x-man....kebal.

    Dia salah pun dia rasa betul....tapi kalau dia betul.....lagi dasyat lah jadi nya.

    Dia salah pun dua saman..
    Kalau dia betul...faham sajalah.

    Ini.....ada kena mengena dgn keperibadian dia....mcm semua org buat tak betul pd dia

    Mungkin masa kecik atau masa disekolah dulu2 dia dok kena buli...jadi bila dah ada power...dia bertindak mcm melepas dendam pula.

    Mindset dia ...
    Selalu ingat org nak buli dia pun cakap mcm dia juga.

    Dia patut lihat cerita 'Rebel Without a Cause' rasa ini kira satu jenis penyakit jugalah..

    Kesian......hati tak pernah bersih...gabra selalu.

  7. Anonymous3:02 am

    In the blue corner is the know no crony whistle blower but a tarbiyah failure.


    In the red corner is the self proclaims "failed accountant" but a successful terminator.

    Since there is no win-win situation, who will emerge as the winner and will be the loser?

  8. Anonymous12:45 pm

    i wonder why anyone would even want to believe what rocky has written when he couldn't even get his fact right about the price of a vios in singapore. after he has been corrected, he didn't have the courtesy of correcting himself. this is your so called 'journalist' ?

  9. Anonymous5:28 pm

    Salam OSTB..politics is about how lever you are in 'koon tauwing " the rakyat,exploiting their emotions especially. They will support you still even you are lieing.

    The Penang Tunnnel project is another master piece of "koon tau". What open tender? There was no big splash of news about the project costing billions in the print or electronic media. Even there was a process of open tender, it was a "guided" one.

    Now Zahrul is playing the racial line. It is unethical. But the main figures are politicians. So nothing hurtul..

  10. Anonymous10:19 am

    It must have something to do with the fucking freedom of speech. So LGE, give others that chance too.

  11. Anonymous9:16 pm

    It's not so much about getting the money from tantawi or so. It's not about defending the facts (I dont think lge can refute the fact that it most likely the work was awarded not in open tender). It is about putting fear on any tom dick and harry if they ever want to mention lge in the future however true the statements can be.

    I never think lge could win the tantawi's suit. This is just to shut the tantawi down.

  12. Anonymous10:19 pm

    This botak melayu contractor is sooooo bodho.
    The huha is between LGE and Tantawi.
    WTF you come sneaking your dickhead into it?
    Try to protect your 'master' ha?

    -Melayu pandai.

  13. Anonymous11:23 pm

    When u say top lawyers getting the business, do you mean the lawyers from the pakatan panel of lawyers? Surely not from the BN panel, right? Left pocket out, right pocket in...

  14. Anonymous8:10 pm

    LGE been bully ISA bully back...Sultan bully UMNO UMNO BN bully back Sultan...Brahmin bully pariah bully back Brahmin.....Muslim ottoman empire bully Christian ....Christian bully back muslims...what's new??